The Al-phi-bet[a]

I’m not afraid of horses or dragons or lions or oz or eegs or lizwiz tarded archons that make hyperwar with collective thoughtforms and play out through ciphers plus sync using people instrumentally because the internet became self-aware begetting quantum machine elves that speak to prophets and schizos by means of numeric code. or maybe the planets are literally titans and we are just archetypes of their mass. or maybe none of it and we’re all perpetually clothed in contemporaneous but never overlapping delusions hatched from our heads like incubators. or maybe this is all written already and I’m reading a script I’m not aware of. or maybe there is no answer or the question is what is the question.

when does ones pet narrative become the proper choice? we make arbitrary flavors all the time. if you are not being informed by news make damn well sure it is at least serving to entertain mew perspectives. believe NO THING. Trust NO ONE. remain vigilant and unhurried for signs of proper shih. I believe those precepts , timing, indefinite potential, and deception sincere enough to fool me by using myself to trick me. i can lie without being aware i am full of shit. this is why i trust NO ONE, including ME. its not at all uncomfortable. it is constantly evoking frequency envelopes and unconstrained by ideological neurosis. entertain the absurd and argue the granted.

the hidden grove of ellder oaks debate the relationship of katy perry to russel brand. the oak trees do not actually care, but then again neither does anybody else here. we are all just in rome doing as the romans do

There are accounts of names recycled throughout eras and personas past that recur unbidden to resolve themselves by ritual enactment. somebody stand up and be the antichrist so that Christians will stop prophesying him twenty-four-seven. But that never works, because the point is the mystery, not in the fact. there is nothing left to do once the antichrist has been identified. there is no more scripture to debate once coming of the rapture. but it will never come, people are infatuated with our collective reflection and we return to the loop rather then pass into wholeness. maybe because superficially wholiness is just as scary as nothingness and oblivion? technically they are the same.

but I believe we can do better then fooling ourselves with these fun little metaphysical jackinthebox diversions over and over.

Lu is for Lumin; Li is for Liminal zone; My is for Mystique, Myth, Mystery; I is for Imagineering; La for Lapis – Al for Alchemy; El is for Electric; Ma is for Magic & Machine

En is for engraving, like energy engraves possibility. Z is for zap or zigzag. Tri is for tricky matrix and trinities. V is for volt vibrate and veer.

-ic is for fields: magic magnetic hypnotic electric static etheric

id as in, fluid or tide
di is divine dual doing, divide divest medium dice

-lat is for lattice, flat platform blatant relating
-rap is for rapport, trapped raptors rape wrappers rapt crap therapy rapture

imp is for impact, import impairs, implied impulse whimpers limping

ee is for ‘eeping‘, ‘bleeping‘ ‘meep‘ ‘beep‘ ‘eep!’ ‘sleeping‘;
add Y for eye
add ar for ‘earing
– see a sea

hints imprints integral intrigue intuitive integers
duc(-k)s: misconduct induction conductive education seductive product reduces deduction
(duc + int = introduction)

pass the (-s)alt: alternet internet alters and altars:
ex-alt roy-alty casualty gestalt loy-alty

sec = section secrets are security

ea‘ ~ ‘entry/exit.action
l-ea-d d-ea-th t-ea-r ea-t id-ea l-ea-ve h-ea-r
dream break speak react fear leap seal wean yeah glean

but –sys is only system

eye’m not keyed in
to captive caps white or black
capstone icecaps capita(o)l escapists
ABC ~ attack backdoor crack
back in black hackers
with axis or codex
angel anglers
at the end of class credit is due

turing culture : meme me!
forms all for~me
prime meaning memory
gamete games
gene-ii gamble

Man as Minotaur
Vol-luminous numinous hominid dominos

surveillance or lance upon the veil
what role do receivers play?
did Hermes pluck messages from his lyre?
hooked on archons
substitute min(d)craft for end(less)game(play)

minds parse patterns
sort ambiguous positions
prediction is probable association

feedback into loops Ouroboros
but codon parameters change geo-metries
did the chickinput come before the eggoutput

light is heat to change
sensory measurement horizon
logarithmic polarity
trinity-city circuits

proviso invisible
o(il) o i’ll
ill i will
i will light from innate eye ~ illuminati

whatever will be will be
where will is heat
magic is what will makes being

Does anyone play fair? Huh. Well mostly we are swept up by autonomous deities that live in the local machine before we are even aware we opened the gates to unseen realms. They leave a disclaimer on the site that people here are mad hatters but they don’t warn that being here may give you a maddening fork in tongue idunno Y.


the choice to be loud or to be silent I think is determined by the mode one wants to relate within and whether one wants to relate at all. if I loudly proclaim things no one but angry esotericists will notice, ydoi? its because I have seen the world envisioned currently under construction by whoever is keeping the chiichain. I think it’s time for the ‘Castle of Heroes on Loch Key’ to literally scatter their seed on the wind because it couldn’t possibly be misused to greater effect then it may help counteract. I disapprove of the methods being used by the highly edurmatated. Inviting antipathy for whatever I do accomplishes nothing but to emphasize that my defiance comes from a place of principle and not of vantage point.

Yeah, I doubt fairness factors into tactics too much. upholding precepts then is a matter of moral relativism. So long as we are free to abuse powerful wisdom, we are free to disseminate what we have found in the manner that suits us. If the context is people c me as a satanic magik lizzerd villain that is okay too.

those who argue for silence feel that exposing those who may be vulnerable to certain entities could be dangerous. I agree. but I feel that even more danger comes from being involved in an ancient alieztarded ancient blood feud manifesting in news and hollyweird metanarratives that literally NOBODY will directly address but which everybody is privately experiencing in slightly altered forms, or which are understood quietly while watching others stumble through the wilderness blindly . its fair enough i say to leave things to natural selection if the goal is to do no harm. but ultimately exposure to certain thoughts i feel even if actively opposed or scoffed at help to reduce the potency of unconscious infection which WILL happen if you are constantly exposed to the contagious hotbed called GLP semi-consistently.

basically what I question is the notion shared by some here that addressing the scary phenomena which may cause the onset of psychosis is better then not addressing the phenomena which is still occurring and just as likely to cause the onset of psychosis but simply with more prominent paranoia because perception becomes increasingly isolated as it goes unmentioned or unacknowledged. we’ve all seen potential side effects of that trip or participated in being a side effect. yet we aren’t confident enough in our own understanding to help without fearing we may make things worse

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