Why did the American Dentist Kill Cecil the Lion? & other cryptognotic asse[t]s

Cryptography is the most important subject in the world, hence the recent appearance of ‘games’ like Cicada 3301 and recent technical debates about encryption and the NSA’s goal of breaking it for good. See also: “Code a la Keys”. Also concerned with the topic: “Kind Words and Code Words“.

The most important part about hiding a message is whether you can hide whether there is a hidden message at all – not whether the code itself can be broken. In almost every case, a determined cryptographer will eventually break the code. So it becomes that much more essential to hide the fact that a code exists at all.

A couple of years ago, an anonymous personage asked whether I accepted that the world stage and the news media are totally fictional chimeras orchestrated by ‘The Powers That Be’. I said that mass orchestration was too complex to be real, that executing such a scheme was impossible. “You are so naïve,” replied the anonymous user, entertained, unperturbed; “not only is mass orchestration real, but the evidence is right in front of you…even as we speak”.

Looking back, I suspect much of what had raised red flags originally was my use of a word that invites a particular sort of motive. The title of the subject was “the zeitgeist of collective consciousness”, in which I explained how by seizing the ‘spirit of the times’ one may control the machinations of ‘destiny’. This thread no longer exists because it was the first encounter I’ve ever had with GLP-inspired paranoia and I personally edited the OP to extinction in a fear-driven panic a few days later. Acting upon the collective spirit is as simple as addressing the data already available to us in a new way. Hence the ‘half past human’ webbot report that has become so infamous. Zeitgeist is also a word that shows up in the archive of hacked sony emails, speaking to the taste of the general public in this day and age. Of course a multinational corporation would be very interested in the ‘zeitgeist’, as would any intelligence agency.

I often believe that person was pointing out to me that in almost every sense, The News we are told is not much more compelling then any other story devised for our entertainment. What differentiates an article from ‘Yahoo News’ from unconcealed fiction? If you begin to pay attention to the kinds of articles and interviews populating most sources, all we have to go on for the truth of events is one stock photograph and the writing of a journalist. The first generative question was me asking whether I considered the evidence offered by these sources to be persuasive. The answer was no.

And seeing this new potential, a simple question occurred to me, one that should have been easy to answer, but was not: is it possible that all major news stories are fiction? Nowadays there’s no physical weight to anything we produce. In the virtual world, all messages and pictures are suspect to manipulation programs and all seemingly innocuous sites possible viral hosts. Not only is it possible that the news is just a story, it would not even be technologically challenging, let alone complicated, to fabricate the news. In the way of motive, it could serve two agendas: to alter the operative reality of the public and to inform those who had access to the ‘cipher’. in this way, a few influential multinationals could easily mastermind ‘the narrative’ – like the american dollar, contemporary journalism is worth no more then the good faith and integrity of its publisher.

In a way, code is more then just a disguised message. A good code is hidden by ambiguity, within layers of meaning. And this is because once someone has found an uninteresting or expected appearance at the surface, most are not inclined to dig further. The idea of meaning within meaning is nothing new – it has been the basis of ‘the mystery’ wisdoms. The study of ‘hermeneutics’- named after the famous messenger God Hermes who represented the thrice born trismegus of ‘hermeticism’ –  is about as well-known as the wisdom veiled by its practice. Yet its existence is denied by none.

As I have written about in the past [It’s Not Hidden, You Just Can’t Read It], one of the most innovative places to put something secret is ‘in plane sight’. Many sources claim that ‘the cia transmits messages by encoding both text and pictures in the media’. Whether or not this is true, I believe it is absolutely worth considering. If attention is an energy, the media is an antenna. If there is such thing as ‘The Illuminati’, surely their favorite motto must be this: “whomever controls the media controls the mind”.

The problem with all encryption is the simple fact that randomness is a fallacy. Even humans who forsee this and program a system to act randomly, that randomness will be foiled by the so-called ‘paradoilia’ of operators – that is the tendency to see patterns in meaningless/unrelated white noise. The problem with this hypothesis is that patterned is the natural state of information, not random. The randomness is merely a symptom of an interpreter that is not advanced enough to see the bigger fractal’s form.

One method for concealing meaning is through the ‘alternet language’ of technical jargon. Using words understood only by the highly literate denizens of the academic world, much public information is walled off from the average citizen who cannot comprehend the information. Those qualified to read jargon-laden journal submissions are held behind a steep paywall which can be bypassed only by members of affiliated institutions, which generally tend to be deceptive by virtue of the dogma proselytized during the normal/general process of higher education. Often I have found damning evidence within highly technical articles which explain how systems are embedded within systems keyed by metaphor. Anybody who has doubt that deception is standard operating procedure and control is the goal may see the evidence for themselves ( provided they are capable of understanding it in even the most exoteric sense).

But the ‘hyponoia’ of meaning extends beyond this, to the realm of that which must be interpreted laterally (across a broad axis of meaning) to be correctly understood. In many other words, this may be thought

DOUBLESPEAK is a keyword in the process of understanding this concealed face of language. The contents of communication can be sensibly understood in an obvious way and in a secondary encoded way that would only be evident to those holding the right perspective in relation to the language. Hence the time honored ‘great game’ (of spycraft) and ‘glass bead game’ (of ‘global arkitechtonics’) which required a thorough working knowledge of literature, history, mythology, and culture all across the world. “Those who know of it are unlikely to give much away, because they probably labored their entire lives just to reach some level of proficiency’.

Access to the ‘Net’ has drastically decreased the steep luxury and time investment that once was required to be a potential GBG player. However, although it is more condensed, the information that must be learned is no less dense or demanding. The hacker mentality is prone to excel at the broad domain level synthesis required for the GBG, the kind of left-brain chess-master IQ tested for by programs like GATE (gifted and talented education) and ‘alternate reality games’ like Cicada 3301.

However, there is no test that can predict genius and originality, often the product of insight and creativity, a trait that proves annoyingly unpredictable in practice, the persistent Black Swan of Greatness, the patron of the muse.

The first lesson of The Secret War is that exponential interconnectedness ensures all communications have at least one additional meaning. Whether or not you believe this, practicing polyinterpretation without suffering complete psychosis may indicate you are one of the rare few qualified to see beyond the smoke and mirrors of the stage.

Lastly, let me leave you with an enticing thought. Among the entertainment industry’s luminaries, there is a well known trope of story-telling known as ‘sacrificial lion‘.

Farewell, Mr. Steward (The Legacy of Jon Stewart: Making the Fake News Real)

From wikileaks hacker email leaks:

Yes, the use of the world “repression” was deliberate. I wanted to attract attention.

Jupiter, Jade, Hawk, Plane

“The threat we face has morphed,” Comey said on Wednesday. “It’s a chaotic spider web through social media—increasingly invisible to us because the operational communications are happening in an encrypted channel.”

Comey later elaborated on the issue of encryption, which is a process of encoding messages—on mobile phones for example—that only authorized parties can access. While it can be effective at thwarting digital thieves, strong encryption also limits the amount of information—or evidence—that law enforcement can effectively gather from a device.

“Increasingly we’re finding ourselves unable to read what we find, or unable to open a device,” Comey said, “and that is a serious concern.”


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