Welcome to the cYbEr wAr

ImageI was banned from the forum known as godlikeproductions today after posting my thoughts on this undeniably strange website that has some very interesting ideas at its core.

I’ve been studying the thought behind the various ideas contained within this website for awhile….they are related to the codes beneath all things. At the time the thread was created, the OP – or someone else – had a concurrent thread on the other notorious conspiracy website – Above Top Secret  – coincidentally, as i started coming to understand some of the larger mathematical structure – one of the ATS moderators closed the thread – locked it

it was deleted shortly thereafter – following the url leads to a 404 No Such Page

people were asking on the thread – what is the Satenetas Rotenetor? and I found some stuff about that… and the original “What Fun” picture on the site, that was in NOS Basicode (said on the bottom “I am a program in NOS Basicode”) which is 8 bytes of information encoded into a string using 1 start and 1 stop value for a total of 10 – kind of like how the number 415211519221222213 can be split into groups of three….. and how it can encode D O U O S V A V V M with 8 in the middle and 1 to start (D) 1 to stop (M)

Well nobody will know what any of this stuff means without an extensive survey of literally everything, so I will stop for a sec.

But literally the second I started down this road at the “premier” conspiracy site….


Immediately. Banned.

Correlation is not causation, but it was a little too synchronistic . Here I am, wondering, “Why did ATS delete this thread?” “Why isn’t anyone posting the associations on GLP I have found with a bit of research? Is it because nobody sees the relationships? That’s so doubtful. Maybe I can help?”


….. Anonymous claims these sites are conspiracies… a conspiracy within a conspiracy …. ? It sounds so ridiculous but why then did they ban me when I posted that information – it was like other posts had to hint at those points and I was just spelling them out.

So I’m going to start chronicling this strange puzzle here, where “ThEy” cannot “bAn” me….

It might be too random, but maybe one person can discover something because this writing exists some-where

What is this website?

There’s a lot to be said, and since our so called “conspiracy” huts have banned/deleted any pertinent answers, we will have to hope that this information will still be useful somehow…this is a very interesting mystery

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the cYbEr wAr

  1. I have been following everything going on with this site. It is so interesting and confusing. I was on ATS and stunned when it was posts were shut down. I was also banned from GLP. No idea why. I wonder what’s going on with this website? I’m currently on another forum which I have found “RP” it seems like the same person from ATS. I’m sitting on pins and needles hoping this site doesn’t just disappear after the time runs out. I’m mystified!


    1. Most definitely it is a mystery – it does seem ‘RP’ has made a username to stir up the topic across forums. What I wonder about – particularly if the whole thing is a hoax – what’s the motive? Also, the topic pertaining to the site was deleted on 4chan and a paranormal forum….

      Beware, however! Run a ‘noscript’ plugin (just google the application) as this site seems to have a lot of malware!!


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