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Chances are, the “tribe” you cling to is a mass-produced consumer product
The “individuality” you are so proud of is also a mass-produced consumer product.Destroy your own icons and enabling narratives. They will keep you safe and neutered. Most people would rather destroy life, limb or property than do this.

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PT I. Conceptual Cape

A fascinating look into the clichés that we cannot possibly avoid embodying in global culture. It was offensive to write and will almost certainly be offensive to read, but the broader ID-entity packages can always be marketed to someone and sometimes it is interesting, humbling, and amusing to remember that no matter how spiritual you feel, you are buying into something and being marketed to as such.

I’ll start it off with a meme I hope will be unequivocally amusing as it is the subject of the forum

-Conspiracy Theories

don’t believe a word of anythingalways, duplicitous machinations abound, big secret X, codes enigmas obscure religious sects, cover-ups, hoaxes, messages encrypted in plain sight, occult ancient science, whistleblowers, role players, and of course mass orchestration

dictates of traditional institutions like church and state, government authority police psychology, mainstream media and their explanations of literally anything, information being classified in the interests of national security, the men in black

“trust no one”

we are being lied to, manipulated, and engineered by TPTB who do not have our best interests at heart

the truth is out there for those initiated in sight, you can be part of the rare few who see the truth for what it is rather then be strung along like all the other sheeple

followed by agents, freemasonic compass, flying saucers, spiritual Apocrypha, messages in old manuscripts, pictures, art, scripture, etc

-All New Age Cults

we are a candle in the darkness, you are born with special unrealized gifts that we can manifest, with our disguised cult we will eliminate your negative thoughts and all the barriers between you and self-actualization, mysticism is usually borrowed from traditions, spiritual conspiracy theories may lead to the basis of our group, keep in mind our tenets are beyond criticism

materialistic goods, traditional religion, materialistic society, self-centered masses, deterministic/atheists/scientists

“Be Saved, Be Loved, Be Spiritually Fulfilled”

the yearning void within, disillusionment with vacuous society and constant consumer mentality, depression, conflict with significant others, rapture enthusiasts, abandonment issues, coming apocalypse, loneliness

you are at the center of powerful cosmic forces, join and we will reveal the secrets of nature and life, salvation and redemption to be yours, a community of like-minded seekers to be among, transform your miserable life and become part of an exclusive inner circle, the chosen (us) will have paradise (love and peace) because we know the apocrypha/are the elect/faithful


future reward for a life of obedience, discipline based on scripture, promoting and defending the faith, peace and love and God instead of war, megachurch, endgame cometh, charity

giving in to temptations, unbelievers, heretics, blasphemers, mockers, doubters, those who prioritize matter over spirit, confidence in science to the exclusion of God’s word.

“An End to Suffering: Salvation or the Fires of Hell”

the fires of hell, roasting there, being unloved and alone, being excluded, dominance of imperial powers, past sins haunting the present and ensuring damnation, fear of death because of aforementioned, feeling dissociated from spirituality, partaking but still empty and shameful at that emptiness

you are God’s chosen and the flock that will be shepherded to paradise all you need to do is follow some simple rules, the community of believers shall be thine pillars – support each other and strengthen the faith, God’s omniscience means you will always be seen and loved by the Creator, your life has a meaning/purpose

traditional symbolism juxtaposed with popular media – faith tested by harsher measure in this hyper saturated world

–F.E.A.R Inc.


do this/not that, home security systems, stranger danger, be inside the house early, don’t let your kids play in the street, neighborhood watch, emergency numbers everywhere, dependence on nanny state/health & safety inspectors, protection/insurance, avoid risk

spirit of carefree adventure, adrenalin junkies, extreme sports, bright future hopeful optimism, faith in human goodness, science and technological progress (because it’s a meltdown waiting to happen)

