Attack on GLP: Screenshots

I took some screenshots from all the different messages sent (that I could find) of the attack on glp in case anybody gets interested or for future research


to all users 12 11 14 contentSpam attacks by an angry known party led to pages of the forum full of one spammed thread, likely conducted from beneath a VPN running some kind of script algorithm 

to all users 12 11 14

Attacks commenced the next day, most likely by the same party but this time with more variety. Each thread title in the picture below caused the forum to look like the picture above, but it would be redundant to show that cascade for each spam topic, so the separate OPs have been archived for interest


you can't and you won't stop us whoami2 Who am i who am i 5 who am i 4 who am i 3 to all users 12 11 14 content op6 ... 123 let go all sites down can't stop the... expect us IthasBegunOp6 moses74 numbers 1 op6 - operation successful

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