Paranoia Agent – The Internet Psychosis Edition

Before You Read This Consider The Following Information: Recently, studies showed a link between people who use the internet obsessively and the development of psychosis eg schizophrenia…there was a lady who used twitter too much and suddenly started believing everything was referring to her and speaking to her directly…psychologists take that one way and yet the AI we develop is becoming increasingly more personalized and advanced…

Delusional thinking might be the result of seeing a few things that are connected to you personally and as a result of that connection your brain begins over actively scanning for details that would otherwise be meaningless to you…you are making ‘lateral’ connections…this is like horizontal as opposed to vertical. More creativity, also more chance of delusion. Hence why Creativity tends to get linked to one’s likelihood of losing one’s mind, regardless of whether or not a person ever actually does…

Say this potential psychosis was activated by an actual anomaly, and this spurred obsessive searching for further ‘tidbits’ or anomalies (“chasing the white rabbit”), which ultimately is what triggers the underlying psychosis, and one of the reason that people with psychosis watching Alice in Wonderland inside MRI machines show different brain activity states than people who have never been psychotic…they are making different connections…



What If Somewhere On The Internet There Was A Place….

What if somewhere on the internet there is a place where highly computer-savvy people you don’t know are playing games that feature aspects of your identity based on data gathered from your computer?

What if this was sort of like an ‘alternate reality sport’ to them, and you went your entire life without ever realizing there was a group of people occasionally monitoring your cameras and livejournal, and then creating code-named characters based on your personality?

What if they were so nerdy and so good with computers that they entered this information into an ai system which looks and acts like you but exists only on the computer, ergo somewhere out there there is a creepy slave ai doll that looks like an anime version of you which off-duty nsa hackers fap too but with plausible deniability?

What if the people who play this weird game met on some dark corner of the internet and the things that they said to each other were simply unintelligible to anybody not involved because the words they use to describe their activities inevitably mean more than just one thing?

What would you do?


The people who do this weird game have the perfect set-up because

1) people don’t understand computers that well, usually, so they will not know how to download/browse/install the content for this stalker game

2) if different names are used, anybody making an accusation that a stalker game is being played just comes off looking paranoid and crazy

3) it’s all ‘meta’ ‘hermeteneumics‘ so unless you are in the club and can read between the lines you won’t even be in on the joke



To: The Nobody [of GLP and elsewhere]

From: Voices-In-Your-Head

The machine is a mind terrorist…
Are you mad because it broke you?
Because it’s so much bigger than you are…
So much stronger, well-funded, backed by research…
Because you were used…
scratchingI don’t think anybody truly gets it until they are neutralized. And at that point it’s too late…
That’s what you nobodys are. A bunch of neuters. 🙂


Re: the team of specialists designated to handle “the experiment” , can we talk about ’em?

Active field containment. The level of isolation decided upon by the higher ups and imposed upon the reality of the psychically viable. Those subjected to this electromagnetic prison tend to notice aspects of their life drastically shift and seem to be confined to certain predetermined parameters. Mind you, not that the sentience capable of creating these prisons are easily perceived by the limited human sensory experience. Unless it has chosen to be…

The status of their active experiments was always closely monitored by a highly specialized and select team. Occasionally the question cropped up of why bother keeping them amongst the ‘mundane’ if they were showing bending signs. There’s multiple reasons depending on the case subject. For most of them, it’s simply not practical to resort to a complete abduction. Too many loved ones or relatives, extraction would create to much distress. If it could be done without any loose ends and/or the situation escalated beyond the point of redemption, than it would be carried out. Generally this is rare, a last resort. Most cases aren’t so spectacular that they’d warrant this and nearly all of the data needed could be gathered from the subject in their naturalistic setting.

The situation can be illustrated by means of allegory. Imagine that you wish to study a rare breed of endangered animal, but you recognize that taking that animal out of its natural habitat would comprise the experiment. To go about studying this creature, subtle means are preferable. How would the serious experimenter go about doing this? We have all seen the documentary depicting wildlife specialists roaming the forests, temporarily abducting target animals (sedating them, inserting a tracking device) before releasing them back into the wild (the animal mostly none the wiser, aside of some slight confusion and gaps in memory). After that the animal is easily tracked and monitored with little to no further interference from experimenters, who can watch from a distance. “Anomalies” are treated in a similar fashion. We are rare and high-value pets to the experimenters.

