Diary Found On Airplane – Archived ODDITY

The Following Text Is Given As Is – originally, it was posted on a forum, but the post was deleted. Whether it’s fact or fiction remains unknown, but it is certainly a startling read. Take it or leave it, it’s super bizarre!!!

Found Diary on Airplane – Super interesting & strange content
Alright, I’ve got something super interesting here for you guys.
The ones that take their time and read over it a bit, tell me what you think.
Maybe we can figure this out.
Pictures of every diary page are currently not available, but I’ll try to get my hands on them again.
PS: I did not find this myself, but I know some people that already tried to get their heads around this.

BACKSTORY: A couple days ago, I was flying back from a holiday vacation. I sprang for first class because I had an upgrade available, if that matters. Midway through the flight, I dropped my phone into the pocket of the seat in front of me and had to go digging to find it. Tucked in there, I found a diary.

It’s some store bought artsy looking thing. It doesn’t look incredibly old, though it does seem well travelled, and I’m pretty positive it belonged to a woman based on the entries and writing. The entries don’t have dates but rather numbers that go up, and there are sometimes notes or numbers written in the margins. There’s no name in them, and the places/people/things are given letters or codenames (H, CLO, Orb, etc).

It might be total horseshit and just left by some /x/phile to creep a poor soul out, but there are so many entries, and they all follow specific patterns. After spending some time reading through them, I was wondering if you could make any sense of them for me. I’ve become a little obsessed with it.

If you give me a minute, I’ll copy down some of the more interesting entries and see if I can get some pictures without stalking info in them.

(These are the first entries.)


I would be in so much trouble for this but fuck it. I have no one to talk to but decom snf iyd noy like they ever(?) help. Flew to big 17 today. Big fuss over the outro in NOLA. I don’t see why. It’s not good but clearly noone’s asking questions. They’re all too worried about checks and tourists which is all CC wants. Who ever heard of Pearl??


Tasking me for grade up. SUCKS!!! Just want to sleep for ages. Miss mom. Can’t do dad’s bday this year and she sounded sad.

(Note: Not my break, she starts back on 33)


Finally out of tasking! The heads are such twats. No I don’t have any contacts. No I’m not a spy. Why would I tell you anyway?

Celebrated with H and E at dinner. Best Cantonese I have ever had in my life. Remembing KRY St and get the noodle tower. It was so good to see them and talk like normal people, though weird to see E out of a suit. Wish I didn’t have to fly out tomorrow, but it’s the big one out at DB. I guess I should be excited, but they make everything so bland that I’ve pretty much fallen into their state of mind. I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing.

(She breaks again, but I’ll skip ahead to the good stuff since most of the entries from here are normal stuff. She complains about some chick named B and talks about missing her parents a little more. These are the entries that really start to freak me out.)


I’ve decided that my favorite moments are spent in the air, particularly overseas flights. There are times when it’s dark outside and everyone else is asleep. All the lights are off, and it’s just the sounds of the plane and the stars. I wonder if this is what being a collective is like. Knowing that there are others around, sensing them but feeling the isolation of your own mind baring down on you.

I’m probably full of shit. Anyway.

I just haven’t been able to get the Tivs out of my head. I understand that it was no one’s fault, sure. I know they say there’s nothing left of them inside of there, and it’s all some new mass, but seeing their blank eyes blinking when I close my own eyes just makes my skin crawl. Imagine being stuck like that. Do they see the lifelines? Or is it just like this with pinpoints of distant light in all that darkness?


Got a warning for wearing a dress that was too bright. How ridiculous is that? Then again, I guess they don’t recruit for looks. When I see the teams lined up, everyone’s so nondescript. No one is beautiful and no one is ugly. We’re all as run of the mill as possible. I guess that’s by design. Still, I miss colors and dressing up. The faces are the only ones who get to go to the balls and parties. Unfair, but maybe someday.

Not sending the dress back though. I love it, and I got it on sale! It’ll just travel with me. Someday I’ll have somewhere to wear it.

