Bizarre dreams. Hard to believe that my dreams could get progressively more intense to this extent. I have dreamt of the light recently – ie the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’. I dreamt that I came out on the other side of death and saw it, knew it. All that I can recall waking up with is the certainty that I had seen it. Heard a voice that told me, “You have Seen, do not forget”. And a whiteness.

Then, dreams of melting houses. Dreams of people that melted into monsters, grabbing and grabbing. I could not help but chase their figments until I unveiled their true deformity. And then it was that they turned on me, defying my perception of what was real. You are, you are, they said. I cannot remember well enough.

Dreams of apocalypse. This is clear enough. Dreams of ending, dreams the likeness of which left me awakened with a gasping sort of exhilarated, terrified illumination.

Seekers of truth…meet the guardian of the threshold. Walk the path. Initiation need not be the secret of a few. Walk honestly, with intent. Seek the truth. Speak the truth. Disown the truth. Seek, seek farther.

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