conceptual illustration

All of mankind could feel the burning of the world at its end. To some it niggled just scarcely, the urge to drink a little more Jack Daniel’s then usual. The tossing and turning of a night that persists, endless and dreamless and sweaty between the sheets, fleeting images leaving faint impressions of form before […]

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You and I are the Targets of the Cyber Police

Fascinating! I found this little document here from the department of defense’s website: Here is what I want to highlight for you NOTE: I DIDN’T COPY AND PASTE IT THERE IS SKETCHY SCRIPT IN THE DOCUMENT IF YOU HIGHLIGHT WITH NOSCRIPT PROTECTION and/or CHECK SOURCE you will see Didn’t really look at it but […]

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Bizarre dreams. Hard to believe that my dreams could get progressively more intense to this extent. I have dreamt of the light recently – ie the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’. I dreamt that I came out on the other side of death and saw it, knew it. All that I can recall […]

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