(Skipping ahead again. This is one of the pages with numbers on it. The numbers are along the side.)

19 3765 2280 1


I saw my first CLO today. Three of them. H and I were on an escort with one faces through the DCB, and four of the handlers led them through. Two must have been pretty old. They were wearing the full wrap with long red-orange robes. The last one might have been young. He had a shorter green robe, but his mask was amazing. It was all gold and jewels with that neutral expression they keep around strangers.

I don’t think I would ever be able to work with the CLO. There’s no way I could stay objective. There’s just something about them, vibrations or something, that draws me to them. Especially that young one. He turned to look at me, which I guess is rare. H said he was just looking off, but I could feel his attention centered on me. It’s like a drug. They’re so graceful too. Maybe it’s the mystery they surround themselves in.

H hates them. He should probably be a handler.


Called A and mom. They sound good but the pooch is sick. He’s old. Hope I can visit before anything bad happens. I would be sad if I missed saying goodbye.


Travel day. Shoot me now.

(There are some doodles after this of flowers and a stork.)


Dear HQ,

Don’t give us the equipment if you don’t want us to use it. Assholes.

H and I

In other news, I had another dream about the green CLO. I don’t know how I know it’s about him, since it’s usually just those obstract colorful dreams you barely remember, but it feels like the same vibrations.

I feel crazy just writing that.

The only thing I really remember is his mask. It has the same gems as before, and it’s gold, but this time it’s smiling. I can almost see his eyes behind it. They shine.


True to fucking form, HQ decided to send us after a hoarder. They said it was random assignment, but H and I call bullshit on that one. We talked to the locals, and H had too much fun playing his detective part. I told him no more CSI ever again, but at least he wasn’t moping about the Braves for a few hours.

The smell was horrible. You can’t imagine how bad it was. Shit everywhere, looked like it had pets at some point but there was no other sign of them. Maybe it just collected the shit. H says they do that. It made the nest in the master bedroom closet, and we found it up there. Fun fact: One of the old guard said that yellow slime just oozes out of their skin. I believe it.

Took it in, but not before it pissed all over H’s legs. No idea what they’re going to do with the apartment. Burn it, I hope. Need a shower and a chemical peel.

(This is the same day but different entry. There’s a line between the two.)

Another dream about the CLO. Almost saw his face. Ask old guard tomorrow.

(There’s a grocery list in the margins of this one.)

k bars


Ask one of the old boys about the CLO. He said he’s only had dealings with a small cell in the LA hold. Swears he saw its face when it flashed its mask, but it was putting on the angry look at some screw up with the handlers. When they get angry like that, custom is to not look. Doesn’t know what green robe means, but he might have some disease. He says their skin cracks when they’re out too much, and they have to get ritual lotion or something to fix it. Didn’t tell him about the dreams.

We got another hoarder. Joy.


Hoarder wasn’t as bad as we expected. It like toys for some reason, and the smell wasn’t nearly as terrible as the last one. I lured it out of a bathtub with my bracelet. Good thing it was cheap because I’m never putting that back on. The thing looked like an old lady and gummed the bracelet while I led her out. H bitched about me not getting pissed on. I can’t help it if I’m good!

Except maybe I shouldn’t be good. If I have to do hoarders forever, I’ll shoot myself. Yes, decom, I’ll shoot myself.


Pooch died. Didn’t get to say goodbye. Travel tomorrow. I’ll beg for Thanksgiving. I think they have to give it to me. Maybe they’ll send H along as my boyfriend. He can cry to my dad about baseball.

(Still messing with the phone, but while I do, here are a few more. More numbers at the top:)

192 1 11 191 82991 w/left


Almost saw his face this time. Think I need to just suck it up and talk to decom, though the dreams don’t bother me. Just curious.


GOT THANKSGIVING!! Had to stop myself from crying and calling mom on the spot. I’m such a baby. No idea how long it’s been but yes!! Two months away and I’m already planning the menu: Brine turkey, baked sweet potatoes, and have to have those yeast rolls.