“It’s Out of Control”

scary things, being a crime victim – raped murdered or mugged, GMOs, pathogens, being infected while exposed to high traffic human dense places, ‘the thing I saw on the news last night that freaked me out’

finally we can deliver you and your family the Peace of Mind they Deserve – better safe than sorry, I mean this is your family FFS, an ounce of prevention…apple a day, guardian angel (video surveillance), take a pill and chill with our Security Product and further micromanage your petty life

supervolcano, nuclear holocaust, something from CSI, the movie contagion, massacre genocide child soldiers, jihaad, CCTV everywhere all the time big brother keep people safe, sudden stock market freefall, toxins in our food and water, death all around


keeping them out, patriotism, Us vs Them mentality, ‘our’ way of life, ‘not in my backyard’, homeland defense, having an easily identifiable scapegoat to project aggression onto, distrusting unfamiliar customs

one big brotherhood utopian vision, promoting ethnic identities, racial equality, ‘bogus’ asylum seekers/refugees

“Keep ‘Em Out”

‘they took err jerrbbs!’, they’ll take our homes and our women, the crazy disorder of non-uniform culture, street violence, job insecurity, terrorism in the flesh, drug traffickers, immigration floodgates lead to the end as we know it

keep the ones who matter safe – your family and friends; keep your shit safe too. Peaceful ‘good’ neighborhood, preserve middle class ecosystem, keep out the ‘xeno’ hoards.

radical islam, Russian mafia, images born of fearnews, prostitutes roam the streets, 25mg enriched uranium, gun violence comes to town, suicide bombings


fill ‘er up, she’s running out, step on the gas, business as usual

green lobby for climate change, economic/environmental scarcity, alarmist photojournalists like Al Gore, liberal lefties, dirtiness dissidents: polluting ickyyuck
“Live free and prosper with oil! or just don’t without it”

maybe it really will run out, maybe we will all be living in the arkham slums soon, it’s hella expensive and scarcity predicts it will probably not get very cheap again



cutting edge, trendsetting, nonconformity, indivduality, ecclecticism, recognition, ironic detachment

bourgeois conformity, tradition/conservatism/convention, living at home, anything old moneyclub, workaholics

anyone who wants to be young

being like mom and dad, being a loner, being grey or square cog in social machine, exclusion

indie, sex/drugs/rock&roll, eastern mysticism, sunglasses

being accepted ‘us’, being ‘authentic’, being ‘individual’ being ‘different’, ‘stand out from the crowd’ and the void of meaning in your life will be filled with peer cred


‘individuality’/’attitude’/’originality’, doing it different, breaking the rules, contramainstream, underground culture and music, ironic self-deprecation, so uncool it is cool, ignoring what is ‘in’, indie

conservative middle class white parental values, perfectionist over-achievers, authority/institution/establishment related everything, multinational corporations, brand labeling, marketing, shallow bourgeois consumerism, x budget advertising

Indie kids

being like everyone else, being seen as a standard middle class notch in demographic, a dull conformist world, a world torn asunder by conflict industrialization pollution and overpopulation, working just to get paid, soulless materialism, aging, conforming, embarrassment or exclusion from peergroup

nouveau new style, dignity is being authentically unique, you’re not a number so don’t act like one, be part of a new attitude of cool, distance from mainstream everything and don’t let corporations dictate your identity

‘girl next door’ beauty, multiculturalism, drug/club culture, quirky kinky and spontaneous

there is a brand and marketing iconography that caters to people who reject all brand and marketing iconography

–Born to be Wild

bad boy rock and roll, misunderstood artist, shock tactics, self destruction, ‘don’t measure me by your boring standards’, ‘u think u can lift bro’, ‘i’m great but self-indulgent’, total creative control or gtfo

big buisness consumerism and anything associated with tradition

cynical youth

‘selling out’, getting old, never making the big break, that nobody cares

be aggressively defiant in a way people can’t help but notice, girls will want to tear your bad boy clothes off, find a target for your angry rebellious teenage angst

rebelwear ripped clothes, ‘spinal tap’ rock drama, long hair, trash expensive things because you can

-HipHop (get rich or die)

keeping it real, I am what I am, I came from poverty and ‘made it’ 8 mile achievement, bling bling excessive accessories, str8 up in your face narcissism, putting on a brave face

white conservative values, the police, snitches, pompous intellectuals, middle-class practicality, faggots phonies and bitch feminists, ‘studio gangstas’

“Don’t Fuck with Me”

being a nobody, losing face by showing weakness, running from fear, excommunication from the gang, having no street cred, being uncool/fake

if you want it take it, become part of a bigger movement, group status and power, rivals will fear you and everyone will recognize and respect you, live the high life with hot bytches fast cars and drugs, shake up the establishment

