Strange sky object returns

On December 11th 2013 I saw the SO for the 3rd time. The other two events were in November on the 25th and 27th

I am sorry that these videos were not taken on a nicer camera! still, they are worth watching – if you don’t like noisiness I recommend just muting them


As promised, here is video footage of the strange objects that have me so confused. I have multiple witnesses who can confirm the strange properties of these lights. I have yet to find answers despite thorough and compulsive research….

They are not stars or planets – I have an application that allows me to view what stars, planets, and constellations are in space in the direction that i am pointing. These objects did not show up as stars or planets – however they did show up as potential numbered M objects – that is unidentified space objects like debris or asteroids or anything else that might be in space….they are potentially M objects.

They seem to be either plasmoid or magnetic – or both
 Plasma behaves oddly because it is highly ionized matter – that means it is highly energetic. Plasma is the fourth state of matter (solid, liquid, gas – ) and humans don’t get to interact with it much. The surface of the sun is plasma, for example. But plasma does seem to get distorted when on camera or film. Plus, the fact that this object bounces around the viewfinder of digital cameras seems to imply that it is in some sense photosensitive….plus it is unbelievably bright

I say magnetic because the object itself seems to exert a “push or pull” effect when viewed on camera.

There is much more to come. For now, I’d advise keeping an open eye on the sky….



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