Does like attract like? Is it confirmation bias, the feeling of tension in the atmosphere – electric, almost, this tangible purr and humming of chaos. Is it the fate of the totally dissatisfied to nitpick humankind? To find conspiracy in normalcy, prophecy in mundanities? The possibility cannot be dismissed. Still, the data seems gratuitous to even those with eyes averted, eager for white noise to flush the obvious…

We are funny creatures, sorting and dividing instinctively. Atheist/Deist. Republican/Democrat. Extrovert/Introvert. Rich/Poor. Skeptic/Believer. Fine; either way.

All I ask: slaughter your sacred cows and entertain all notions until you see fit to dismiss them; don’t be afraid to pick them back up, drop them again. Think backwards, see with two eyes, and bear witness to the world unfolding.

Somebody has to stand up.

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