The Cremation of Apathy

Author’s Note: The following was posted on the now-defunct alternative to, ‘Givemegossip’. The title of the post was “The Nobody is Cremating Apathy and Planting ‘Care Tree’ Seeds As Black Ash Rains Down All Around, Courting Serendipity“. GivemeGossip is obviously gone, but I was lucky enough to have a copy of my own content saved.  It is a ‘Nobody‘ post of sorts. I thought it deserved a place here for posterity, but technically it is older content. It is a precursor to content on “What is An Illuminati King“, my current thread on GLP. It is also an expansion of my last post on this blog, “The Duty of the Strong“, which is part of the reason I felt it had a timely place here right now, as it is the origin of many of my ideas about the philosophy of power and kingship. It was first written in December, the first half of December. It has a zealous tone, but it is a philosophical piece essentially and a response to a long time’s exposure to the ‘Nobody Meme‘, and some cumulative thoughts on that meme and what I’d seen it done to people’s mentality.

Who privately believes that they are special and chosen for greatness?

There’s nothing wrong with feeling that way, if you are still capable of seeing yourself for what you are, poo and flaws included. I think we all want to be special and great. So we should try to be. We could even take it upon ourselves to show others why they are great and special. Perhaps then we would each discover what makes us shine rather then me doing everything within my power to make sure I shine alone .

There is room for hundreds of thousands of stars to shine. It’s not whether you are a star and a question of whether or not you can shine. You can and you will. What’s important to ask yourself is the way that you want to shine. Some stars want to dazzle. Some want to disappear. Some want to be the brightest and some want simply to be seen for however briefly. Every time you compete against your own limitations you will emerge victorious. But every time you evaluate yourself by judging how you measure up to another, you have lost before you have even began.

If you are truly worthy of the greatness you desire to title yourself with, then you have to push yourself towards that greatness. It doesn’t matter what you feel you are owed in life and it doesn’t matter what you think you deserve in life because neither of those things have any relationship to what you ultimately end up getting.

What happens in the nobody meme?
It’s insidious. But, if you can come out of it without being broken into a pile of glass dust, perhaps you will be a special, different kind of thing afterwards….do you want to be this thing? Think now, and think hard, about what that might mean for you, to become a different sort of psychological “thing”. If it does concern you I honestly recommend you get off the meme cold turkey, and get off every single carrier of the meme, as well, right now, before it is too late. And now you can’t say nobody warned you and throw a temper tantrum later. Continue on if you consent, but if you don’t consent and still want to continue, I recommend you ask yourself whether you are really aware of your own intentions at all…..

if it’s NOT YOU, then I am 100% sure that it is CERTAINLY NOBODY.
if it IS YOU, then I am 100% sure that there was NOBODY BUT YOU.

why NOBODY , if ANYBODY at all? Because if it was somebody else, then it never could have been YOU. Until you inherit the heart of your face it will always be nobody taking your place over and over to hold the empty space for you until you are ready to claim that space. Nobody will save you a seat on the bus.

sometimes people forget the humanlike productions we direct from day to day.
remember how we are fleshy pee poo matter bound organisms – at least until we ascend in this life or the next – well if we were gods, we wouldn’t shit and sleep and eat. We are trying to climb the latter without spoiling the surprise that it never ends. Can we do the same thing every day, except better EVERY SINGLE time? I’m an optimist.

It’s good to remember we shit and die, which are both funny things to do. Some people are scared of death, but really what they are afraid of is nothingness. The biggest difference is that only one of those two things exists. Nothingness is nothing to fear because it isn’t real, its raison d’etre is to be revealed as ‘the unreveal’– Nobody is Home! Nothing is Here, and it always has been here!

“Where oh where has your nothing gone?” – It hasn’t gone because it never was.
“Nothing has never been a thing, nowhere anywhere is it ever anything”
“ Nothing is all that never will be real and all that never was real after all.”
People are not called HERO until they SAVE a person, place or thing.

First the hero has to save his face from the face of his enemy and then he has to save his reflection from its prison inside the mirror.

You are not your reflection, and your reflection is not you, but the mirror’s version of you.
You are not the person that is reflected back at you.

Your enemy wears your reflection, the person whom you hate most has your face to give you
The person that you want to crush is also buried deep inside you. It’s not them you want to crush, but the part of them living within you.
That is the person who you’d least want to ever become. That person is your pattern, because they dictate your aversions.