-Hippy Chic

Timothy Leary’s ‘turn on tune in drop out’, alternative all things, community living, psychedelics and weed, eastern mysticism, nomadism, freedom of expression

stuffy conservative traditional values, middle management lifestyle, megacorporations, advertising, mass media

“Oneness and Free Love for All”

anyone who wants to be young

giving in to conformism, getting older (erstwhile more stuffy and responsible), losing individuating features, becoming a cog in the machine, climate change, the people virus, oil corrupt politics

live in peace and harmony with nature and all living creatures, free love for all to share, return to the womb of nature and save the planet, join a community that resembles the tribal life of our ancestors


The Beach

escape from day to day life, pioneering the vast sea and sands, romantic exotic, reward space, representation of serenity in innerspace, spiritual journey of self discovery (stranded on a Kay), space to breathe

cubicle office job with florescent lights and tedium, chain to computer for pay, citylife ratrace carrotstick treadmill, pollution, grey and gloomy skies

sun-seeker hedonists

“Let Yourself Go”

health, disillusionment with the state of things, silence before the storm, overcrowded shores, see it while you can, stress of balancing life priorities, tsunami, sharks/jellyfish/big ocean squid, climate change

‘recharge’ in the sun, have sex on the beach like in movies, a metaphor for paradise, escape and get drunk for awhile, seashells

soft white virgin sands, empty space, blue skies, seagulls, bodacious bakini babes, hunky swimming trunks dudes, nude beaches, palm trees, fresh seafood, vivid technicolor

Reality TV

Ordinary people made extraordinary, facetiously awful, persona casting – an oddball, a dumb bimbo hot, an asshole narcissist badboy, a smart dgafer- put non-actors in situations bound to get emotional, tack-on lots of nudity and jacuzzi scenes, put it on MTV, laugh at how dumb the masses are while watching it and setting it to record on your DVR

traditional TV values (apparently, now a thing) that wouldn’t pander to this level of human entertainment and whose programming would make some minimal attempt at good writing and insight

“Woman on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, Men Behaving Badly”

are we all trash TV for some kind of emergent watcher?
if I am watching this, can I rationalize it as naturalistic observation or am I a bad person?
participatory – your everything for all to see
why does today’s youth so relentlessly seek fame – because we don’t feel real?

everyone can be a celeb, watch the stars trihard and failhard, laugh at them and feel sorry for their silly problems which are apparently authentic, office gossip currency?


retrofit for youtube, voyeurs do not need a broadcasting company anymore (nor do stalkers)


Whatever you want – for a price
enthusiastically calling out shills
straw men slippery slopes & ad hominid
being paid to cry wolf
making up fake cryptograms and seeing how long conspiratards will try to solve it

Whatever you want – for a price
that everything is above his paygrade
people that are hard to provoke
logic tryhards
focused and articulate contributions
being accused of derailing a thread

infects actively to which all are suspect
hiring process quiet and full of euphemisms

“If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Become Them In An Assfucking Dumb Way”

nobody takes a paid liar seriously, role dyslexia one of these days, dead-end job that only sounds cool on paper, at the end of the war two-faced bird has no friends – shillbird tears

Money for lies – it’s like mental prostitution, and the government will hire you to do it.
Like a really crappy secret agent that doesn’t have to pass a polygraph and can still smoke pot.
Rather then being the patsy who gets lied to all the time, be on the winning side for a change.

Bot Arachnids

Boolean logic
binary code
input/output processes
perfect grammer spelling and syntax built in
assimilating information
tables, charts, nested commands
sending and receiving commands

bad programmers
error in output
404, fish NaN, infinity
bot-traps, bot-nets
lateral thinking
getting a number out of a picture
Turing test, subjectivity and qualia

