As one second changes to another, every living system in the world is constantly in the process of transduction – changing one form of energy into another, passing it through the cells, through the larger groupings of tissue and organs and muscles…releasing an ever expanding amount of entropy or disorder into space. The increasing disorder of the universe, and its constant expansion, will persist until the end of time drives everything back together again, until eventually the density of the universe becomes so small that it goes negative and begins expanding again.

Even the most microscopic cell in your body is as we speak in the process of maintaining homeostasis…funneling energy and fluids in or out to try and maintain a constant balance…but this balance can never reach equilibrium – the point where it has stopped motion and change. For a system at rest is dead….

What is change? Change is time. What is time? Time is motion. What is motion? Motion is energy or heat. If you were to make the world absolute zero degrees kelvin, all motion and change would stop. And yes, indeed, time itself would stop, too.

You may not see it, but time is acting upon every invisible particle that makes up the underpinnings of all your senses – air molecules are in constant motion, electrons are jumping in and out of probable quanta, even the microscopic molecules that make up solid walls are interacting in chemical bonds – water is an interwoven layer of hydrogen molecules bonding through weak polar forces to oxygen and other hydrogen molecules, committed swingers, constantly switching partners.

Literally everything dies anew from one moment to the next. Look at the clock. It is 4:19 and 1 second 2 second 3 seconds… you cannot so much as keep count before you have lost that moment to time forevermore. That’s right, it will never again in your universe be 4:19pm, wednesday october fifteenth two thousand fourteen ever again. The precise alignment of birds and falling leaves and the way that your duvet is draped over your bed – that’s a once in a lifetime moment, every moment. It will never happen again.

The person you are this second is gone in the next. The idea that we have on consistent self that stays with us from life to birth is an illusion romantically devised by the mind to keep us grounded in day to day life. We cling to specters, phantoms of images we hold dear, that never really were. You are continually in the process of dying and being reborn. Thousands of cells in your body are born and die by the second, just as thousands of humans in the macroscopic world will die and be born today.

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