“Memes Change Reality”

“This is a very interesting idea. Because culture jamming is about changing a culture, and if we can plant a little seed, we can change like a culture. And I guess from genetics we talk about genes, and an organism is made of genes, while a culture is made out of memes. And memes are like the little sets of bits of information that replicate themselves. They might be an icon or a symbol, they might be “the Australian larrikin”, that might be a meme, or a church or a religious group as a meme. And the set of memes is our culture, and by modifying the memes we’re memetic engineering, we’re changing the organism which is our society. And if we can target the right meme and just modify it slightly, the end effect can be quite dramatic.”—Larry Croft (Brisbane BIO-PEEP Culture Jammer)

Metaphorical, narrative language can help people understand real although intangible forces better than intellectual

 Quoting: [link to www.principiadiscordia.com]

The complete database of tropes, plots, symbols, memes as narrative devices:
[link to tvtropes.org]

Memes are archetypical thought forms, idea containers. Like viruses, they tend to be “contagious” and “propagate” themselves amid minds. They change the reality of those who come in contact with them by interacting with the thoughts already present within the mind. They also alter the collective conscious or unconscious of a society or even a world.

Memes, like viruses, change, reproduce, and take on an autonomous self-potency.

Even in relatively small areas of effect, Menes can be incredibly potent and subtle. But when given a large platform from which to entice an audience, they are significantly more effective- hence the popularization of the word in the form of “internet memes”.

Recommended Reading
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Lexicon of Meme related terminology – rare info
[link to www.aleph.se]

Research Article Archive
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This company does memetics for a living
[link to www.gerr.is]

Guess who else thinks memes are neat? 🙂
[link to www.sri.com]

It’s a primer on memetic engineering….
[link to all.net]

[link to memexplex.com]

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