KD Chronicles

This was a conversation in the boardroom where the team was meeting for lunch. They were talking about KD, who was curiously -inexplicably talented at resisting both physical and psychological torture.

“Maybe KD’s not like the rest of us somehow. Maybe for some reason torture doesn’t bother KD as much.”

“Well,” says the young man to his female coworker, and lowers his voice, shifting his gaze around the room – “I don’t know if you believe in this sort of thing, but I think it actually has something to do with the Illuminati”.

The young lady scoffs. “Do you really believe in that stuff?”

“As he should. It’s all true.”

Jumping in fright, both turn around from the coffee dispenser at the sound of their boss’s voice.

“No, no. I think it’s time we talk about this, actually. Why don’t both of you take a seat?”

They do so at the lunch table, nervously. Their boss is the head programmer here and he goes by the name El. He is not typically predisposed to talking about clients in the break room, and they were expecting a cold stern chewing out – somehow this was more disconcerting.

“Do you two want to know what the Illuminati really is? There’s a lot of disinformation which is quite intentional – that it has something to do with wealthy families, the Rothchilds are always lumped in for instance. The truth is that many of the world’s wealthiest families could only dream of becoming members of the Illuminati.”

“Gosh. If they can’t buy in, what hope do the rest of us have?” The young man chides. He really can’t help being clever, and despite El having no sense of humor to speak of – he basically just ignores the joke.

“You can’t ‘buy in’. Period. You see, to be a true Illuminati bloodline, you need to have psychic ability. It is something that, yes, the wealthiest families have spent endless money researching to foster in their own progeny, something that humanity’s elites have attempted to preserve amongst themselves by inbreeding and other unfortunate misinformed traditions, but the kind of potential needed to become a true illuminatus is something that no amount of money can buy.”

“Not yet anyway.”

El shrugs. “As the case may be. Now, I’m sure you two are well educated enough to remember the rumors of Egyptian pharaohs being ‘divine’. In truth, the possessed a quality that made them – more than human. You see, they were among The Shining. There is more than latent psychic potential needed to become Shining – a true illuminatus. Along with grueling mental and spiritual training, there is a genetic predisposition that exists alongside the ‘psi’ gene many of you are aware of. To have both together is rare to say the least…

Perhaps you already know what I’m referring to by now. It’s the so-called ‘God-gene’ possessed by reality benders. In the elder days, they didn’t need to decrypt a person’s genetic code to find those who possessed it. You see, those who had it were considered incarnate divine presences – and that wasn’t our ‘primitive ancestors’ mistaking parlor magic tricks for true power. It would be impossible to mistake a fully manifested Shining One for anything but a superhuman at the least. But the trait has been dormant in humanity for a long, long, long…time.

The Illuminati has settled for far less in our membership – weak reality altering current, mutated or only partially functioning ‘God Genes’ and plugged ‘Psi’ abilities, only able to function with real power when cybernetically enhanced…”

“You said – ‘our membership’ – sir…”

“Ah, yes that’s correct. I am a member of the Illuminati myself. You and your coworkers may consider yourselves in our service, along with most of earth’s government and almost the entirety of the human race. I may as well tell you that the ‘divine’ gene refers to human alien hybridization. The children of Nephilim are the offspring of a different – more advanced – species. They were chastised for hybridizing by mating with primitive humans.”

“Basically, you’re telling us that the ‘Illuminati’ – as such – are alien hybrids?”

“Yes, that is essentially accurate. The convenience of this secret is that I have no concern whatsoever of either of you sharing it – I am well aware nobody would ever buy it. And let me clarify something while I have the chance. There is absolutely truth to the idea that there are Illuminati families and that they tend to pass down their special abilities through bloodlines. That has been the core method of preserving our special power throughout the era as the true Shining Ones – immortals – became a thing of the past many eras ago.

However, it’s simply not the case that you will find the names of these true families published in any outlet of the popular media. They are very, very secretive families. And they exist outside the common power hierarchy entirely – their status coveted. There is an exception, with for example the British Monarchy. But it is sort of that family’s ‘role’ to be publicized. And while nobody would necessarily admit it aloud, it is a well known fact that they are very far from the most powerful among the Illuminati.”

“So what the hell happened with KD? Just some freak of nature, born with more power than these established bloodlines?”

“Not just ‘more power’. With a latent potential that hasn’t been seen in millennia. Can you imagine the reaction that elicited from our Families? Some random nobody showing the coveted grail. Of course there was an uproar when the determination was confirmed to be real and not some fluke on the monitor. And then shown over and over again, each instance more apparent than the last that this ‘nobody’ was manifesting some of the most powerful reality bending traits anybody had ever seen – all without any training or awareness.

And KD was not the only one. There has been a recent upswing in these ‘Nobodies’. The Illuminati has been monitoring the situation for some time; all over the world, these supposedly ‘mundane’ plebeians with no money, status, wealth, or power – have been showing signs of extreme potential. The ones that stand out the most are attended to, occasionally bid on for control, or quieted with insanity, or just … studied. KD was a little different though…almost nothing KD could have done would have instigated such drastic measures to be taken as they have, with complete extrication from society.

