Themes of “True Sons of the Fallen”

I made these posts here:
awhile ago, but I thought it might be nice to have it on my blog as well. It fits with the whole “tropes, esoteric, numbers, gematria” theme. Sorry it’s so disorganized at the moment, just wanted to put it all in one place.

Pillars of Hercules
Detail of this clue as far as I've found

Okay so the “Knight of the East and West”; & the Number of the knight = 17th Degree of Freemasonry = D17

Letters: B, D, W, P, H, G, F

Beauty, Divinity, Wisdom, Power, Honor, Glory, Force

7 characters of the pentagon

17th degree should have….

Temperance Prudence Friendship Unity Discretion Fidelity Resignation

Earliest “link b/w freemasonry and the crusades: 1737

Also, as was mentioned, “the pillars of Hercules” was a site of ritual magic. It seems like the physical “stone” being referred to could be the Rock of Gibraltar – located more generally in the Strait of Gibraltar, believed to be the most likely location for the Pillars of Hercules.


“The Strait of Gibraltar (Arabic: مضيق جبل طارق, Spanish: Estrecho de Gibraltar) is a narrow strait that connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea and separates Gibraltar and Spain in Europe from Morocco in Africa. The name comes from the Rock of Gibraltar, which in turn originates from the Arabic Jebel Tariq (meaning “Tariq’s mountain”[1]) named after Tariq ibn Ziyad. It is also known as the Straits of Gibraltar, or STROG (Strait Of Gibraltar), in naval use[2] and as the “Pillars of Hercules” (Ancient Greek: αἱ Ἡράκλειοι στῆλαι)[3] in the ancient world.

Europe and Africa are separated by 7.7 nautical miles (14.3 km; 8.9 mi) of ocean at the strait’s narrowest point. The Strait’s depth ranges between 300 and 900 metres (160 and 490 fathoms; 980 and 3,000 ft)[4] which possibly interacted with the lower mean sea level of the last major glaciation 20,000 years ago[5] when the level of the sea is believed to have been lower by 110–120 m (60–66 fathoms; 360–390 ft).[6] Ferries cross between the two continents every day in as little as 35 minutes. The Spanish side of the Strait is protected under El Estrecho Natural Park.”


But this so-called “Rock of Gibraltar” is actually more like a ….


“…monolithic limestone promontory located in the British overseas territory of Gibraltar, off the southwestern tip of Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. It is 426 m (1,398 ft) high. The Rock is Crown property of the United Kingdom, and borders Spain. Most of the Rock’s upper area is covered by a nature reserve, which is home to around 250 Barbary macaques. These macaques, as well as a labyrinthine network of tunnels, attract a large number of tourists each year.

The Rock of Gibraltar was one of the Pillars of Hercules and was known to the Romans as Mons Calpe, the other pillar being Mons Abyla or Jebel Musa on the African side of the Strait. In ancient times the two points marked the limit to the known world, a myth originally fostered by the Phoenicians.”



By chance I learned that the pillars of Hercules are closely related to The Alter of Saturn, back then Greek but geographically where Italy is today:


Saturnalia \Sat`ur*na”li*a\, n. pl. [L. See Saturn.] 1. (Rom. Antiq.) The festival of Saturn celebrated in December, originally during one day the 17th, but afterward during seven days, as a period of unrestrained license and merriment for all classes, extending even to the slaves.

Funnily enough – December 17th? Sounds a bit like D17, don’t it?

Well if you continue down the Saturnian deity ancestry, you pass Osiris, Jupiter, Nimrod, and Saturn and get Baal/Baalam/Balaam, and Astarte comprised of Isis, Juno, Diane, Seramilias – the destructive energy of the female saturnian, and Baal’s partner in life and love. Baal evolves one final time into Melqart, and Melqart is definitely related to our Pillars of Hercules. Our source here says they are actually interchangeable…


