Scary Power of GLP Ban

Update: Today, this posting seems hypocritical – I ended up signing up for an account at GLP, paying the 10$ monthly fee. Mostly, the place is infested with shills, but there are some easter eggs to find for certain. So take the following with a grain of salt.


As I mentioned before, GLP banned me awhile back. I wasn’t going there much, but when I did I used a web proxy. Worked fine. Today, every proxy I tried gave me a forbidden 403. I tried manual proxy, I tried tor browser and tor through a proxy, I tried all sorts of stuff. Even archives of GLP were inaccessible.

The only thing that worked was a VPN. Nothing else got around that GLP ban. But I still went at it until I got access. I don’t think much of Godlike productions for many reasons – ownership and general sketchy and dangerous, scammy basturds ban new comers for the $10 a month subscription fee. however, I don’t like being locked out of stuff, especially by that asshole who owns GLP.

Don’t pay for access to GLP ever. it might get you ban immunity for now, but stories abound of people who have paid that fee and still gotten banned with no refund. The moderators are crazy and you can be insta banned for all sorts of strange things. If you are willing to consider paying $10 a month for GLP – pay $2 a month for a VPN of some kind instead! Save money, get access, web anonymity, & you won’t have to pay those scum running GLP!

Trying to get the word out to any with a similar problem – particularly those who are thinking about paying the fee…. There is a better way….

Still, one wonders – that is a powerful banning tool GLP seems to have. Even Tor cannot hide, but Tor is not truly anonymous, either … Still … It’s a little freaky, the moderation at that place.

4 thoughts on “Scary Power of GLP Ban

  1. Glp deleted my thread posting in how to tell who the shills are. They didn’t ban me. But deleting a thread that shows how the shills operate is very telling.


    1. Haha, that is not surprising. Did you post about shill general tactics or specific names of shills? I feel like the latter is more likely to be deleted.


  2. There was a thread about white women not wanting to date outside their race and rejecting “white privilege” nonsense. It was a thread about whites dating other whites and fighting back against white genocide. D&C shills came on and tried to pit white men against white women, and then they started posting interracial stuff. I called the D&C shills out and named the Jew, and for that I got banned.


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