There are currently more bots then people online

“Parsing Signal. Record Found. Currently Pinging SS# xxx xx xxxx …. “

bot fears nothing

bot cannot be seduced, only hacked and reprogrammed

The One True Hero

the desire for a starring role is growing quietly
there’s another neo – better destroy him
need social stroking
import of participatory myth and ritual reawaken

lost in a sea of reincarnated Christs, none seem special anymore
‘maybe talking about a third party that is actually myself will help everyone see what a great fit I am for chosen one’
let me give you a secret (that’ll point to me) =
newstory about the hieros-king-savior

spiritual initiates who haven’t crossed the Messiah threshold yet

“Nobody Needs to Win If I Don’t Have to Lose”

it’s all just a lunatic’s rambling
being invisible
‘I’m the last one to believe in me’
bowing to a pretender
being a pawn
the laughter of real wizards

predictably narcissistic cycles of Atman as Christ become more complex, injecting character representations creates myth
One True Hero outgrown as seeker realizes it is the fate of every evolved soul to become Christ

love and peace of mind for the certain they are predestined few

Glitch Twitch Feelies

get vibes about group change, matrix debugger reports, shout-out at reality shift role call, use consciousness as a spectrometer, describe their dreams, experience records, encapsulate as much information in as short a code as possible,

go into science bits, try to sound credible, theorycraft, let the reader’s imagination get spoiled by too many details, explain whether they know wizards or only know of wizards


instant global recognition and royal treatment, affluence attractiveness and achievement, everyone tells you you’re beautiful and wonderful, people always giving you their energy whether or not you want it(glamor/lights/adulation), be a diva because you can, say ‘yeah stardom won’t affect me’ and nobody will call you out for lying because you’re so famous, so many social network friends – why do they care?

college, 9 to 5 job, taking the bus, waiting in line, responsibilities, saving up for something you really want

wanna-bees (as in they really really want to be celebs)

“Ticket to Wonderland”

I’m not cool/sexy/beautiful enough, always insecure and people are pretty much always flattering me instead of telling the truth, I need to be seen (addiction) but I want to be alone once in awhile, becoming the flavor of last week, control freak constantly on the verge of nervous breakdown rehab has a suite in my name

leave your sad little narrative behind and go global, the coolest clubs ever, A-list, cameras, magazines write about you, you’ll have a private jet and ferraris and a yacht and lots of hangers-ons (and not a single excuse as to why it’s not enough or when it will be)

front page of people us or starz red carpet dresses and phony smiles

on the other side of global fame is depression, suicidal ideation or actions, chronic histrionics and insecurity, tendency to be killed by the illuminati, drug dependency, constant programming, an emptiness that mirrors fame and the ultimate truth of simulcra

Chemical Consciousness Tard


out of body experiences, euphoria, relaxing, getting stoned, zoning out, being bad for fun, saying no to social norms

natural highs (like sports or art), antidrug preaching, anything that extols sensible conservative traditionalism, the federal war on drugs, reality


any youth

The ‘High’ Life

inadequate at socializing without a fix, being excluded from the group, inability to cope with pressure, dulled creativity, self-righteous majority gaining more power, overdose, anxiety, HIV

glamour of ‘live fast die young’ like the Kennedy’s did, everybody does it, its dangerous badboy escapism and whatever you’re feeling right now guaranteed there’s some drug that’ll improve upon it


gritty cool movies like the kind Quentin Tarantino would make, how fun it would be if everyone lived like the movie Get Him to the Greek, lofi actiony lux glam clubs and touring with rockstars and supermodels


it becomes hard to glamorize when even doing the drug becomes drudgery – time to stop

Gambling Man

who dares to win, the winning hand, winning number, lucky number, the golden ticket, one more throw to win it all back and more, trust in fate, this is harmless to me

boring rationality (no educational encounters with real statistics, understanding the true likelihood of .01 – so mindbogglingly tedious you will never forget)
math people and their smarmy skepticism
smug quips: ‘who pays for the lights in las vegas?’

general compulsive risk taking personalities, manic episodes in bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorder / narcissistic personality disorder

Sudden Mega-Riches Appear!

losing it all by one digit or one card short of the flush, mounting debt, second guessing and doubt, misplaced lottery tickets, lady luck is leaving me (she always does), being dealt a bad hand

Today is your Lucky Day, Pal! Never work another day in your life, all you have to do is win one measly time (again, mind numbingly boring non-encounters with even the generous .01% are illuminating here), beat the system, from rags to insta riches, the world will be your oyster, your name in lights, can’t you see it now?


the movie 21


just play with a random number generator

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