A User’s Guide to Trolls & Shills – $$ or lulz?

originally posted 05/15/2015 07:07 AM on this thread

Author’s Note: This article is predominately about the pattern of behavior known online as ‘trolling’ – as opposed to ‘shilling’, which implies monetary gain, and which is very real . I will likely write further about shills at a different time, but for now I recommend browsing the following thread for some information about the ‘veracity’ of the shillPsssss. you guys wanna hear a giant secret that many won’t believe?

Freud said: “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”

Now, that was ironic considering that he later died of cancer as result of smoking too many cigars

but I guess my point being sometimes people are motivated by oral fixations instead of cosmological narratives…and sometimes what people think are oral fixations really have an essential role to catalyze movement in a series of events far beyond the human ability to conceive…or sometimes people think they are playing a role in cosmological narratives but end up fueling artifacts of mythos they have no idea existed..that’s why its bad to try and manually resurrect a mythology

to many of us that whole line of thought is barren and frustrating because it goes for miles and pointless to pursue…of course there are many different possibilities to explain the true nature of a thing we call ‘to trawl’

but we come here as a community and interact with one another
we open ourselves up to the interference patterns that others project, whether they are designed to harvest us or they are legitimately innocuous

it is wise and helpful to cultivate – not suspicion, not paranoia – but an ability to ascertain the personas and archetypes acting upon the theatre of the unseen…sometimes trolls get corrupted with something very uncanny and they become arcane trolls attracting destructive sync paths into the ‘directories’ they designate with will alone

many are not aware of the full spectrum and network of our ‘interference patterns’ and how they interact with others~

it is wise to start reining in ones own ripple and ascertaining its dimensions, its preferences, seeing if it may have facets that previously were not digestible to the conscious self. there’s a geometry to our unique ‘snowflake’ interference pattern and it is quite dynamic throughout our lives. the ripple of our own interference pattern gains magnitude when it ‘engulfs’ energy impressions of others. sometimes a troll can get hooked to the ‘pingback’ where heated emotion is funneled into one’s own energetic body. they may not know it, so please whoever the troll and whatever quantum domino effect he may be having by choosing this unfortunate place to do so give him a break as he is probably stuck in a loop.

yes we have all heard the word ‘troll’ – and likely, you generally just associate it with a more general accusation of being a ‘bully’ or ‘pain in the ass’. But the actual definition of a troll involves more then that, whatever community they are found in – roles that include identity games and deception.

The term troll “originated from the fishing technique of dragging a baited hook behind a moving boat”. (as mentioned by a later user, this was also called Trawling, but essentially you catch my haha – drift)

Trolls represent themselves as serious members of the community, but then attempt to disrupt the community by baiting participants […]
1) causing community members to engage in fruitless or frustrating arguments or
2) creating a loss of trust.

Handbook of Internet Studies

Trolls have a couple manifestations, subtypes in which the behavior will be expressed.

Interestingly many trolls who were interviewed anonymously and asked why they participate in trolling admit that they simply do it for ‘the lulz’ as a method of entertaining themselves. While it is comforting to believe that expressions of this behavior are always indicative of an ulterior motive, it is actually unlikely to be true in most cases is more likely to represent a manifestation of sociopathic behavior online.

there is a difference between a troll and what we call today a ‘shill’ – the term used to be interchangeable [shill] with ‘sorcerer’ ‘snert’ and ‘trickster’. trolls, simply put, are not being reimbursed or reporting to anyone, and they are far more common then shills.

a troll’s behavior has the explicit goal of attempting to provoke a reaction – a shill is generally trying to provoke a specific response, rather then a behavior. A shill may want to provoke anger while a troll is seeking for the user to engage.

interestingly, some claim there is a ‘troll opposite’, driven by order. they seek to maintain order from the chaos left by the troll and ‘rebuke obnoxious comments’; they support group stability and ‘absorb’ conflicts to keep the group together.

*Sidenote: this dichotomous pair can be seen as the common manifestation of hardcore ‘haters’ (badcop, racism, sexism, frequent vulgarities, descriptively appeals to negative) and alternatively the ‘love bombers’ can be found (goodcop, unconditional acceptance, empathy, friendship, positive reinforcement, personal or meaningful observations that elicit bonding/trust and of course – love itself).

trolls, when banned, will occasionally return to the community with new identities. one class is the E-venger, with an emotional vendetta, seeking justice for his excision. some seek purely hedonistic or material goals such as getting a specific woman to share a nude photo – that would be marked as a ‘check’. there are of course those driven by ‘thanatergenic’ forces – death, in suicidal and homicidal intent – but this is exceedingly rare…

another type to make note of is the empathy player, (they are sometimes called MHBFY, or ‘my heart bleeds for you’) who uses emotional triggers and catalysts to rally affection or goodwill from fellow humans. often this type may post from within their own skewed ‘internal dialogue’ and the hooked will often respond to the troll’s internal dialogue as if it were his/her own.

in one online realm, administrators who had access to both official ‘records’ of user interactions and a display of what was taking place live in the ‘simulation’ wrote about their experiences later. they had this to say:

“…you really can’t trust anyone…”

in text based communities which allow avatars, the picture and the avatar itself denote a sort of identification and active play with identity, whether or not intended initially by the community member. merely the picture that comes to be associated with the identity of the user handle is sufficient to moderate (ie change) the behavior of both the person posting – to better match the avatar – and others, who respond to the image created ‘psychically’ by the actor even without intending too (hence the phenomena beloved by trolls of setting the avatar to a ‘hot lady’.

part of the reason I made this was to ask everyone to consider the ‘bid’ information has on our behavior and attention. of course that applies to this site but really there isn’t a place it’s not relevant.

Is this worded in such a way that makes it seem like only a person who seriously wanted to be offensive would ever write it, that or someone really impossibly insensitive?”

maybe , just maybe it is supposed to make you mad….etc
sometimes…if something is really ridiculous enough…the best answer is to leave it be, don’t give energy to things you don’t want to continue

by all means, if you want it to continue, then nourish it with the energy of your mental consideration and response. maybe you want to do a flame war out of boredom. you and the troll have the same goal, amuse yourself by fighting the other. that can be symbiotic.

well maybe maybe not, but before you take the bait and go into rage mode, think about whether or not you may be reading something that exists for no other reason then to elicit a reaction.

for some of you this is public knowledge, obvious stuff
but for most people we simply expect them to keep this in mind and many do not have any idea there are people who do things simply for the fun of controlling and manipulating other people’s behavior/emotions

I think amidst our theorizing and expanding on the content of the GLP experience, the troll itself can often profit by the shroud of fear cast within shadows from the very notion of the ‘conspiratorial’, gaining powers merely by accreditation or erroneous attribution. There are strange things. Strange syncs. Hacked disks…bad phenomena. Serendipitous things. Mental trial by fire. Progression….

Yet, there are also trolls. People who love to make other people tick and rain on parades or whatever fetish it may serve specifically. Trolls are a thing, too – mundane, but worth keeping in mind.

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