The Spine of the Nile

THE VOID is so devoid of emptiness that it’s literally bursting at the seams,
so, pregnant with zeros, that the abyss became an OUROBOROS before it got buried in the underworld by an avalanche of dirt and got reborn as the Lilith-Leviathan who spewed sea all over the dirt rug of the underworld during the time before earth. The pregnant void became an ocean and the ocean was split into several shining seas.

And so the ocean sea became the underworld and the underworld became the kitchen of the Earth and the Earth became the sister of the Sea and the Daughter of the Sky.
And the dragon was Leviathan who churned the waves but could not quiet the anger of the stars and was flushed out of the ocean by Poseidon who now presided over it.

Among the stars the old dragon could only go so long before shedding his skin and his skin was Chaos and Time was the shadow of Chaos as it lurched invisibly in the ether of space.

Lilith turned into a stone statue and sank to the bottom of the sea, where she still remains, far misplaced from the ruins of Atlantis, but not too far from the Pillars of Hercules.

the land above was given over to the rulership of our solar system’s Sun, a handsome young prince star and his father’s father was Ayin the all seeing, and the all seeing had banished the dragon Chaos from the Palace of the Sun before he’d even been born . Leviathan would never be allowed near a temple, and Chaos was even less predictable.

Chaos is a cold dark snake and his body is made out of the void itself- thickly condensed tubules of dense foggy black nothingness which steamed and purred like the wandering feet of a cloud. Because the body of Chaos is not physically present it can be fashioned in whatever desire is suitable or willed for entirely inscrutable reasons. The snake Chaos might be as long and thick as a man-eating basilisk or as small and thin as a baby corn snake.

Chaos hated his uncle the Sun, but his Great Grandfather the all seeing one Ayin he hated the most. This is because Ayin would not suffer to look upon Chaos under any circumstances. Since the all seeing would not see him neither could anybody else see him even if they could feel, touch, or hear him. Not only was Chaos blind , all were blind to look upon him as he had no face.

Chaos was exiled to live in the deserts of Egypt where his Uncle the Divine Sun acted as chief emissary, many thousands of years ago – when men and Celestia converged awarenesses in the spirit world, as back then it still had not become split behind the veil and men lived among godlike shining superconsciousness and also alongside the most horrifying of the underworld’s circle of abominations.

In the Desert Chaos would sleep underneath the Sands of Time , a blanket of sand under which no time would ever pass. But because nothing which happened under the blanket was saved in the timelines Chaos became a great river for many hundreds of years, and one might almost say that Chaos was at home there for some time.

He lived as the body of water which made up the great Nile river. All the river’s water was his body, and thus all things happening in the river he remembered very carefully.
After a long time with his body being the river of the Nile, Chaos began to grow something which resembled a spine, and inside that pattern of protuberances was a special liquid which was not like the rest of the nile, as it passed through the aether of Chaos’ living energy field .

A special water which was made over thousands of years that would one day be known as the Fountain of Youth. The only way to get to this liquid is with an invitation from the Rivers of Time , which form the invisible and living capillary network connecting all timelines to the World Tree, which as all know forms the Straight Spine of All Dimensions. High up upon this spine it was from which Ayin peeled back the seal on the dimensional window and watched the channel where his Sun was the main Star. He could find his banished grandson, but did not spend time looking for him.

Every God which partook of Chaos would become a dweller between worlds, unable to descent or ascent the spine, caught up in the rhythm and demands of sharing a body with the new power offered by the abyssal dragon, and never quite – beforehand, anyway – understanding this power’s cost.
Many Gods would later drink of Chaos’ skein and with it, know regret. But the River lived, for a long time, in the most comfort that a son of Leviathan might ever be able to ask for. And the water from those days lived in the snake’s diaphanous bones, and anybody stupid enough to see the dragon’s blood – would notice that it glowed. This was not a regular quality of even such a curiosity as dragon’s blood must be. This was because he was that water and that water was he. They were connected across space and time, by the ever remembering light. And the light saw more then even Ayin, and never decided not to look.

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