“Melqart, Son of Baal (or El, Ruler of the Universe), God of Tyre, King of the Underworld, Protector of the Universe symbolized the annual cycle of vegetation and was associated with the female deity Astarte in her role as the maternal goddess. Also, he was considered the Heracles or Hercules of the Tyrians though he came from a more distant past than the Greek Heracles/Hercules. Melqart was also known as Eshmun by the Sidonians. The Greeks equated Melqart with Heracles who was held to be the mythical founder of the Macedonian dynasty. Melqart was also known by other names — like other Phoenician gods and goddesses. He was known as Baal- Adon- Eshmun- Melqart the God of warand also as Thasian Heracles because he was worshipped on the island of Thasos. Also, a Temple of Melqart is known to have been on the island of Sancti Petri near Cadiz. Many historians such as Josephus Flavius refer to Melqart and Heracles interchangeab ly. Also, Herodutus, Theophrastus (Arsistotle’s pupil) and Horace the Roman wrote about Melqart’s Temple in Tyre. It had two pillars one of pure gold and the other of emeralds which shone brilliantly at night. Melqart made Tyre a Phoenician Jerusalem whose kings minted Tyrians coins with Melqart riding on the Phoenician Hippocampus (seahorse/monster). This unique position of Tyre in Phoenician mythology survived into the Christian Era as an amazingly modern city. The remains of the Temple of Eshmun (Sidon’s Melqart) have been found in Sidon. The fame and name of Melqart travelled to the far corners of the Phoenician colonies around the Mediterranean and the other dominions and territories where the Phoenicians settled. The famous Pillars of Hercules of Gibraltar were actually known as the Pillars of Melqart but as time went by and the two gods became combined into one, the Pillars became those of Heracles or Hercules.

Because of the diverse languages, over time Nimrod, Semiramis, and Tammuz were called by different names from place to place. For instance, in Egypt, Tammuz was called Horus, the divine son in whom Osiris (Nimrod) was reincarnated after he was dismembered. The divine mother who gave birth to this divine son was Isis, the Egyptian name for Semiramis. Thus there were now three gods to whom worship was due, a Father God(Nimrod or Osiris or Saturn, Baal), his Son part Father part Son(Tammuz or Horus or Jupiter, Melqart), and a Mother Goddess Semiramis(AKA: Isis Goddess of ten thousand names, Juno, Diana, Venus Astarte, ect.), yet all of these were to be considered equal, because they were all to be considered equal parts of a triune god.”

The emperor Aurelian established a massive temple of the Unconquerable Sun as the central focal point of the entire religious system of the state (274 A.D.). Aurelian hoped that all the various gods could be united into one state religion. It was this religious system of sun worship that was in place at the time of the great Roman persecution of 303 A.D. The chief festival of this state religion began on December 17 and encompassed the festival of Saturnalia, which coincided with the festival of the religion favoured most by women, the festival of Isis and Osiris with its worshippers standing in the open squares and walking through the streets of the cities and towns singing hymns, this combined festival ended with the birthday of the God Sol (AKA:Helios, El-Gabal, Nimrod/Tamuz, Osiris/Horus, Saturn/Jupiter, Baal/Melqart) on December 25. Constantine the Great, even after his miraculous vision, and conversion from this Sun worship religion, continued to sacrifice and worship the Sun God until his death bed. He concentrated all the resources of his coin making efforts upon a single design of the Sun god, accompanied by the inscription “To the Sun, the Unconquerable Companion” (SOLI INVICTO COMITI)

Jay Z in one of his “songs”:

“How could you falter, I’m the Rock of Gibraltar/ I had to get off the boat, So I can walk on water…”

The new video in jahbulonian site has a portion that says: “…Introducing the Masonic Funeral”. Here’s one way of framing that concept:

[…] [these are] black lodges that are holding the light but not shining it on our people and they are called Shriner. Shriner are people who protect the dead, like a caretakers who protect the dead, they sit at the cemetery. So now what we have today, people claiming to be Shriner that are keeping our people at a certain level, so they do not rise up. They are paid to keep people in these position.

These brothers (Kanye West & Jay-Z) are giving you the light — the keys, we know what is going on but its only for a few people.

Knights of the East and West:

“I shall give him a white stone, upon which a new name is written, which no one shall know but the one who receives it […]”

Gold & Silver = Sun & Moon = Day & Night = Black & White = Strength & Beauty

(“I’m telling ya you gotta try this opposite thing…up was down

left was right

bad was good

– Day was night? )

[img]You have to see this before it makes any sense

This may sound crazy but….
Maybe some free association will be fun

We Have the Spear

Spoiler (Rollover to View):
1968 (It’s a date – Israli submarine sinks – enter Vietnam war)
i am who i am m w 1323 / for that he is strong in power / the tooth in the zipper of reality / 325 / 5856 / last days god lives in los angeles / statistically probable or true is the choice / this was your life

936 ; 156
666 / let there be light / Cavalry Cross / 978 / As Above So Below / 6 6 6 / 33 / occult gateway / the fifth element (spirit?) / 28 / crossed the line / pi = 3 / The Seventh Day / And Wherefore One / in divers place / That’s all folks


