The Summit of All Aspects Projects

Inspired by The Sum of Aspect Project thread from GLP, in which I participated for the vast majority of those 200 pages.  V (Vash) and Henry (HC ranom) fleshed out certain ideological features of this piece. Largely, however, the compulsion to write it was caused by a broad convergence of thoughts intuitions reflections and a spontaneous compulsive possession to get it written down. The interpretation I leave open to the impression of the reader.

The Summit of the All Aspects Projects

The Eschaton stalks Four Corners of the World
Creeping, Glacial, the Eschaton tiptoes softly – languorously – towards Imminence
an Invisible Anchor leaves faint impressions of absence,
The Negative Space of an Avian Outline
Tethered to the Shadows of a Bay.

At the Zenith of the Midnight Sun,
the Secret Star Eclipses Planet Earth
The Black Swan Emerges,
drifting over choppy surf towards
the Moonlit Pier;
but Nobody Sees Her –
the rare bird bobs across the tide serenely, in lithe grace;
(This is the Scene of the Scene Unseen)
even with Beady Pearl Eyes fixed upon the Shore,
the Nexus of portent
evaporates into hazy mists of Encroaching Fog…
(The Unseen Scene, This is the Scene)

Tremors Trigger domino quaking in Fault Lines hugging the Earth’s tender skirt, her protruding belly;
Labor Pains seize and shake the Rugged Stones protruding from Her craggy lips,
Her Coughing Catapults Molten rock Wildly across her Face like smelted spit;
Birth Convulsions of Her Chthonic Womb are Met with Tempest Screams,
a violent medley of Whipping and Whirring;
Dissonant Gales  Collide in  Shotgun Weddings
becoming Cyclopean Hurricanes;

the Final Flavor to pepper the Gumbo of Cataclysm
an Infernal Offspring, Clawing and Tearing
within the Deep Nether Terra Firma
A Baby Delivered Volcanically,
Erupting through layers of Mantle and Crust
A healthy Blood-Curdling Serpentine Child arrives
his Towering neck in the Mesosphere;
Magma stew Dribbles from his gooey silhouette
to Reveal the layers of Glistening Scales beneath
Chunks of Searing Rock seep off his chin
Hurtling towards the Sea far below,

Rex Tremendae, Dragon of Goetia ;
Has an Emerald Orb for his Beating Heart
finely penned Inscriptions are Engraved upon
his Emerald Heart:

the Lost Word and Words Hidden to all Man
Words to Stir Ancient Appetites of Old Gods,
Aeons past Hope of Excavation
names forlorn and forgotten
crumbling outcroppings of ruined temples

within the Emerald Orb of the Dragon’s Beating Heart
is a plasma Graal, a Swirling Liquid Goblet
congregations of Unformed Archon essences
Relinquishing Sovereignty,
Leave their Power to the Reptile King
Rex Tremendae,
Dragon of Goetia  & Monarch of All Archons

The Dragon Monarch’s
Phosphorescent Eyes are Electricity
His Blood a pulsing furnace of Liquid Mercury
His Wings the Feathered Plumage of Quetzalcoatl
The Monarch Dragon’s Innumerable Tails
snake through the ocean, a network of undulating filaments –
each appendage a living Leviathan.

The Dragon Monarch wears the Crown of the Hierophant
Emblazoned by Twelve Glittering Stars – one for each Zodiac deity
the Thirteenth Member Ophiuchus  – Bearer of Snakes
Twinkles on the Brow of the Dragon’s Third Eye

An uncoiled serpent, body winding through Cardinal West
stretching and slithering till his tail meets Cardinal East
The Cardinal North pole,
a mirror of pole Cardinal South
the Radiant Magnetism of Uncompromising Power
a Charismatic Glamour

Savior of Mankind, or Despot of Tyrannical Power?
Some call him: the Dragon King,
Monarch Sovereign , Devourer of Archetypes,
the Reptilian Antichrist
of Unsound Mind, the Furnace of Affliction
Abomination of Desolation

But what has life been before he appeared?

Some Men Achieve Mediocrity –
Egocentricity and Grandiosity –
Some Speak Their Minds
Call it Computer Addition or Philanthropy,
The Guerrilla tactics of  Keyboard Warriors
Seekers of Truth flee targeting
Pursued by
Gangstalking Annunaki & Nephilim
Fat Cats with Golden Parachutes drop from the sky
to accost Disposable Heroes
Accusing the Moon of Daylight Robbery
paranoid nations cower, truth hidden easily from
the zombie pandemic of disinterested masses
Drugged and disorientated , resigned to forgone conclusions

Some call him, the Dragon King
Monarch Sovereign , Devourer of Archetypes
the Reptilian Antichrist
of Unsound Mind, the Furnace of Affliction
Abomination of Desolation

But perhaps he is the Antichrist Superstar
Celestial Virgin of the Alchemist
Born under a Wanderin’ Star
Glorious Prince of Light
Remnant of the Sodomites
Reverse Destruction as Construction
Savior of Mankind

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