So happy!

Also retcom for the MN camp tomorrow. Dared H to ask if we’ll be doing team building exercises. He won’t do it, but it does remind me of those stupid retreats I went on in school. If I had to cross lava with a plank and a piece of string one more time…

Idea: Lava shoes

(Along the bottom:)


(It breaks here. This is the next entry from 117)


Wow. I can’t believe something like the MN camp even exists. If anything could convince someone of the power CC and the faces have, it would be this. Rows and rows of pillboxes, and NSTATs processed at almost 50 a day. We started by taking a tour of some of the main grounds, and we had a whole day devoted to detainment. I think that was to send a message. They had two Theta strung up on the posts while we were walking through. They were making these horrible sounds, and I swear it was their version of crying. It had to be.

The F block has the biggest Tiv I’ve ever seen. 40-60 maybe? They’re all on top of each other, so there’s no real way to count. We saw one of the newer ones being drawn in. It was like skin moss. He kept opening and closing his mouth. The suits said he was gone, but I don’t believe it. I’m never going near one of those things if I can help it.

They did have me hang out with a RomTom that was cute as hell. It liked my hair. It kept repeating, “All the time. All the time. And we want it all the time.” Maybe it heard a song?

No dreams the entire time I was there. The land is beautiful but the forests around it are almost empty aside from birds and squirrels, so it’s too quiet. I got to back to the AR camp next time. H says if he gets close to getting out, he’ll ask for camp work. Says it pays well. I don’t want to be that close to a Tiv if I can help it, and no way could I do the processing. I’ll stick with this. Shorter lifespan is no big.


Flying. Sometimes I wonder what singled me out of this. It’s not like they showed up on my doorstep or anything, but they must’ve been recruiting from the start. Who knows how far back. It seems like most of us have the same profile though. We were socially capable but alone in a crowd. We had no roots, but we felt a calling that pushed us down the road. We were brave only because of our logic.

I can’t look up at the stars anymore without seeing something staring back. That’s one thing I really miss. I never thought I’d want to sleep in one bed and wake up to a real breakfast. I definitely never thought I’d miss people I never knew.

I’ll ask decom about the CLO dreams after Thanksgiving. I don’t want them vetoing because I’m tainted or something.

(Sorry about the delay. My net shat itself again. I’m hoping this works. If not, I’ll just take the photos down. This is the cover.)


Went out with B, H, E, and J. B is still a bitch. What a shocker. Had some amazing pad thai though, which only makes me miss cooking more. Can’t wait for Thanksgiving.


Of course 7/22 was our fault. Of course it was. Somehow knowing that just makes me bitter. Also, we’re going back to DCB in a couple of days. A part of me is nervous, and a part of me is excited, and a part of me is even more nervous because I’m excited. I’m sure I won’t see anything. I worked here how long and never saw a single CLO?


Got word from HQ that we’re getting diverted. Great. Apparently there’s soem big issue down below, and they need a few teams to check it out. I don’t know why they’re taking the time and effort to fly us in, but who am I to argue with how they spend mony? Besides, it’s not like we know how many teams there are. H says we should be honored. I said he was a kiss ass.

(Numbers at the bottom with a drawing that might be a plane?)

77 288 12 3 294 + exo!

(I don’t think anything in here mentions the occult, at least not directly. If anything she seems to be of a scientific mind. Maybe that’s just me reading into things. This is the most mystical entry I’ve read, IMO.)


The old boys say you never forget your first experience with the SP. Guess they’re right. I didn’t even deal with a hat and I’m still weirded out.

We ended up in NYC below the city. We split into groups of 4 and 6 and took some dogs with us. Just finding your way in that maze is almost impossible. I can’t tell if we made these tunnels or someone else did. The lower you get, the warmer it is, and there are roaches all over the place. Rats too. One of the other women was scared of the rats and kept breathing like an ape trying not to freak out. H asked if she was giving birth back there.

