Jahbuhlonian Website Update 7/31/14

http://www.jahbulonian.byethost7.com/ , information has been updated, the page now displays the image below as well as containing a hidden image within the source code!

UPDATE as of 7/31/14:

snumaheromonTitle: snumaheromon @ http://www.jahbulonian.byethost7.com/

Page Header: Jahbulonian Darkness -> (sm)ART = what THOU will GET!

Dimensions: 911 x 911

Links to http://www.jahbulon.com/

Page Header: Jahbulon.com -> ART is what YOU get!

Hidden within the source code of the page linked to, http://www.jahbulon.com/ , is a link to another image, shown below.

Title: 380LA.png

Header: 380LA = C00L10

Link: http://www.jahbulon.com/380LA.png


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