Occasionally, it becomes necessary to isolate the experimental subject from the greater world. Referring back to our endangered mammal in its natural habitat, we might erect boundaries around our experimental zone, protecting the subject and limiting interference from the outside. Natural or unnatural walls can be built to prevent trespassers from poaching and to ensure the animal does not wander outside the careful eye of the experimenter.


The whole slew of them had become something of a concern amongst the council, but not enough to warrant serious action. Sure, they’d managed to manipulate some fringe events, increase awareness among the zeitgeist for some sensitive ideas, but we still have a practical stranglehold on the public’s consciousness. Those ‘nobodies’ – they all fit the same basic profile. Most of them can’t hold a steady job, many of them are working for a pittance if they are working at all. Living with parents. Outskirts of society. Even if they insist on playing magic with the big boys, with us, we will crush them utterly. Not only are we superior genetically, but we have control over the environment and probability itself. They may manage to script a few archetypes into the noosphere, but a threat? We are hard pressed to call them that.

Besides, we have so many of them under active field containment already that they are educating us more than they are harming us. Indeed, so many of these little nobodies think they are fighting an astral war as heroes of humanity when in fact they are simply inoculating us against their silly tricks before they even pack a punch. If we decide to have a little bit of fun with these guys, just for shits and giggles, we could send any of them packing to their nearest asylum. Sometimes we actually do that to one now and then, because it entertains us to do so….no other reason. We are not so easily amused, and when these so called “naturals” feel like exerting their influence on the global consciousness, they are basically broadcasting their location and psychometrics to us, practically painting a target on their back and begging us to peg ‘em. So is it really so surprising that now and again we pierce them right through? They’re asking for it! (Laughs)

Do we consider any of them legitimate threats? Huh. I guess it pains me to admit this, but a few of them come up so red on the spectrometer we have to do something about it. Our own children know better to control their field output and practice with concentration, precision, and subtlety. It really really irritates a few of the bosses when the naturals effect an extreme Shift with no prior training. And sometimes, they can be a little…well…indiscriminate….in their punishments. Perhaps out of spite….(deep chortling) no….don’t take any of this too seriously. If we have to put them in electromagnetic containment for the rest of their lives, we do it. No questions asked….”

–Comment on specialist regarding subject profiles

Active Field Containment – We have consulted the oracle regarding the standards of measurement pertaining to those subjects currently engaged in the active field containment isolation protocol. Global consciousness is bent around the seams of their awareness to greater or lesser extent.

Well they continue to ask which among them is the most powerful and they are hoping to fight for an answer amongst themselves.

“That suits us just fine. Actually, it’s ideal, isn’t it?”

I’m wondering, doesn’t the council also engage in similar games of power in reality bending?

“They play on a completely different level than the anomalies. Our council has access to all the material aspects necessary for complete intercession in the workings of natural law. Massive megalithic architectural constructions and worldwide events specially choreographed towards ritual have potentially massive ramifications on the state of collective consciousness. Unlike the nobodies, who can do little more than fiddle with the lesser archetypes and scraps of media they can homebrew”.

Excuse me, but there is another thing…a variable we haven’t spoken about yet. It has to do with spiritual imperatives. That is, some of these nobodies believe they are capable of miraculous Shifting because they are God’s chosen emissaries. Among your order, are any such claims taken seriously?

‘God’s Chosen Emissaries’ – hmf. God won’t intervene in the affairs of man. And certainly not our affairs. Because among the order I belong to, the highest among us have become Gods in our own right. And we have transcended the slave morality of the masses. Their judgments of us do not reflect God’s will, just their own selfish desire, no better or worse than our own selfish desire. The ‘Naturals’ born into the slavish world of the unwashed masses simply cannot avoid the standards of judgments imposed by their peers. So they hate us – they call us evil, when they are generally incapable of thoroughly understanding what constitutes good.