We were in the SE block and told to hang the lights at certain points to lure them out. I didn’t get it until we saw the first one. They like to skitter around corners and stand in the middle of entries, and in order to even have an SP, you have to have light/dark. So we stand around until one shows up. Had that feeling of dread everyone talks about and it got really cold. H and the other guy had their lights go out. The dogs went nuts. The line was pretty much dead, but luckily they took that as a signal to send a team down and haul our asses out.

Apparently one of the other teams broke the cardinal rule and got split up. A few SP showed up and one of the pairs panicked and went running in what they thought was the way out. We got signals from them here and there, and they send some people with dogs in to find them. The guy was sobbing at one point. Think he saw a hat.

That’s it. Stopping here if I want to sleep tonight.

DCB in 2 days now.


They warned us about the SP in decom, but apparently I’m just one of the lucky ones. I keep seeing things out of the corner of my eye now, and objects on the walls look like they’re moving. Also hearing whispers. Funny thing is, I asked decom if it was all in my head or they were tagging along, and got no straight answer. Typical, but really not comforting. H offered to come to my room and order a pizza, so we watched some terrible scifi movie and ordered overpriced beer from room service. Thanks HQ!

It helped, but soon as he left the whispers started again.

(Same day but a few line breaks)

They’re crawling around in my head. Hate this


On the plane today, a woman struck up a coversation with me. She talked about her kids forever and how her husband is in Iraq. Then she asked about me and what I do. Sometimes I make up really interesting stories like I’m a florist or a baker, but this time around I was tired so I just told her I was a desk monkey. She asked SO MANY questions! All I could think was that someone needs to recruit this woman for processing. H and E said she must have been a really fat spy. In the end she just gave me this polite but way too stiff smile and didn’t speak to me for the rest of the time.

It was really awkward, but honestly it just highlighted the gap between us and them now. It’s worse when I talk to my parents. They’re always supportive and love me, but I can hear worry and disappointment in their voices. They must think I’m a drug runner or something. They ask why I’m not dating anyone sometimes. Can you imagine sitting down and telling a guy “My job involves everything bad you don’t know about” over coffee?

(little stars drawn along the edge of the page)


Back at DCB. No sign of the CLO today. I can’t tell if I’m on edge because it’s all in my head or…because it’s all in my head. At lunch I sat near two suits asking where the CLO put all their masks. I think they keep them in the big sleeves or that draping in their front of their outfits, but I have no idea how they change them so quickly. They’re so fast!

CC and HQ wanted a full report about the SP incident in NYC’s SE block. How’s that for alphabet soup? Apparently the guy didn’t come back and now there’s a big stir about it. No one likes the SP but there’s so little intel on them that there’s next to nothing anyone can do. CC will just posture till the suits are satisfied. It’s not like they actually care anyway as long as things stay quiet. NOLA was a fluke.


SPs stopped! Yay for a good night’s sleep!


What a day. Too exhausted but don’t forget to write about the machine elves and V. Also DO NOT forget to book Thanksgiving flight!

(She never writes about the machine elves or V. Do you want the stuff about Thanksgiving? It’s mostly about her family and doesn’t have anything to do with her work. It feels kind of wrong to post that stuff.)

(Numbers at the top)

192 1 17 284 32844


Talk of reassignments soon. I’m hoping they don’t split us up. I don’t think they will since CC keeps hammering on how trust is of the utmost importance and communication is key. It’s taken long enough, but H and I are really in sync. Plus going through all the in processing for a new pairing would be a huge pain.


They lost H’s bags! HAH! Worst travel day ever. Baggage claim in ATL was so rude, and half the people behind us acted like they’d never seen a line before. We’re not supposed to pull rank or anything, but H just about got on the phone with HQ he was so pissed. We got them eventually though. I’ll never understand why the faces and suits get to fly private and we don’t. The last thing you want is someone losing their mind up there. Plus, we don’t get to sit together. Most of the time we’re not on the same flight period.

We’re heading to CO camp after this, and I am really not looking forward to it. I hate processing, and the whole place makes me claustrophobic.


