Floodings and freezing and burning…oh my

Do ya ever think to yourself – hey man, what is Up With the weather lately? Ironically the weather has been the historical trope of tired topics (so…how’s the weather out there…?)

But it’s gone all haywire. I’ve been tracking this for quite some time now, and I don’t know who to blame – you and I and our gross carbon dioxide humanness, or the cows and their methane fartings, or even perhaps the sun itself? Earth’s magnetosphere changing? Or is it something more conspiratorial – like the HAARP weather modification system down in Alaska which is owned by the US navy? Honestly I’m not sure. Maybe one thing. All of it. Combination thereof. Purposeful, catastrophic, human caused or accidental. Anyway you put it the weather is still Crazyyy.

From 2010 to 2014, we’ve seen the wildest hurricane on human record tear up the Philippines, a lesser and yet headline snatching squall named Katrina shut down the USA’s east coast, a magnitude 8 earthquake that caused a tsunami and subsequent nuclear meltdown in Japan, freak snowstorms in Australia during summer – which in recent months has become extreme heat waves so unnatural that thousand of bats have been as of late falling dead in droves from the sky….


Flooding in North American’s Midwest and frost quakes in Canada – frost quakes. The recent temperatures here on earth have actually been chillier then mars! Flights have been canceled in the USA with such extreme chill that driving becomes illegal in some cities due to the hazardous ice on the roads.


At the same time here in sunny California we are in a period of extreme drought, record breaking all out drought – it has rained twice this year, and not for long. Meanwhile on the coasts of the west pacific – think the filming place of Bay Watch – squids are washing up on the sandy shore to die, starfish are melting into goop, and whales and dolphins are flocking from the Pacific to the shores in mass exodus – as swills of fish litter the floor of the Pacific Ocean – a cemetery I. The salty blue….


My concerned letter to the White House was likely answered with automated robot spiders, as the reply noted that children are our future and we must cut back on fossil fuels.

But then you have the off-season wildfires in California, May of this year – one was in my town! And in Colorado, you’ve got the deadliest wildfire ever to have been recorded in Colorado just last year – 2013: the Colorado Springs fire…AKA Black Forest Fire, which burned hundreds of thousands of acres and hundreds of homes and two lives.


In Indonesia volcanos have been howling – eruptions and quakes have been record breaking. The ring of fire is literally On fire! Jan 17th, El Mistai volcano in Peru saw 418 quakes…and in El Salvador and Guatamala, local volcanos are groaning earthy lava sighs…

Recent rumblings from volcanoes in Central America not likely to affect Costa Rica


Flooding, fires, quakes, balls of thunder !!! Fire tornados!!! Tsunamis, birds falling dead out of the sky, mass wildlife extinction….entire ecosystems are crumbling, and an investigative ship reaches the arctic to look into the Changing Climate and gets trapped in by the ice. Still the news doesn’t cover the actual subject of that ship’s journey – the weather itself….it seems nobody wants to talk about it….

jan 21st flooding in Indonesia displaces over 30,000 people


dec 22nd ’13 Winter weather breaks 112 year coldest record


jan 14th in Norway the sea freezes so fast it instantly kills hundreds of thousands of fish


But this is merely a tiny dollop of the madness the has been long developing. The ecosystem is unraveling. Stand up and make sure you are capable of taking care of yourself – the world does not ‘end’ like the ending of Dexter and Harry Potter. An end is just the beginning of a new end. We are in he beginning of ending, and the world is changing dramatically. The evidence is overflowing. All you have to do is give the scientific method and common rationality a mere ten to twenty minutes of your time….and just look at the evidence.

At this point, the finger of blame may be less essential then realizing the implications of an inhospitable earth.

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