Stop Waiting for ‘The’ end

We are already warring. Censorship is not in the works. It is passed. Google controls the information online. It is filtered, censored, removed and deleted from caches.

Go outside. Look up. Watch the moon. Watch the stars. Every couple of days you will see something unbelievable. Something earth shattering. When you see this get media. Get pictures. Videos. Get anybody living with you to witness. Testify. Observe air flight traffic. Distinguish plane from helicopter from unknown. Notice flight traffic of drones. They fly lower then normal planes. Have less lights, are smaller. Notice the correlation between anomalies and air surveillance. Notice correlation between planes, clouds, moon off kilter/axis.

The info is out there, but you can’t keep thinking the way that we have grown up believing we are a free people. Our culture is the offspring of Huxley and Orwell, mutated and quiet, aware and yet unable to place the feeling of dystopia in silent automation removing threatening activism or too evident truth .

It is not the war you thought would happen with loud guns bombs death screaming. What are your accusations against this hierarchy? What system of justice does not beget still the same rigged game? For all our checks and balances, it means nothing if our opposing parties are playing for the same side of the court. We are not even on the field. Representation is absent in any useful capacity.

My friend, we are pawns, but if we see this we may yet hope to be free. This silent war is in cacophonous evidence – Just Look Around

And remember not to trust anybody but yourself. If this sounds right, investigate. Wrong, dismiss it. Take nothing on premise. Take nothing for granted.

Seek the Truth

And Testify

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