Cyber Komptrollers [AKA Masq]

“Information Warfare” is probably a term that you have heard before – it refers to the engagement of military and clandestine intelligence agencies in manipulating the ‘datasphere’. As we turn our attention to theories of social control from a cyber standpoint, Information Warfare – AKA, Information Operations or I/O – will be a central theme with many faces and tentacle protrusions.

I would like to direct my interested readers to this resource, which has an incredible database of primary source documents that deal with all aspects of military I/O. While ‘Cyberwarfare’ is concerned with combating incidents of online terrorism, the definition of what constitutes terrorism is growing conveniently more broad, a feat accomplished by allowing the ‘victim’ of terrorist attacks to encompass more then just civilian targets, but nonhuman institutions and governments – thus so-called ‘extremist’ groups and political activists become potential terrorist groups. And even if you have no activist affiliation, I/O is also highly interested in engineering public opinion in what are sometimes called ‘Influence Operations’.

As I mentioned in It’s Not Hidden, We Just Can’t Read It, knowing the right keywords is one of the biggest ‘gatekeepers’ to research. So here are some notable ones: ‘Perception Sensemaking’, ‘Perception Management/Engineering’, ‘Knowledge Engineering’, ‘Knowledge Creation’, ‘Strategic Communications’, ‘Strategic Influence’.

Social Media behemoths such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, are simply too tantalizing of information sources for intelligence agencies to ignore. ‘Social Network Analytics’ or SNA studies the formation of networks and group dynamics on websites like the aforementioned, and while SNA is cities as a critical component in tracking the organization of terrorist groups, it is no less often used in ‘Public Affairs & Propaganda’, not to mention tracking ‘dissident’ networks. And while legal dissident communities may not be overtly targeted, they are generally monitored or sometimes infiltrated (by ‘sockpuppets’) in efforts of influencing community thought or ‘datamining’ topics of interest.

Information like posts on forums and web blogs, videos on youtube, or profiles on Facebook or Twitter, are classified as ‘Open Source Intelligence’ OSINT and can be legally archived in the giant info warehouses of the NSA forever, presumably being reclassified and analysed by ‘artificial agents’, similar to the automatic system that handles the ‘flagging’ of keywords that trigger ECHELON defense and which detect network intrusion.

welcome to the Masquerade

“Are you comfortable? Good. What we are about to reveal to you will shock you to the core. The truth that has been hidden from all humanity will now be revealed to you. You see, the world you inhabit is not as it seems.
We cannot reveal more; you must discover for yourself the true nature of your deception. “

–unconventional warfare, 4th dimensional warfare, or asymmetric warfare~war of the worldswords ; message and momentum (Project Grey Goose) ; deny/distrupt/demoralize/disorient ; battles in ‘airspace’ to control ‘perceptual’ resources~

Put Money, National Interest, and Ego together, and now you’re talking about shaping the world writ large.
What country doesn’t want to make the world a better place…for itself?

insight into the personal lives of targets MAY include:
communications, day to day activities, contacts and social networks, photographs, videos, personal info (address, phone, email), location/travel info

ASPHALT: “collect it all” proof-of-concept-system

Sniff it all (torus ^^ physical access) –> Collect it All (^^ volume of signals: ASPHALT/A-PLUS) –> Exploit it All (ELEGENTCHAOS) –> Partner it All (work with GCHQ[5is], share with Misawa)
the ROC[Remote Operations Center]

The ROC provides a crucial piece of the puzzle in helping the Agency achieve the Transformation 3.0 objective of Global Network Dominance.

The ROC has already enjoyed great success in its CNE, CNA and CND (Computer Network Exploitation/Attack/Defense) operations, and is bound to achieve even more in its new facilities. Their motto says it all: Your data is our data, your equipment is our equipment – anytime, any place, by any legal means.


” Sustained collection involving automated implants pushing collected data from targets to the ROC as well as voice and geolocation collection are managed from the Operations Teaming Areas. The increased capacity in this area will support a growth from managing an average of 100-150 active implants today to simultaneously managing thousands of implanted targets…”

JTRIG all – tools/techniques

Identity Intelligence-‘Image is Everything’
is exploiting pieces of information that are unique to an individual to track, exploit, and identify targets of interest…

look to passive environment~
‘pattern of life’
associate cnxs
personal details (people love talking about themselves)

Deception Training for Online Covert Activities

” We want to build Cyber Magicians

global/media/group/elegence/performance->personality(OCEAN)->Remote Assessment in Digital Cues->Self[whoamI?motivating them]
Virtual Communities–>social proof / herding etc–>Group Dynamics–>Becoming / Targeting–self presentation in Cyber contrast ~~
Hofstede Dimensions;X cultural interactions–>Building Relationships…Mirroring, Mimicry…Social Penetration Theory…
GLOBAL~financial ecosystem of the media~Constructing News System—->MEDIA [Propaganda | Branding | Marketing | TAA | Sell-own-earn]{thin slicing degrees, retention, trust}

Magicians, the military and intelligence…
Dissimulation – Hide the Real
1) Masking
2) Repackaging
3) Dazzling
4) Mimicking
5) Inventing
6) Decoying

The Psychological Building Blocks of Deception


Attention Management
Expectancies ~ we look where we expect to see something happen
We are biased to sense (see touch hear taste smell)
what we expect to strongly (see touch hear taste smell)

Gambits for Deception

Control Attention | The Big Move Covers the Little Move | The Target Looks where You Look | Attention drops at the Perceived End | Repetition Reduces Vigilence

Mask/Mimic[eliminate-blend/recreate-imitate] | Repackage/Invent[modify old cues/create new cues] | Dazzle/Decoy[blur old cues/create alternative] | Make the Cue Dynamic | Stimulate Multiple Sensors

Exploit Prior Beliefs | Present Story Fragments | Repetition Creates Expectancies | Haversack Ruse (piece of bad luck) | Swap the Real with False (vice versa)

Create Cognitive Stress | Create Physiological Stress | Create Affective Stress[+/-] | Cialdini+2 | Exploit Shared Affect


Simulate the Action | Simulate the Outcome | Time-shift Perceived Behavior | Divorce Behavior from Outcome | Channel Behavior

10 principles to manipulate ppl w/ –


…Next time, “psychology of a new kind”

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