The Blue Monarch Forum

Dear Readers,

I have created a forum. It is small, free, and painfully new; however, it seems like a logical place to host discussions that are simply not feasible for the commentary section of this blog (eg, The Illuminati Handler, which has become a bit of a clusterfuck to follow).

The premise of the forum is, quite simply, to tackle very difficult subjects without censorship and with discernment and open-mindedness. To talk about ‘crazy’ and consider ‘crazy’ with an open mind. that we do not believe in ‘crazy’. that we walk the line of the dreamer, and entertain the seemingly impossible, at least insofar as to dismiss it. and we are not afraid to contradict ourselves. and…the end of the rabbit hole is wonderland.

I want this forum to be that place, at the end of the rabbit hole, and I hope there are people out there that would be willing to help me create wonderland, because I know many of you, like me, have been there. And existed there. And have much to share, and reveal.

In theory, the forum is an extension of that which is of interest on my blog, and thus I hope those who take an interest in what I write on my blog might join me on my tiny free forum and engage in some interesting and intellectually stimulating discussions about the nature of reality and the truth of our universe.

I have met some incredibly gifted, creative and talented people on my long history of ownership of Cybercosmopolitan, and I owe that to, regardless of whether or not it is owned by a group of psychological masterminds (very well could be, I resigned myself to that long ago). Creating a forum isn’t really because I feel any form of antagonism towards the other forums I enjoy, it’s just a way of having more control over the subject matter that I feel is important to me and a way for me to engage in something experimental – not a conspiracy theorist’s board per sea, but a place where our expanding knowledge of reality can be shared.

Have I ever run a forum? No. Do I hope it will eventually be active? Of course I do. Am I expecting tons of people to post at first? Well that’s quite unlikely. Would I love an active community? Yes. Is guest/anonymous posting allowed? Of course. Would I love to hear from you readers on my new site, and hope you will bring your patience, feedback and giftedness to engage with me there? With any luck.

My vision in creating this forum is that eventually, it can become the manifestation of a collective vision – not just mine, but the flashes of insight I have received from those with great wisdom and a form of epiphany that you simply don’t find anywhere else online. It is to that ends, that I hope some form of community can be formed, and can be coherently maintained – because I hope, that the alchemy of personalities, will create something which transforms all of us.

It may be small, free, and slow for awhile, but I’ll put my heart into it, what time I can muster – perhaps someday, like this blog, I will be able to host my own url. I will not be asking for donations, with exception to the time that I would love some of you dear readers to take to engage with me thoughtfully, as I know if you were not quite special you would never bother reading this damnable blog of mine.

No I am not trying to butter you up dear readers….much. 🙂


Your Editor~


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