Stones can Roll

Spoiler (Rollover to View):
ley lines / Check the Numbers / Red Sky / Craze / The Sea Serpent

1002; 150
libra rising sign / eleventh sephira / Seven is the Key / Matrix Lexicon / 24 / Cogito Ergo Sum / 420 / O is the Mirror / 9th dimension / Curse of Baphomet / 22nd / 11 14 / cold as any stone / back to square one / like a moth to a flame / 1 & 1/6th (1.1666666666667) / 8 thoughts / time is relative / dangerous cover



Spoiler (Rollover to View):
= עקרב = Scorpion
בר נפלי = bar unexploded

Black Moon Lilith / The Mothman / lies lies lies / Hecate goddess / Osiris Child /
Thoth Enoch / Satanos /Qutb (axis, pole, pivot)

372; 372
Geburah / Mason / Fibbonaci / Oil Z / blackbird / black magic / 666 Elohim

Also note that 6/13 –> 613 —> 3301

“and all the men and women merely players ”



Spoiler (Rollover to View):
= את האמת = The Truth

כי אחד חינם ערכות = free as a wind (more or less)

May 5th America Sinked / thirteen eyes / the veil / join or die / supreme mathematics / 7 G / the opposite of nothing / Syncretism / Avignon

alarzach, begins at the seventeenth degree of gemini, eight minutes and thirty four seconds[/url]


new oasis

Spoiler (Rollover to View):
מה שם יהיה משיח בן דוד להיקרא = what name will the messiah be called

548 / the Point in the Cross / 854 / the divine algorithm / 7 steps / 7th sealed book / roll your stone / black stone of shiva

630; 105
911 / Tiphareth / lightening / blood moon / pyramids / Reverse A L / symbols / the world / win the game / Manvantara


who comes from east and west

Spoiler (Rollover to View):
go up 10 3 2 0 1 3 / 2002 / by peace he will destroy many / leopold van sacher masoch the unsealing of the tetragrammaton / where were you / why even try

1704; 284
capitol building rotunda dome / fool the the hand who by folly / lord the judah the the babylon of 909 / cried fear rams in to i through 0174 / the twenty six numbers / the undoing of manifestation / inhabitants of the universe / guardians of the equilibrium / elect will know the truth / there is meaning to all of this / revelation twenty three / be careful what you wish for / collaborators of wickedness / riddle wrapped up in an enigma y / nine paths of the inferior beard / first letter of greek alphabet / nine hundred thirty years / sǝƃuǝllɐɥɔ ʇsǝʇɐǝɹƃ sʎʇıuɐɯnɥ ɟo ǝuo ǝq ʎɐɯ llıʇs uıɐɯǝɹ oʇ (to remain still may be one of humanitys[sic] greatest challenges)[/b]


What Crisis??!!

Spoiler (Rollover to View):
key of the bottomless pit / proverbs eight nine / three structures in one / hydrargyrum / of him gives to for all in 192 / Witnessing / Star of Olympus / ninth dimension of consciousness / the seven hathors

774; 129
electricity / goddess isis / pandora’s box / butterfly / judgement day / the oracle of delphi / alpha centauri / hebrew language / hide the secret / jqqqqqqq / rough diamond / transhuman / The Slanderer / Lost Meaning / countdown / the middle way / oscillation / lords of pain / experiment / Orions Belt



Spoiler (Rollover to View):
1293 (very similar to What Crisis??!!)
targeted individual / whispered falls / land for the crazy / the devils number

900; 150
forehead to be sealed / understanding / liber al vel legis (the book of the law) / the left hand of god / uncertainty / great wolf lodge / 81 9 / 981 / 5:55 / crown of light / the word abrahadabra / strange sense d / 189 / turn a blind eye / i saw the seven / the chosen ones / 369 / out of the blue / something blue


what did they hide in rolde?

