Who Can Wield The Lightning Blade?

Caylus Ark: It is a sword of change and truth, not much unlike a flaming sword, but the flaming sword reborn…

The nightmares and spirits of a new time approach quickly, mounting the steeds of a phantom fury. Under the light of the new moon the goddess approaches her fate. She is trapped between timelines, waiting to be freed, in the new age, she will be reborn. Those with spirits of light must conquer their own darkness. And those born to darkness must learn not to flinch from the light. The scabbard exists on a hillside plain, where the owl awaits, watching silently. Here the hero is joined with divinity, here he the truth rings out across the fields of ages to complete the destiny given to him by the cosmic council.

Secrets will be revealed and flood in the coming storm. Magick again will reign and prevail over physical law. Those who learn to wield it will rule. Those who seek to destroy it will be lost to the sands of obscurity. And the survivors of an intangible war will live on ever in the infamy of an eternal song.


Anonymous Coward 7178446 : So the blade gets lighter all the time, fascinating.

Anonymous Coward 47899682: Is this like dungeons n dragons or something?

Caylus Ark: It is a parable, a metaphor, for those who know the language of symbols; and knowledge of what the bolt represents.

Anonymous Coward 47899682: well I know none of that

Caylus Ark: The thunderbolt springs from the eye of the hero as he descends the ladder from heaven.

Ancient descriptions suggest that the “lightning of the gods” – the cosmic thunderbolt – altered the order of the heavens and changed planetary history.

PPP : Nothing ever been completed, until now

Caylus Ark: As a bolt of lightning (the thunderbolt) strikes the earth, swift, random, brilliant (ILLUMINATING!), so too must the vajra-awareness be instantly in response, cultivated to be active/reactive to changing emotional states, rebirths, disasters and environments, being one with the lightning, being the lightning, flowing at one with all but retaining the diamond-hard yet infinitely flexible self-ness in the midst of conditions, manifestaions and becomings. The vajra-awareness is what it touches yet it retains its self-ness, wherever it alights there is totality and purity, where it is not are ignorance and eventual suffering.

Anonymous Coward 33729857 : The sword is handed out to those deemed worthy, once you reach full circle (handed out to many) you have created a sphere for which you could call a boat, within the sphere travel is available, to the giver and receivers, it would appear as one big orb (giver) surrounded by many smaller orbs (receivers).

The sword is an arc, a way of transmitting information/knowledge AND consciousness, the carrier of said consciousness is in the form of an orb traveling along a grid/the arc.

Anonymous Coward 62688284 : There’s going to be a war, they’re getting ready I’m sure.

Caylus Ark: The lightening blade is near completion, but the static can prove dangerous for those who are not duly wary

The grace of the seeker is contingent upon his will to find that which is sought…who has the courage to journey forward, though the path is long and the moon has no guidance?

To direct the currents of the inconstant light, we must be established in the constant light. To command the elements, we must have overcome their hurricanes, their lightenings, their abysses, their tempests. In order to DARE we must KNOW; in order to WILL, we must DARE; we must WILL to possess empire and to reign we must BE SILENT.
It can be fun, it can be dismal, it can be wrought with specters that dwell within and express themselves as phantoms of our own shadow.

The lightening blade is for him to wield that would unite totality with polarity. He would be the catalyst for a future of awakening, the one who brings destruction and who brings new light and life.

Anonymous Coward 62762726: The will of power is to be used.
You know your own will only in denial.
And even then, one is never sure.

ParadoxMind: My soul is the sword in which I must face myself, the greatest of all enemies, in order to weild that which is needed yet not desired. Only when you have fallen to the bottom of the pit will you realize the light thats always been. Then and only then can you climb to the top of the mount to weild what is rightfully yours. The final test is a fusion of yin and yang. You must be purged in dragon fire whilst the blade of power is cooled in mirky waters. You become one and whole. You are power, that which is indescribable. You are a “god” amongst many.
The task is gifted to those worthy. We will all be worthy eventually . This life or those to come.
Trees don’t grow overnight.

Caylus Ark: This is the scene of the unseen
The unseen seen, this is the scene

by the flames perish our eye
Flames, by the eye reveal Shadow
the cup is filled, wisdom escapes
by liquid it divests, till the cup empties
Drawn into patterns, here live the Nine
They live by that sword
Forged of Lightening

Whydoibother : Can you wield the LB Caylus, or ever tried?

Caylus Ark: I did in the life before this life.
I am working on it in this incarnation, but thus far it is incomplete.
The lightening sword I have mustered, but it lacks a hilt.
Without this hilt, it is too dangerous for me to use.
The blade itself is fashioned of tempering energy and will, electrified by the magnetism of the smith. The hilt, however, needs temperance, a balanced and prudent discipline. Else wise the raw force is overpowering. My inability to fashion the hilt stems from the imperfection of the ashlar stone…when it has been fashioned correctly, I will have the hilt of my sword.
To my knowledge, unfortunately, there is no method of collaborating on the creation of a lightening blade…although a master of one may provide some guidance.


Anonymous Coward 60157049: I have always felt magick to be a real thing, tell me what you feel or know?


Caylus Ark: Magick involves many different areas of study. Being acquainted with the myths and legends of every culture is one; that is the deities and their representations, their symbols, and the associations between those deities and the elements. The kabbalah provides an encompassing framework that should be deeply understood, as it relates to all mystical operations. Understanding the works of Pythagoras, the importance of geometry and how geometry is reflected by symbols.

And of course understanding the importance of polarity, the way that countervailing forces are necessary for balance, as it is a fundamental tenet of the universe. All of religion and science and mysticism has a point of intersection at which they are reconciled; this point can be reached by observing relationships. Comprehension of this may provide the bridge between these areas that seem distinct to you at present. Once they are bridged, contradiction is replaced with epiphany.

Know thyself before all, and then reconcile above with below…

Caylus Ark: Magick is a lost art, one that I feel will soon be resurrected. It is knowledge held by the ancients, the manipulation of the currents of reality itself…to perfect internally and to understand the system of symbols and associations, the numbers that underpin foundations, the geometry of patterns…

And of course there is the force of consciousness itself, that when perfected by the adept, can be honed to a blade, and wielded to change manifest reality…

That’s not to say it’s an easy task.

Caylus Ark: …I do not know if today’s adepts are in hiding, or if they are simply lacking at a time when society has largely forgotten the old ways, save for in closed circles, gone largely underground.

Anonymous Coward 60157049: What do you mean by adept or initiate?

Caylus Ark: My knowledge of adepts and the process of initiation is derived from various works, and of course the mystery traditions and their various schools have different practices of initiation…

An initiate is one who has been initiated into the school of esoteric mysteries. Generally the process involves a trial to determine whether the candidate possesses the qualities needed to learn the concealed wisdom…


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