The dreams started up again. I don’t mind them, but I really need to bite the bullet and talk to decom about it. Maybe they can help me figure things out, or at least give me something to help me sleep better. The old boys say half the place is on pills, and I believe it.

We did go to the aquarium today though. Rained like crazy and the place was a madhouse, but I loved it. I stood next to kids who freaked out every time a shark swam by. It was so cute!

(It says copyright 2003 in the back of it. Does that help?)


CO camp gives me the creeps more than any other place. For one thing, it’s only a third full if that, so most of the pillboxes are empty and just…waiting. For another, they have a whole block for “special cases” that even we’re not allowed to see. Only the suits and old boys go around there, and the whole place is roped off. I have no desire to see the inside of it. No wonder the locals complain or orbs.

We did get to see E again, which made H really happy. We were doing some kind of in bulk processing for the warehouses, which turned into us messing around quoting Office Space for a few hours while going through flats. The stuff they collect, seriously. Half of it stunk of Hoarders. E said they had 3 huge cases up in the mountains this year. One of them decided to collect teeth of all kinds. I’m sure that went well. E’s been at AR camp dealing with birds. Fun stuff.

Finally talked to E about the dreams after we went to this hole in the wall for drinks. Said definitely talk to decom about it. No one understands the CLO so anything is something. Just keep out the personal bits.


How can it never seem to stop raining here in INB? I feel so bad for J. What a miserable place. How appropriate we’re stuck here before Christmas. Trying to get home, but it’s up in their air right now. I would say it depends on decom, but let’s face it, there’s no rest for the wicked.

(Getting towards the end here. Numbers down the side.)

191 1 11 481 17(erased)


Going to talk to decom in the morning. Wish me luck. I told H about everything, and he tried to convince me it’s all in my head. He’s probably right, but this is one case where I would rather give in and go with protocol than suck it up.

INB has us staying in a hotel because of renovations. Looks like I won’t be showering till we get out of here. I can’t do hotel showers since we took in that one NSTAT that reminded H of a gecko. It looked nothing like a gecko. What it was was a creeper.

Then again, who actually likes hotel showers anyway?


So I spilled everything to decom. Started small, but somehow they can get right to you. They told me I shouldn’t have let it go this long, which will probably look bad on me, but what was I supposed to say? Anyway, they will be sending is back to DCB, and they want me to talk to the CH. I described the green CLO, but that’s like describing “that one guy”. Who knows which one it actually was. It seemed like they had information, but it’s decom. Chances are I’m flagged and this will be the end of it.

H is mad. He won’t say so, but I can tell. I’ll bring him beer later to make up for it.

Talked to mom. Dad and A had another huge fight. Some days I’m glad to be on the road, but it kills me to hear her sound so upset. I think she blames herself for my distance.

(There’s something written very close to the spine here, and I can’t make it out. Either that or it’s some kind of doodle, but I think it’s words. This starts happening a lot closer to the end.)


Finally have a minute here. We finally got back to DCB, and I met with the CH. The handlers fascinate me. Being around the CLO must make them more serene, or at least less likely to show emotions. They’re all really calm and gentle when they speak, so it’s like talking to someone in a spa or something.

He said dreams like this aren’t uncommon but may not mean anything specific. Sometimes the CLO just touch. He does think he knows which one I’m talking about. The green must mean something, though of course he can’t tell me. Right now they’re doing some sort of festival or holiday, so getting in touch with even the local cell is almost impossible. He was so nice though. He asked me if I would ever consider being a handler. I told him I’d think about it. Who knows? Maybe I will.

His advice was to do that white light meditation thing, but I can never get it right. My mind wanders to much, and I’m pretty sure it’s all BS anyway. I know, the irony of someone like me calling BS on something is pretty strong, but there you go. We all have our lines in the sand.


Quarter reviews coming up. FUCK!! I hope we don’t get the twat from last year. Took us 2 hours of meaningless interviews and paperwork when everyone else got done in 30 minutes. So worthless.


