The Duty of the Strong

Author’s Note: The following are some thoughts regarding the nature of power and kingship. This post is an amalgam of my own words and works piecemeal bound into a coherent story of my own personal philosophy. Most of the source material came from the work of ‘Caylus Ark’ on GodlikeProductions, and has been altered to create the broader and more comprehensive work here. What has not been pulled from those sources is original. If you go to the threads these works were pulled from, you will not see Caylus Ark under authorship anymore. You will see anonymous coward.

It’s no longer possible to find anything Caylus Ark wrote, because I deleted that account. In December, I had resolved to put behind me that name, and the works attached to it, including this blog. While I had always hoped, like every author, to contribute works of immortal value, I had decided that after her last post on GLP mid December, “Caylus Ark” could not possibly delve any deeper or write anymore on the subject of mind control. (Frankly, the notion of going any deeper then that was somewhat frightening)

I spent a lot of time studying cults, mind control, sociopathy, and delusion. Part of the way that I began to understand these concepts was to watch them unfold. I have sought to elucidate the mechanics of these dangerous structures not in an attempt to replicate them but in an effort to defeat them. If the purpose of cult is to form a community that seeks meaning, it seems pertinent to ask what meaning is lacking in ordinary life.

I suspect that our ancestors had something which today we’ve excised. When a cult forms, it is generally around the strength of an ideological principle, a collective meaning espoused by a community. Cults tend to be radical, and extremism tends to be volatile and illogical. I have always been fascinated by pathology, and I have hoped that by understanding where ideologies go astray, it might be possible to conceive of one that does not.

People are overwhelmingly good , not evil. Understanding is the root of love, because when we can see ourselves in the shoes of another we are softer, remembering our own journey. Nonetheless, distortions can often occur in defiance of all proportionality – the more power accrued by a subgroup, the more and more radicalized their behavior tends to trend away from the sociologically responsible . In other words, power tends to corrupt as dramatically as an addiction to any other narcotic, whether that is the attention of idolizers or perhaps psychoactive compounds which produce great abundances of dopamine .

One powerful , charismatic head psychic vampire, can literally ‘cult’-ivate, entire movements, secret societies, ‘seminars’, pyramid schemes…etc. They tend to be successful, actors, salespeople, CEOs, and politicians. What happened to leaders being picked for humility, virtue, consistency, an understanding of the responsibilities of leadership, a sense of sacrifice?

Spirituality and virtue are not qualities that are terribly popular today. Noticing this, I began to think about what qualities should define power. When I refer to Kingship, I am approaching the symbol of the King. His crown might be a celestial regency. In ordinary life, he may amount to nothing more than a man who lives his life in the fashion he’d prefer to see the universe ordered.

A King is he who serves.
There is no reason though that a pyramid is the only structure by which power is balanced or flows. No reason a round table would not do. People are chosen by fate sometimes, but those chosen choose themselves.

I don’t play the “special people” game.
But some people are special.
Not because they were born special , or because they were chosen in a lotto mill of special-ness.
Special because they have advanced the human condition.
Special because they have become heroic, and delivered a gift to mankind.

Everybody has something they can nurture within themselves. Something they alone can do. How does a person get there? By competing against themselves. That’s one thing I think trips up a lot of people. We are never truly competing against others, because we are fundamentally incomparable to anybody else. The only person that we can meaningfully compete with is our own self, our own potential. We ought to be partners with others in seeking to better transcend ourselves.

True power doesn’t come from a crown. True power comes from sacrifice.  An ‘Illuminati Kingship’ is a spiritual/mystical appellation endowed by astral authorities. Only a seeker humble enough to realize that he is haughty is going to bow his head in service to a greater principle.

I have always seen people who attain greatness as sources of inspiration to attain greatness for oneself, not idols (eyedolls) to be worshiped, but fuel for the fire of potential.

If I choose to be the servant of something that is far greater then me, that something is uncontainable, and infinite – a principle of service-to-others.  “Above without End and Below Without Bound“.

The King is the one who serves The King. A true leader does not run from sacrifice. He leads because he understands that it is the duty of the strong to protect the weak. He does not flee the country to avoid being beheaded. He does not shirk from his decisions because his choices have gone awry. In all things he chooses virtue. He models his crown.

Let’s say that the person, this King with the Illuminati Crown, is the capstone of this pyramid…
The tip or point.
Well, the humble soul who seeks to serve, they would look like this:
That is, if you see the celestial and the heavenly as in a consciousness state higher and more coherent then this dimension, the /\ embodies the awareness pulling the hive from below to the crest of awareness at the tip.
The \/ is given from above and returns the bounty of celestia to the soil and earth beneath his shoes.

A spiritual king is not a messiah. A messiah’s place is to save humanity, but a spiritual king’s place is to lead and guide humanity.

Many people are nihilists. They believe we live in a strictly mechanistic deterministic universe the pinnacle of which is a death appended by an eternity of nothingness.

They don’t believe there is either a God in this universe or a meaning to life. If life has no meaning, if there is no spirit, no soul, just greedy people and meatsuit lives, why wouldn’t people do evil? There is nothing to prevent them from just doing what feels the best at the time, because all higher ideals are eclipsed by the looming eternity of death.

To me, an Illuminati King is somebody who brings back the soul with him from Olympus. And of course, pulls the sword from the stone, so the sickness of the human heart has a remedy. It is up to each individual to cure himself perhaps, but a king breaks the Sisyphean stone, rendering nil the judgement of Gods, who defer to hope.


7 thoughts on “The Duty of the Strong

  1. Bravo Lea, bravo! I agree with you passionately that the strong must help the weak. It’s our duty if we have been graced with special abilities that make life easier for us.

    Unfortunately some people wear their higher IQ, their stronger stamina, their superior understanding of how the world works, like a crown that says “I’m better than you”. I wonder what quality they possess that makes them blind to the fact that what they have are gifts, not
    entitlements. Thinking of them as entitlements only serves to weaken them and negates anything they have that may be greater than the average man’s.

    Having the gifts is only part of what makes one strong, knowing what they are and what to do with them is the crucial part. Subsequently, I think we have a bunch of very weak people running this world.

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  2. let’s say you have this person or persons whom function with what you might call this(__________)
    Lets say it is not merely that they have a strong consciousness field, it’s more then that. They can recruit the consciousness of other co-creators to share in their vision of reality. If the environment approves of the vision of a spiritual king, the field itself bends to share in the king’s vision and skews the actual manifestation of reality across linear time.

    …. :))


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