Tropes And Their Numbers, Pt I

The Gematria is in the following format: Jewish, English/Simple are grouped together as they are correlated. Gematrix was used for all correspondences for reasons of consistency. For those who know nothing of Gematria, check out this page for some gematria sites/info into esoteric. Here is another site to check out for info.

About tropes, phrases and wordplay: hidden in ‘themes’ are some associations to mankind’s greatest mysteries. Genesis, The Monomyth, The Hero’s Journey, and Two Become One are all stories that have been told and retold since antiquity. They need no great divisor, but arise naturally from our collective unconscious and repeat infinitely in myth, life, legend and beloved stories. has one of the greatest collection of “themes” if you need a reference point. Understanding that there is a correspondence between literally everything is the key underlying the greatest esoteric truth. The point of correspondence is numerical, and it links numbers to the constants of physical science, themes of human consciousness, all great religious and philosophical works, and stories that have survived eons. These are the secrets hidden by the illuminated – the secret correspondence of SYMBOLS.

Check out this related article about “Memetic Mutation’ on

While the following demonstrates only a small fractional piece of this great puzzle, it is my hope it will be a helpful guide to the migration of symbols. It is just a demonstration.

“You Can’t Handle The Truth” 1578 / 263 [ A Few Good Men ]
Bitter Pill To Swallow / Past Present And Future / Outside The Circles Of Time / Father The Sleeper Has Awakened / Knowing How You Know / Insightful Clever Charming / That Such Should Be Stoned / Growing Through The Pain / Just Another Manic Monday / It Came Like A Bolt From The Blue / The Jury Is Still Out / The Amazing White Unicorn / Courage Is Your Armor / An Albatross Round His Neck / Love Obsession Disorder / The Builder Of The Pyramids

“Why So Serious?” [ Dark Knight ]
1176 / 196
You Are Never Alone / Covenant Of Masons / Great White Throne / Powerball Numbers / I Am Lord Voldemort / The Enforcing Sadist / The Solomon’s Key / Hierophant Lexicon / Trend Of History / He Who Dreams Stars / Even The Chosen Ones / Spitting Feathers / Tablets Of Destiny / Lightning Destiny / Geometry Regents / The Egg Of Rpstoval / Astral Projection / Creative Altruism / Tom Marvolo Riddle / Return To Sender / Rainbow Promises / The Lunar Serpent / Share With Others / Do You Have The Time / Mystery Babylon / One For All All For One

“This Is A Work Of Fiction” [pretext]
Mystery Babylon / The Seven Rays Of Life / Jewels / Numerical Synchronicity / Metatron’s Words / Private Practice Spoilers / An Ego In Need Of Constant Validation
Novus Ordo Seclorum / Noster Ordo Seclorum / Thoughts Affect Reality / He Is Able Who Thinks He Is Able / The Reappearance Of Numbers / Curiosity Killed The Cat / Completion And Fullness / The Zero Is The Mirror / Solving God’s Puzzle / All That Ever Was And Will Be / Whisper Revolution / Knights Of The Golden Circle / Spiritual Narcissism / The Shape Of The Universe / V For Vendetta Quotes / Thou Shall Not Eat Of It / Living On Borrowed Time / Angels Are Protecting Us / Stupid Is As Stupid Does

The Nature Of The Game
Unusual / The Master Of Deception / Six Triangles / Turn The Tables / The Sinister Nihilism / Is The Epitome Of Sadism / The Insane Selfishness / Sealed From Dying / Greatest Prophet / Royal Bloodline / The Royal Lineage
1152 / 192
Inverted Pentagram / The Sound Of Music / The Truth Is Hidden / We’ve Come Full Circle / One Hundred And Seven / Brutally Honest / Son Of The Morning / Twenty Third Card / Transfiguration / Crystal Skulls / Phony Promises / The Way Of The Light / The Hidden Key Code Of God / Dual Personality / What Is Your Name / Words Have Power / Screaming And Yelling / Smoke And Mirrors / Look Whose Talking / You Can Still Be Free / Zero Zero Zero / Three Musketeers / E Pluribus Unum / Great Tribulation / You Are The Great Iam

“Follow The White Rabbit”
  [Alice in Wonderland, Donnie Darko, The Matrix]
Leave Your Comfort Zone / What’s Your Horus Scope / Everyone Knows / Throw In The Towel / He Who Opens The Seven Seals / What Should I Draw / Repent If You Do Not Wake Up / The Service Of The Twin Flames
1398 / 233
Philosopher’s Stone / Horus The All Seeing Eye / Divinely Guided Wisdom / That’s What I’ve Been Told / Confirmation In Number / Cosmic Rosetta Stone / Fraternitas Saturni / MK Ultra Mind Control / It’s All In The Egg Eschaton / The Many Faces Of Maitreya / Green Flame Of The Fifth Ray / Treasure Of The World / And Behind Them A Flame Burneth / The Fact That You Are Here

The Cheshire Cat [Alice In Wonderland]
792 / 132
Hidden Messages / Sweet Dreams / Walt Disney / My Mind’s Eye / Law Of Threes / One Three Five / The Most High / About Turn / Creativity / Beyond The Pale / Blowing Away / Metaphysical / Alive And Kicking / Astrology / This Is Not A Game / False Religion / Please Clarify / Mental Alchemy / Generation X / Volunteer / Flower Of Life / Keep A Wide Birth / My Family Is / Discussion / The Rapture

The JabberWocky [Alice In Wonderland]
888 / 148
Morning Star / Finished Cross / We Are Not Alone / It’s All In The Egg / Nebuchadnezzar / The Atomic Age Key / Holy Bloodline / No Humans Left / Hotel California / The Secret Path / We Are All On TV / Time Traveler / Light And Sound / Seventh Heaven / Spirit Birth / Gray Serpent / The Trinity / Scriptures / Coming Truth / Unseal The Book / Pathless Join / The Lion Of Judah / Composition

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