I woke up from some trippy dreams, and got to hear the CLO sing last night. All of DCB woke up to it. I guess they do this from time to time. You couldn’t hear it so much a feel it going through you. There’s no way to describe it without sounding insane. It was like wind through pipes, and I had a headache for an hour afterward.

Regardless, there are some amazing things about these assignments. Not all of it is bad, and even if these dreams have been strange, they’re nothing compared to what the old boys talk about. I can’t help but wonder when I’ll have enough and request an out. Not that anyone ever gets outs, but camp work and stuff. Something more stationary. I used to love travel, but it does wear on you. If I could stay in one place for a few weeks, that’d be nice. Maybe I will put in for a handler position someday.

(I’ll skip ahead to the last few entries since I’m tired.)


We got called out to a firebug, but the local pair were already on it. There was a huge tangle of paperwork and red tape, which meant we got the day off to wander on HQ’s dime. Nice!

I really think E is pregnant. She hasn’t said anything, but there’s definitely something between her and H. There was some static at lunch for sure. Otherwise the city was beautiful and just getting out and being in crowds again felt wonderful. I never thought I’d miss being around big masses of humanity, but I definitely do. We’re all herd animals. At least I am. No wonder they’re so keen on studying Tivs.

I would say it makes my skin crawl, but let’s not go into that.


There’s a smell in the camps that I can’t quite place. It’s not wood or sawdust, but very close. I can’t place it, though I heard a suit saying once that it reminded him of the smell from keeping frozen meal worms for his pet lizard as a kid. Charming.

(Same entry with a – between)

I woke up to some terrible pressure on my chest. It felt like I couldn’t breathe. In my dream I was swimming in this red sea and couldn’t get to the surface. I knew it was up there, but I couldn’t swim and didn’t float. Got an email from the CH asking when I’ll be back at DCB next. Apparently they want to set something up. Part of me is really dreading this, but I can’t deny the fact that I’m curious.

(Doddle of a face here. Maybe a mask?)

(Last entry)


Heading back to DCB, even if a roundabout way, calms my nerves for some reason, but this flight has been terrible. Something about it has people on edge it seems like. The attendents are snapping moreso than usual. As of late, I’ve taken to using that inflight wifi because I’d like to think that if we go down, I’ll have time to send emails to everyone I love explaining my behavior all this time. Even if I can’t tell them details, I want them to know how I feel.

That’s pretty morbid, but this is one of those flights were the plane shakes constantly, and the turbulence rattles you around so much it feels like the sky is just going to let go of the plane at any time. I was looking out and swore I saw an orb at one point hanging around. I wonder if we should talk to the pilots? Probably not. H says they see that kind of stuff a lot and the reports just get lost.

H also finally got his papers yesterday.

(End of the entries)

2 thoughts on “Diary Found On Airplane – Archived ODDITY

  1. from thread : “My read:


    17=17 days inprocessing on new job/assignment or mission #
    decom=detail communication unit
    Snf iyd noy=assigned therapist/supervisor/contact
    Big 17=first day on new assignment/first real job Big Easy?
    Outro=report coming out of
    NOLA=New Orleans
    CC=control command in crescent city


    Grade up=new job/new clearance level/more responsibilites


    Heads=job screeners/personnel/human resources/trainers
    H=co worker
    E=co worker
    B= female co worker
    KRY St=Kry Street/location
    Noodle tower=Cantonese dish
    DB=a place/Dulce Base


    Tivs=an entity/lifeform/collectives or T4s/ an upgrade from T3s which were either destroyed or stripped of mentals


    Teams=undercover workers
    Faces=undercover workers but serving public relations missions
    19 3765 2280 1=computer ip/frequency/contact location


    CLO=telepathic lifeform/clone or acronym descriptor
    H=male co worker
    DCB=washington DC base
    Handlers=non-caring entity catcher like dog catcher
    Green CLO=young male entity w/face mask
    Orange/red CLO=old entity w/face mask
    Face mask w/ gems=gems carry frequency vibrators/stabilizers


