The Riddle Begins

As I suspected, the odd site I’ve been writing about released their riddle today, the end of the countdown clock, January 4th. For those not following me, “the game begins”. If this is not the infamous Cicada group, they are excellent imitators.




These are the new clues. Also note a somewhat hidden link in the middle of the center Templar shield holds a link that asks for a password. If you don’t have a no script add on for your browser, get one, as the source code in this link and the one that comes after is totally sketchy. It looks like XML, something weird….

If you get no script on, any password will produce a link to another page, which – unless you have no script on – will direct you to a sponsored ad automatically and so quickly you will barely notice the first page. This is due to a “internet script exploder” that is a long sequence of ASCII that according to the source code is supposed to trip your internet browser into redirection.

Perhaps the correct password produces the real link? I am still investigating this.

In the page title after 1119 and KT PCCTs there is this foreign text: גֻּלְגֹּתָא
I believe the first letter is G’, but it’s a strange language.

Meta terms include “knights templar, pccts, templars, templar, templer, templars, templar knights, crusades, p.c.c.t.s., 1119, carips, saint martin, anti islam, anti=islamic, pro christ, christus, christ, war, last crusade, 322 ”

More on this coming soon! If you want to break the code (I certainly do) you have until January 19th to qualify. I will definitely be looking into this, so check back if you’re curious.

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