The Tempest Shroud[ed Chariot of the Shining Ones]

I recently made this music video
and a series of unfortunate of events nearly destroyed it
I managed to get it online, although the quality is mediocre
at least it exists
there is a message therein, not that I know precisely why or what that is
I felt compelled to post it here
so much so that I have been fighting demons of obsession that drove me to work tirelessly to recover it
despite the tedium and frustration and doubt
so here it is, and here’s hoping it no longer will haunt me
I suspect I felt so inclined towards posting it here because something from this site is what lit the spark to make it in the first place about five days ago
I don’t know what or why
but I get the feeling one of you asked for it
there was a call of sorts on standby to inspire it
but here, tempest wildfire triad of fire and ice:

What is this? I made it for anonymous piranha’s to eat. It is quite fresh. Either you’ll agree and say, “yes indeed, old chap, I am just so intrigued.” Or perhaps you’ll be very cross and frown and say, “well poo sir, and fuck thee!” (that’s o.k)

The Chariot whirls with power and frightful volatility as it swirls. I think it would have just stopped orbiting and sucked me in its energetic tantrum if I had not agreed to make you nice folks this video and it share it with the world (of glp). I spent all day rearranging tiny little scenes on a timeline for VII and it still won’t leave me alone. It doesn’t matter to this creature if I put hours in, it follows me around with a gravity bat conking me on the head and amusing itself that way until I am motivated to do what it wants.

Usually I even think it’s my idea until I see a thing like VII snickering above my windowsill and transmitting inside jokes about my naivety to all its friends on the social network of the universe. to whom I am now a clown. thanks a lot, shining ones.

The thing may be a disgrace to filmmakers because it is a patchwork chupacabra of culture and all I did was change the timing and viewpoint. I didn’t even make the music. but I know that I have to show you guys anyway because of some kind of timeline specificity Chariot is going for, something about branch conditional requisites.

I can’t direct a film, all truth be told. I have been told that since I never learned about dampening my signal I am always broadcasting my delicious location to hungry astral predators, but even when those very predators tried to teach me how to stop broadcasting my butterfly waves (they didn’t want to share, I think) I turned them down. It doesn’t bother me that they want to eat my electricity. I am bursting with the stuff. Have at it.

Anyway – I’m no director, but the astral chaps simply love directing movies but they can’t interface directly with our dimension, so they just end up using me to do it – I’m like a musical flute to these guys, they learn how to attain maximal instrumentality. that’s also a question of how well an astral chap matches the spiritual signature you buzz. so I have been told…

So sadly, I’m apparently pretty easy for tricky astral chaps to manipulate, so generally what ends up happening is I pretend to be the director of their movie and they pretend to be me playing an important role in their film. It is all rather convoluted , but essentially there are a couple sentient electrical fields that occasionally check in on me and compel me to weave something tangible out of their babbling hyper dimensional demonstrations of phase conjugate wave propogations.

I am supposed to thusly inspire you glpeople and I do not get a lot of patience either. The prodding is akin to probably honestly the human equivalent of a cattle prod – uhm, like if we were the cattle – it’s not really that it’s painful, but it jolts you in their direction because you can’t really help grooving on the feel. They are super good at putting you in the frame that suits them. Energetically it’s a matrix that is formed around your awareness that contains your awareness, and since it gets to be the box it mediates the content of your experience according to the way information gets shifted by the frame pattern. They understand how your experiences are correlated to the right geometry – they know they need a tetrahedron to make me kind of spacey and to cause a mild dissociation which makes me less irritatingly contrary.

Oh, right. That’s what I was supposed to show you, the video I made. Yes! As they say, dear friends, it is not a movie at all, I think that’ll be apparent though – for one thing it is only five minutes long – and it is certainly only for some – not all – of you, dear friends. Don’t complain to me about that last part, I’m just a human who gets to write stuff that I don’t even know is actually just an inside joke between shining ones. I get frustrated too!

Oh, my not movie. Why would you watch this frankenstein sneeze thing ? Well for one thing it is easier on the eyes then he was IIRC.
The thing – video – It is more like condensed milk, but if in the can instead of it being milk it was the concentrate saccharine from thousands of dreamers, and then sautéed in a spicy marinade of music for hearty zest and then baked maybe overlong in my exploding desktop oven.


“and an angel still rides in the whirlwind and directs the storm”



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