    A=personal friend or family member
    Pooch=family dog




    H=male co worker

    hoarder=foul smelling entity that excretes yellow slime and defecates feces & urinates
    Locals=unknowing public
    H & I=posing as investigative police
    H=likes Atlanta baseball team and CSI tv show
    Old guard=tenured worker w/ experience

    shopping list=quick food, no real cooking except fried or baked chicken milk flour razors cereal k bars cumin chicken clementines

    old boys=experienced workers
    CLO=en masse, hides true face, dangerous temper
    Green robe=sickly or contagious
    LA=los angeles containment
    Ritual lotion=skin salve
    hoarder collection=grunt job given to rookies


    hoarder=female, wrinkly skin, no teeth, collects odd objects


    H=must not have a family to visit on Thanksgiving or hasn’t request a vacation day.

    192 1 11 191 82991 w/left=an address/socket but has a fork in road choose left branch


    his face=short green robed entity
    Decom=report all oddities to them so they can monitor mentals and breaches.

    It is September 1 to 23 when this was written.
    Menu=clues of hometown/nationality or comfort food cuisine: Brine turkey, baked sweet potatoes, yeast rolls.
    Retcom=briefing communications
    cross lava and string=teambuilding execise using rope
    9/24=important upcoming assignment date


    CC=control command
    Faces=Public Relations or shapeshifters
    Pillboxes=incubators/or testubes vessels/capsules
    NSTAT=reptilian entity
    Theta=telepathic/teleporting beings being tortured by being pinned to posts to detain them
    MN camp=is a detainment camp right in plain sight but in secluded rural area surrounded by forest, but due to CC and faces no one has a clue of what is truly going on there.
    Tour=mental programming showing scope of their job
    F block=area
    Tiv=hive of collectives or T4s
    Newers ones=T5s or new hatchlings with puffy shiny green skin like moss, male, mouths like fish
    Suits=attire description could be formal wear or containment suit wearers
    Was gone=dying/dead/or mind gone
    RomTom=playful entity speaks parrot-like English likes hair.
    AR=arkansas camp
    H=wants to stay camp facility rather than fieldwork bc it pays better and is safer/less stress
    Processing=intake of bounty hunting
    Current job=bounty hunter/entity catching/ghostbuster


    recruited=groomed for job/takes a special kind of person/most likely selected in school as a youth/
    profile=nobodies/academic fraternity-sorority/special school program for quirky nerdy types but who can function as normal
    aware=space has life as seen at job
    health=lonely, deprived of food and sleep and comforts of home


    B,H, E and J= co workers
    B-female H=male


    7/22=disastrous event caused by their agency but was swept under rug could be recent or past event finally investigated
    Tenure=Worked at least 129 days in this position about 4 months since being assigned to unit


    down below=underground
    Diverted=was going elsewhere now must go to DC or was going to Dc but diverted to NYC
    77 288 12 3 294 + exo!=executive office/white house
    H=feels honored to be summoned by the White House


    SP=shadow people you must have light/dark to see a shadow
    Hat=entity different from SP
    Dogs could see in dark
    Rescheduled=go to DC base in 2 days since the diversion
    The old boys say you never forget your first experience with the SP. Guess they’re right. I didn’t even deal with a hat and I’m still weirded out.


    SP=whispers, can be seen in peripheral, possibly tagsalong and enters conscious mind/haunts


    travel to DC base author either paranoid or very perceptive
    Female Passenger=claims husband in Iraq so either military or contractor. Lady may be sent to question to spy on author.
    Author’s job=secret requiring 99 percent travel
    Stars=CLO messing with her mind


    CLO=wears fabric and have several interchangeable masks
    alphabet soup= agencies with suit wearing operatives
    The sobbing guy from underground went AWOL or was decommissioned due to post traumatic stress
    Fluke=something happened in NOLA where things did not stay quiet…word got out and things were exposed
    SP=not much info on them