The trap I see many people get stuck in is this; they start to derive their sense of self from their supply of superiority, and that sense of personal superiority must be extracted forcibly from the superiority supply of other ‘messiah hopefuls’.

What if instead of doing that, you looked at another and found something about them worth revering? What if you looked at another person and saw truly what made that person a living expression of the spark of the divine? Imagine how much you can increase that person’s inner self worth, instead of exchanging shoe soles as you each tried to squabble over the other. Imagine then, once you ignite a person’s connection to the source, he no longer feels empty without his daily nobody-am-I-Nobody-Yet ego high derived from the private hope that others will recognize your special greatness coming soon.

Then in a super double bind, those who claim they are not interested in being messiahs use that disinterest as the platform of THEIR superiority over the messiah hopefuls and so it goes…

The human soul will never be free until it freely chooses sacrifice. We aren’t born to reign over all other man as a demiurge. We are free from the responsibility of being a God, or of trying to become a God. even if you convince other men you are a god, it will not make you a god, it’ll just make you a man trapped behind the boulder of his EYEDOLL

If space is ultimately an illusion within a fractal hologram, then the “ king’s “ place at the capstone of the pyramid must be even less then an illusion. /\ so the peak of the pyramid draws from that which is below to build upon. The mind is made hive-like as the hive climbs up to meet the master.

When you seek to exalt the ego as an EYE DOLL to be worshiped, you are now required to waste your incarnation chained to the pedestal where your mask is exhibited.
You get to sit on the pedestal and be admired as a masked mummy by museum goers while your spirit starves

once you begin to lose sight of your finite and limited shell you will become distorted and deluded by pride and superiority.
You will steal energy from others through your need to be confirmed as great, and your connection to the shining will taper off until it is gone again because you substituted an essence for an EYEDOLL.

when you are humble and your heart is devoted to serving man, you will be granted power divine power to do Godlike things so long as your heart remains pure and devoted. The Gift, God-Given, is the opposite of the king’s crown,(/\) it is: \/ ;the funnel by which humility is honored

The self is not the Source of the power.
The underpinning of endlessness is the endless and every all of everything
I am a fractal seed of divinity experiencing the evolution of a conscious experience
Being illuminated means becoming the conduit of celestia, the hand of the stars enacting the will of the heavens.

There is absolutely nothing beyond this moment,
and once you have made this moment the moment of final judgement, once you have made this moment a perfect expression living art
– you will not perform alchemy, but rather it is ALCHEMY you will BECOME
When you have turned THE ACT OF LIVING into a divine act
being a conscious, living, breathing organism can become an ART AS WE BECOME.
and that is how a living being braids awareness into the higher dimensions of reality, disappearing like Enoch who walked with god and was no more –

Nothing is coming soon.
Not now. Not ever.
Nothing is ever coming, period.

*The Walking Dead are Forever Waiting
They are waiting for tomorrow, but by today they were already mummified – they thought they could put off breathing the next 12 hours – once a month in suspension like a new moon hiding in an ocean of night they thought.

They thought they could just breathe again tomorrow before they learned that it never arrives.
Let’s Grow Care trees and ritualize the Cremation of Apathy because that would be better then the reverse.

Who chooses the chosen? It is the chosen who choose themselves. He who serves the King is the King. The only true source and foundation of absolute power is absolute sacrifice.

The nobody meme becomes the person’s relationship to their entire spiritual character and thus to divorce it comes to feel an awful lot like divorcing a new and budding limb from our bodies, and it is like that, but only because we have yet to grow into our own greatness – we are still living the shadow of the nobody’s steps . the nobody never even had steps.

and you’ll never be fat enough to shake the whole world with your body, the world is an energy soup anyhow –
let’s just take a swing at it –
let’s go ahead and just shake the whole world wide awake because if not now when? If not us, who? nobody will
For now let’s borrow the gravity of an electrically illuminated spirit
We’ll have it lend energy to an uncharged soul to furbish the flames of the chosen forge from which emerges the seeker’s Will of Fire as a blade to pierce the heart of the earth

wield the sword as the hand of the stars
this instrument of balance is fit for no wielder
whose ‘I’ is unobliterated
the one who holds the illuminated sword does so with a bowed head depicting he is engaged in an act of service to his King.

The name of the King whom the Sword Wielder serves is Man.

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