It May Be A Small World but the Oceans Are Deep

Did you know disney has an alternate reality game for their new movie, tomorrowland? on the surface when an ARG is a viral marketing promotion, it is easy to dismiss as uninteresting to the mystical sensibility. But the story of a Disney secret society called Plus Ultra is more then skin deep…the fictional membership of this society includes four founders, tesla being one of them…

take a look at this site , Plus Ultra Society – which asks for a password next to the P+U[ltra] symbol…in the background is a sepia cut of the ride it’s a small world…but that image is important…

Deciphered from Plus Ultra’s signature morse code across the top of the page, a set of coordinates pointed to the exact location of the Pespi/UNICEF pavilion at the 1964 New York World’s Fair, which originally housed the infamous “It’s a Small World” ride. (An integral location in the history of Plus Ultra’s interdimentional transport to Tomorrow.)

while you look at the mosaic below…refer to the pictionary discs I compiled here

small world not so much

thus the video below seems to be a leak from the horses mouth, because it is edited as the anniversary edition and referred to by Disney’s ARG. The people responsible for the Tomorrowland ARG are not simply trying to get you to see their movie, (as if they didn’t already know the allstar cast and huge production budget would convince most to do that anyway). this is a message for those who would hear it. And it is a message of no small import.

if the timeline has not recently been drastically altered, then yes depictions of the wheel of the sun royal arch and the key of solomon wrapped in a dodecahedron between two pillars with a tree of life embroidery have been openly greeting visitors , even gleefully greeting them, in America’s favorite childhood ride for decades…but if you have a decent eye I’m sure you can catch more then merely the aforementioned signs…

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