    SPs=tagalongs stopped messing w/ author or SPs causing a ruckos were stopped by other team so author could sleep in


    machine elves=dimensional
    V= aliens or 5 or a person
    Date=nearing Nov holiday, flight arrangements

    192 1 17 284 32844=decomm travel agent service


    After thanksiving
    CC=control command/communication command
    Job requires=trust and communication between agent partnerships

    ATL=atlanta getting bags so not a layover
    Pull rank=higher than TSA but lower than faces and suits they fly first class/private
    CO=colorado processing center underground or confined space is the next stop


    Sleep deprived=need sleeping pills
    ATL aquarium
    Rained today=check almanac
    CLO or SP messing with author again
    Journal-copywritten 2003


    In Colorado now.
    containments capsules waiting to be filled. Either entities escaped and must be retrieved or they are hatching beings or numerous incoming visitors are expected
    Coloradians see orbs
    Special cases block contains things that don’t fit in capules or are very impressive accessible to suits and experienced only.

    Warehouses=storage for entities and evidence
    3 large cases in the mountains
    cases=occurences or containers
    AR=camp in Arkansas dealt with mass bird deaths. E was present.


    INB=base in spokane, washington
    J=stationed there where it always rains and is dreary
    Date= just before December 25 most likely 23rd or 24th
    191 1 11 481 17(erased)=decom contact travel agent


    Spokane base=being renovatedGoing to talk to decom in the morning.
    NSTAT=creeper reptile reminiscent of a gecko a Looks like I won’t be showering till we get out of here

    CH=clo experts
    DC base=gets report of dreams. Green CLO may have contacted others and been reported previously
    H is mad=because author followed protocol and they were already talking about splitting up teams.

    A=younger sibling or relative
    Dad and A=argue upsets Mother. Author glad to be out of house


    CH=CLO handlers very calm serene
    CLO touch=telepaths/empaths
    Festival/holiday=for CLOs or the handlers local cell not reachable due to foliday that is not Christmas
    Job offer=if green CLO touched author then handler knows that author is open to telepath communication moreso than just frivilous dreams. Advised to protect self using white light meditation.


    Quarter reviews coming up. quarter reviews based on total time on signed contract
    Reviews=interviews and paperwork to access progress.
    Author has been employed at least two (but almost three quarters (175) as author is familiar with process.


    CLO=periodically sings at night, wind through pipe sound causes headaches/mating calls??
    Assignments=can request an out by reassigning.


    firebug=firestarting entity or glows like a lightening bug
    Local pair=could be local cops or suits or agency which is why paperwork/red tape fiasco caused them some paid freetime. They could not overstep boundaries.
    E=may be pregnant which is not good for job
    Humans=need to socialize in groups as do Tivs=herd animals but more hive minded


    Smelly camp=wormy smell
    nightmare=can’t breathe, pressure on chest
    Red sea=on some other planet? Gravity difference? Can’t swim nor float. Paralyzed?
    CLO handlers try to schedule time.
    (Doddle of a face here. Maybe a mask?)

    195-last entry

    connecting flight=Heading back to DCB, even if a roundabout way=
    Snippy=flight attendants
    Turbulence=fear plane will crash
    Saw=orb in sky
    H also finally got his papers yesterday=reassignment/job split
    H obviously knows author writes in journal
    Left book in slot on accident or on purpose”


  2. muschisoup
    User ID: 52138481
    “Sounds weird, but this is definateley NOT a DIARY.

    I extracted all those “ip-like” numbers from the text. Those numbers make no sense at all, one might think at first, because they violate the common rules on how ip addresses are setup usually.

    Well, after I builz some valid ip’s by re-ordering the digits of each block in the way they make the most sense, I started to query the “whois” database to gather info on the ip-owner… well, after that, I nearly shit my pants …

    This TEXT is NOT a normal diary… this text is a crypted memo which might contain highly classified government related data: ip-addresses incl. ports for secure access… each ip points to a server and each ip-range is registered either by DOD, DARPA or other Gov. departments etc.

    Well, so long… and happy further investigating ;-)”


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