Claims to Own PCCTS ARG

A new development on the strange “PCCTS” Sons of the Fallen Website has emerged. recently linked to a webpage called through the picture below.


This blog is hosted by the person we may assume to be Baphomet, also linked to the webforum QuoFataFerunt .

According the unfiction forum thread investigating the PCCTs website, the ARG is hosted by a Netherland Advertising Agency called jeug, their website located here:

The entries in which Jeug claims ownership of the PCCT website was reportedly located at the following addresses:

However, following those links now leads to a 404 error, implying that those responsible for claiming ownership have a motivation for either concealing or redacting their responsibility in the strange site.

Supposedly a connection to Dutch Website – “Krimineel” (translated in the link) – is also apparent.


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