The Council

In these matters they were well-informed. The council, after all – they were always well informed. They knew of the sins raping the people whose blood none shared. More importantly of the universe itself, they knew it was not a sham, but an illusion.
Yes, the council knew of any and all things. The little girl knew this; and accordingly she knew not to speak of it. Not to a soul. It’s not even that she wouldn’t have loved to tell, but in a grey world that never smiled mere allusions to it brought fish-eyed stares. Blank. How could she divulge? She never did.
One day, after she’d grown a bit, she found this truth in a mirror. Then the world turned jagged and split into a slant which hurt her head and made mirrors unbearable. Moving past that took some time. Maybe, the worst of it was over in a few hours. She found infinite in those hours, perception crackling the glass inside her skull…

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