Documentation of Strange Occurance

Ventura County, heading northbound on the I101 past Calabasas approximately 6-7pm November 25th is when I notice the ‘SO’.

It is low, low enough that its relative location changes subtly as I drive north at 72mph ~
It is extremely bright, as bright as the moon at least, although much closer to earth. It appears to hover – unlike a plane, it exhibits no evidence of perpetual motion. It has a vaguely diamond shape, but the point of the diamond is towards the sky and ground.


< >

I am so fascinated by it that I unwisely use my phone to take a picture of it while trying avoid swerving.

Photo Nov 25, 5 35 49 PMPhoto Nov 25, 5 35 49 PM2



They are not great. I get home and the object is still in the skyline, southwesterly from my location. I pull my mother outside to show her the oddity. She is astounded , agreeing that it is not a plane, a star, a planet, the moon.

The object has an extraordinary coloring, psychedelic even. A prism of triangular light emanates from it, the colors divided into spectral beams, not blurred. Blue, red, and green are the visible colors, they shift in shape and luminosity. We spend half an hour trying to capture the phenomenon on camera, but any picture we took distorted the object completely, turning it into a pure globe of white light.



Even more odd, while holding the camera still, the white light wiggled around the screen like a worm or a prokaryotic organism, even though the object was completely still off the camera. In total fascination, me and my mother tested this over and over, but it remained true. I will get the footage we captured uploaded within the next day or two.

Eventually after staring for well over an hour at the extremely bright blue/green/red triangular low hovering object, I went inside to see if I could find any other witness accounts, or NASA information of sky events that might account for what I saw. I couldn’t find anything.

Although the ‘SO’ appeared to be unmoving, it was moving, but at a speed so slow you would have to stand and cup your hands around your eyes to see the object pass out of your visibility range.

After a few hours it couldn’t be seen from our house in Thousand Oaks (Ventura county, due north of Los Angeles). However, I happened to find myself on the freeway 101 heading south at about 9:45PM. Passing Calabasas, I saw it again, but now on the opposite side of the freeway. It had been to my right when I was Northbound, and it was to my right driving Southbound four hours later. It seemed to have traveled in a U


I am bewildered and perplexed. It is probable this account will not be read, and if read, will be dismissed, which is fine. I have documented what I have seen, it is here for the inclined. I have borne witness, I do not presume to understand.

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