The Entropy Triad

5 thoughts on “The Entropy Triad

  1. Homura is a magical girl who’s personality structure (self/soul) causes her time experience to vary noticeably/visibly in comparison to others experience of time within homuras location because the structure of homuras personality causes her to function (emotionally experience) utilising emotional environmental energy (information) formed and sustained via non material structures commonly known as dimensions prompting instant action over distance causing hormura to notice meaning within things unnoticed by others within her location no matter where that location may be
    Broadening meaning


  2. Feedback

    “Researchers at Monash University have found physical differences in the brains of people who respond emotionally to others’ feelings, compared to those who respond more rationally, in a study published in the journal NeuroImage.,……

    “Taken together, these results provide validation for empathy being a multi-component construct, suggesting that affective and cognitive empathy are differentially represented in brain morphometry as well as providing convergent evidence for empathy being represented by different neural and structural correlates,” the study said…..,”


  3. Feedback

    1500 to 2500 year old mummy of a Nazca culture “witch” as witnessed by our June tour group with Andrew Collins and Hugh Newman. She had many small tattoos in the shapes of animals…”


  4. “I’ve often wondered that too. How about gravity: since the Earth orbits the instantaneous center of the Sun and not where it was eight minutes ago, doesn’t this confer some extra-natural “knowledge” imparted between particles, states, and bodies?”

    “This leads to an interesting philosophical question: when does one “thing” become something else? The way I see it, we could technically regard the Earth (and all other bodies in the Solar System) as being inside and even part of the Sun. I mean, why should we draw an arbitrary boundary for the Sun at its chromosphere or corona? Why not include the heliosphere?

    This in turn leads to another interesting question: if a singular “thing” is large enough to be measurable in terms of light minutes, light days, or light years, then can that singular “thing” maintain internal coherence at faster-than-light speeds? For example, suppose you had a thin yet perfectly rigid metal pole which stretched all the way from Earth to Mars, and that this pole had its ends bent in opposite directions; if you rotated the pole 180 degrees about its axis at Earth, would an observer on Mars see the pole rotate instantly, or would it take 3 minutes for the Mars end of the pole to ‘know’ that it needed to turn in accordance with the Earth end? (Keep in mind that the distance covered in the 180 degree rotation of each bent end of the pole is only a few centimetres).”


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