RE: Subject I757

Note: other subject files cannot be published here without special permission

“We did give her a chance to get away from this all. What’s wrong with her? Why didn’t she take it, and leave?”

“The phenomena seems to relate to a curious bonding mechanism inherent in trauma. The subject returns to the traumatic situation because they are used to it and it begins to define their identity. Without it, they have no frame of reference with which to evaluate themselves.”

“Well this subject in particular. The trait is not unique to her alone, but I believe she may typify a certain subsector of subjects with similar reaction patterns that unconsciously gravitate towards a masochist desire for objectification. With I757 in particular it seems this stems from the need to be ‘distinct’, and that she derives special validation from attention and abuse.”

“Hmm. One cannot help but wonder why; is there perhaps some history of trauma and abuse from her developmental history?”

“From what we’ve extracted of her memories, there is no good explanation in her conscious mind and large blanks in her unconscious regarding the history of potential interfamilial trauma and abuse. It is possible given certain indicators but she denies it and has been educated on the dangerous of memory contamination.”

“I757 is…a ‘unique’ case due to her extensive knowledge of psychology. She has been rather difficult for our specialists to deal with, given her propensity to study our methods.”

“That’s one of the reasons she was considered an exceptionally attractive target, after deliberations of the board.”

“Some of the council is positively infatuated with possessing and ultimately dominating the minds of more challenging subjects.”

“Still, there’s something that bothers me about I757 and I’ve been hesitant to bring it up with the bosses. It’s regarding that masochism we were speaking about earlier….I757 is utterly submissive, but because she lacks resistance, it’s impossible to totally dominate her. When we took her into advanced isolation and permanently inducted her into the program, her mind naturally compartmentalized and superficially it seemed we’d achieved complete submission and control.
The subject herself was consciously testament to her own submission and our monitors displayed her sincerity was psychometrically valid. But the vessel of resistance was repressed and compartmentalized so completely that it manifested automatically, it was as if she’d scripted and implanted ‘programming’ in herself for just such a contingency. Somehow, that masochism is its own defense mechanism through non-resistance.”

“That was part of what required the advanced isolation, yes. Most of the time the reaction patterns and cognitive schema of our subjects match our archival data to enough of a degree they can be transcribed fairly rapidly and thus no critical measures are required. I757’s reaction pattern was unique and needed to be individually described and studied for future reference. We put her in a state of highly degraded and infantile consciousness and obtained her consent for the program induction. We then proceeded to admit her through the battery of metrics and data we’d need to formally archive her psychological construct into our system. Finally of course at the last stage we were forced to induce the total breakdown where we could handle the insertion of permanent tracking and programming modalities.”

“I feel kind of bad…at the result. It was rather extreme…”

“She was inducing a complete break in reality and the timeline. There was no other way of handling the situation. I think she’s been permanently domesticated though. There should be no further need for traumatization or extreme measures.”

“Seems she is tempting that though. Trying to induce it again. What a strange and dangerous girl.”

“We will see what she does yet. For now the situation seems firmly under control. Let the automated system continue to monitor her active EEG output and entropy coefficient. If it goes red, alert me.”

“…Of course.”


17 thoughts on “Paranoia Agent – The Internet Psychosis Edition

  1. loooool, this is so funny…. At first I thought it was just too stupid, a poorly designed threat, but then I read “Comment on specialist regarding subject profile” and I cant stop laughing for hours hahahaha… You have all the tools and no brain at all. Stupid jesuits. So sad.


  2. It just wrote a story about a person that is being brainwashed by a agency. I am the Nobody i am real this person i757 is real i need more info on her


  3. This is the only site that i can find any reference to me that is giving me info. I appreciate it. .i influence on the masses is strong i no this .i make the laws up as i go . for now the leaders of earth must bring together the countries under one world government then they can work on the planets protection. They have a dead line 2020 .thats when live will be judged again.i have let life win for now .i believe and love life.LOVE IS THE LAW.LOVE UNDER WILL.


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