Spoiler (Rollover to View):
we are all going to die from radiation / against do splendor are ever relied hope 0156 / vault of the abyss / L A’s word so in haxor / altar statues of the horned god and mother goddess

1380; 230
this is the apocalypse / the appearance of the eleven / 153 / it is all in the numbers / galactic federation of light / lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) / the abcs of revolution / i left him to find myself / keep your promises / 1864 / base things of the world / the man of lawlessness / memory banks of the mind / 5772 / jury is still out / plot to win souls / secrets from the past / 351 / quadrature of the circle / pillar 67 / the three pillars of the / that is the questions / it beggard all description / eighth reason to get free


G Between Lines and Hooks

Spoiler (Rollover to View):
421 / in lesson folding a solomon glory the 206 / he almighty their lord them o distant 928 / terrorist organization / testimony of the truth / the one world order / the keeper of the word / the entire universe /

1362; 227
sealed with seven seals / and in his hand a sharp sickle / 360 / 17 x 6 / 17 thoughts / sixth seal pole shift / the revelation of the egg / ipsos word of the aeon / delusions of grandeur / 4428 / infamous butterfly / follow the signs mark / Norway light spiral / netherlands vs denmark / Youll never be the same / 23rd Prime / Whet your appetite / people believe anything

OKAY I think I (kinda) get it so ....

"The number of the Knight of the East and West" is 3. If you think about all that turning and opposite stuff the site has been referring to you start to notice the relationship between letters....Take E, now turn it 90 degrees left and it will be a W which you can turn 90 degrees left again to make a 3 and 90 degrees left again to make an M and 90 degrees left again to get back to E

I feel like I knew that already, and like forgot. I dunno. There's a relationship: EW3M - they all can turn into each other. it's also 4 different 'planes' or 'phases' or 'states' of this flux (division into 4: like states of matter, worlds in the qabbalah, alchemist's 4 elements, 4 directions)

You visualize the swastika - and just drop the whole Nazi identification because it's really a very ancient and essential symbol of motion and vortex. The four bars of the swastika are like these four planes. Or if you just draw a square cross like a + sign, you can separate the symbol into 4 parts. Top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right.

The Four Cardinal Directions are represented with N at the top, and then clockwise you'd sketch an E, then S at the bottom, then W.

"Knight of the East and West", at either horizontal end, have a direct relationship.

We figured EW3M, but what about N & S? I know I was sort of startled after noticing they are also transmutations of each other. S can be turned 90 degrees left to get N. , and vise versa. But there is more.

Take S, and "do a 180" on the horizontal plane to get Z. Annoyingly Z has a line where our 2 has a hook instead. What's this "G between" all about...?

Z2 .... remind you of anything? Something like that little masonic compass symbol with the G in the middle? It seems our Z and our 2 are a good match!

The unity underlying polarity is being pointed out? and as I did not mention it, 2 and 5 are the missing halves to this Quaternary: take 5 and ^180 degrees.

It'll probably be deformed, but it should be a 2. Likewise can be done with 2 ^ 5. The difference in this font is the stumpy stem that connects the 5's "hook" to its right angle. Still, the two numbers are undoubtedly twin flames. If you draw both numbers with only squares instead of curves, they fit together like puzzle pieces. In fact, if you draw a 2 and a 5 and superimpose them, you'll get...

--->8 this number which is called 8 and if I could get it to lay on its stomach you'd call it infinity.

They're related to "cubits" & the "royal cubit" (25.3) ; the "sator square" on here for awhile is actually a 5 x 5 magic square (25) - this is the "center of power and energy" in the vortex that spins and spins like the coiling of the serpents of the staff of caudacus and the double helix structure of DNA and the way a hurricane connects with symmetrical polarity...

5 & 2 is the only cardinal number which 8 actually feels like it has found a sort of valence with (hehe) 8 really doesn't like working in groups and doesn't so much work with other numbers as it does contain those numbers within itself....

anyway, 528 aside

All N needs to do is be knocked left by 90 degrees and he falls onto his knees and becomes Z, who is flexible enough to flip 180 horizontally and become 5 or flip 180 vertically and become S. Z and 2 don't need a rotation. They are the same symbol in two forms that differ only in having lines & hooks. Likewise, 5 and S are as close as they are going to get without losing their identities completely. S has two hooks and 5 has a right angle.

These guys are all like perfect mirrors:

S2 25

5Z or ZS


And NSZ25

also, the Holy Spirit could be S5....often it has the initials SS....

"what numbers do the twin peaks read through mirrors and [hashtag]"

Twin peaks I see as W~M. What could be the numbers? We are encouraged to use a mirror and a hashtag. I couldn't figure the hashtag part out until I took an actual glance at the keyboard and saw that the # hashtag is normally the number 3 ~ which part of the EW3M grid. (turn turn turn!!)

What's the other number though? I used a text flippy app and look at all my competitors. I think 7 is the only one that even sort of fits the "sharp triangular shape" idea. 37 ~ 73 just happens to be a pretty infamous pair so I think my answer is a good one. More later.

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