The “PCCTs”

Warning: please use some kind of no script blocker while browsing this site as there is strong evidence of malware on it. Alternatively, you may want to run it in a virtualized browser so that it cannot infect your computer. You have been warned.

a strange site has cropped up on the internet lately, and while strange sites tend to pop up all the time, this one contains an odd amount of elaboration and detail. You won’t find it on a google search either.

Coincidently, threads on conspiracy forums related to this site seem to have appeared simultaneously with many being shut down by moderators for whatever reason – could be that the site has malware, but I have my doubts.

There are a couple things to consider about the site
1) relationship to the cicada project is possible

2) could be hoax as allegedly in 2011 this forum was responsible for a PCCT hoax. The responsible party claimed it was an attempt to show people ” not to believe everything you read online”. This forum had not been active for almost 3 years, however, and one wonders the point of running the same hoax twice. Still, the relationship between this forum and the new site is clear, both being centered in the Netherlands and both being apparently owned by the same individual (s).

3. Viral marketing scam for a Netherlands DJ.

4. This person seems to have a YouTube account.

5. threads on the topic (including deleted ones)
lunatic outpost
4 chan
unfiction forums
WordPress blog that found the site awhile back
before it’s news again
above top secret
translated forum thread

6) some related things
sator square
weird linked to site
unmasking jahbulon
more about jahbulon
sator square secrets

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