I’m just sayin, the Top 20 Today is like doughnuts….

And I’m not old at 21, but I feel like I wanna growl ‘whippersnapper’ at any passing car blasting that same ol Rihanna song that was overplayed a week after release….,

Because my place of employment aired the music video awards ’13, I was forced to notice the rotation of artists who are Supposed to be the figureheads of contemporary music…. Hail Taylor Swift, Kanye West, and yes I think Rihanna won like twelve times … Taking the podium in turn.

This is catchy music, even if you hate it. We’ve mastered sound remastering today, and the guys at the studio spent their college educations learning how to inject a chorus into your deep brain, the thalamus animal living within, so you hum along …

Like high fructose corn syrup, the Frankenstein of sugar (eleven times sweeter) music has become an Artificial Flavor. Call me crazy, but I spend 8 hours a day listening to either 90s 80s or 00’s hits, or today’s. And it wasn’t like it was all awesome back then.
But it felt sincere ….

Music has the substance of all a doughnut now, at least if they are playing it on your radio.

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