Subliminals: MR MS Hurricane Images

This is an example of ‘subliminal imaging’ that doesn’t attempt to hide itself – its not a secret. However, actually taking the time to sift through this video frame by frame reveals an extremely disturbing narrative that spans thousands of pictures invisible to the naked eye while watching.

First of all, check out the unedited video and see what kind of impression it leaves you with.  Linked below is MR MS “Hurricane”, a recent song picked up by numerous radio stations in 2013.

The images in the video above flash by almost too fast to perceive – if you watch the video over you’ll images you didn’t see the first time. This is the alternate – but still official – version of the music video. It seems that it wasn’t produced by the artist herself. Below I have features some of the most interesting of the imagery hidden in this video – it’s stuff you would not expect your average production guy to be able to find or look for on a google image search, for one thing. I apologize in advance – these pictures are awful. the vast quantity of images and lack of easy method of conversion on this software ….anyway….check it out:

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