But KD left us with no choice. The direct entropy coefficient of KD begun spiking so high that solar flares and planetary alignments have been wobbling, extreme weather patterns have been frequently proliferating from KD’s point of origin and collective consciousness data has been skewed to disproportionate and chaotic levels. We had to do something. We intervened once temporarily in order to establish some fundamental control, but KD’s constant ability to compartmentalize and regrow truncated portions of psyche has made maintaining that control over time difficult, and eventually it reached the point where….

Well we realized that we were just going to have to do it over and over again, and that simply wasn’t practical…we needed something more permanent. And there were a few Families that called for death, but the majority of us unanimously agreed that this would be a massive waste of potential research material and an extremely powerful weapon, should we get it under control. And of course that was their argument, and a relatively good one – that KD is simply too dangerous to allow to exist. That much remains to be seen. Indeed, there were a few Families that wanted to outright adopt KD, but that’s simply not going to happen. It wouldn’t be fair. So we eventually agreed KD would be under our collective stewardship, not as a direct member of a Family but as…perhaps…a pet.

Now there are some interesting differences between a wild animal and a domesticated one, isn’t that right? What happens to a dog when it is trained from birth to obey is that it becomes less dangerous, more predictable, less powerful, and of course inherently submissive. Now KD was not raised within an Illuminati family, trained from birth to master self-discipline. Speaking of ‘power’, KD is more like a wolf, and no matter how well you train a wild animal – there is always that element of unpredictability that remains, the possibility – however small, that it will turn on its handler … so we are indeed taking a risk. But there’s also something a wolf has that a domesticated dog will never possess – a level of instinct and power that perhaps the bloodline Illuminati has lost over centuries of training our offspring from birth.”

Part II – On Their Tech

describe their equipment

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 63339047

They have tools for outputing internal biometrics on software and correlating those biometrics to environmental measures of energetic flux such as magnetism. Imagine if you had lens that allowed you to see the electromagnetic field in realtime and you could see how different systems of energy were constantly reacting and rolling over each other Like the tides of waves…

they also know patterns of sound and light induce specific physical alterations of consciousness more or less useful for the induction of certain themes, feelings or symbols, and have been passing this knowledge down through the centuries as ‘magick’ within inner circles of the elite. You wouldn’t believe the stuff you could learn about this in the vatican’s libraries. Well with current tech they’ve pinpointing the physical signals of what they’ve been charting symbolically for hundreds of years. So you could say precision is gteatly improved but general broadcasting controls 99.9% of the population without any general trouble

The upgrade to hd tv actually aidings in the transmission of the signals they need as do wireless routers, computer monitors, and transmission towers. Unlike mainstream “idiots” as they are known in elite circles it is well known among them EVERYTHING is electric and they make full use of the energy of Attention from human sources, the energy of planetary and galactic alignments, the phases of our sun and moon – and the matrix of coherence, is a fractal formed by the complete mosaic of forces. When you can physically see the mosaic, you can become a “painter”


I imagine the “resolution” of the imaging is the key here. Think about a screen, the amount of different variables in flux are “keyed” into a greater variety of details. The more details you are tracking on the same “imaging” changes the complexity of the picture. For example a fully colored straight “blot” or “blob” of color gives a couple measurement values – one for the luminosity or density of brightness, and another for the tone of the color, another for the shape or breadth of the cluster.

But if you want to see a much more detailed picture of force interactions in time, you start to see the spaces between conscious perception of time, and it’s no longer a straight “blot of light” – it contains interstances between perception where what will occur is still black or undecided, the resonance matrix that’s forming between time shows the deeper geometry of reality, this is like stepping sideways from flatland in 2d space to 3d space, well it’s similar for the higher dimensions too.

The problem for the humans was our senses are imperfect and only tracking so many details. Enter technology, we can overlay hyper-dimensional imaging cybernetically.

Of course the watchers or annunaki always were capable of this.

Hybrids…have traditionally looked down on the rest of their human brethern with disgust while harvesting energy for the annunaki from us even when they werent aware that was always what the true purpose of their ancestor’s “rituals” had been – even when the true story had been long lost even within the highest circles of the Brotherhood

Indeed, even so-the situation is an interesting one at this point in TIME.

The annunaki are starting to actively meddle, and the hybrids are no longer in the “dark” regarding why and how their so called magick and science function

Well they have rooms with all white walls and ceilings and floors with this interesting glass material which when powered on can display differencely propotioned chunks of measurement data. Its like if you zoom out on a weather map and watch the entirety of climate rolling over earth at once that is going to give you very very different information than if you zoom into springfield, usa or jim jone’s house.

But the software’s key lies in how you connect datapoints – start isolating the interactions between two particular countries or even a group of like minded demographics of people. Those can get values from a to k to 8 or any other symbol in the known history of real and fictional language – and any combination thereof! The expotential processing power of certain data facilities have been specifically purposed to make more and more complex correlations of named key values and their relationship to other key values.

The GCP dot is an easy and basic example of “critical” values. We all know here when the dot consistently is showing either red or blue for a certain amount of hours this is critically significant, but the software they have is constantly monitoring many more critical values and when they occur they are archived and the system’s backlog automatically begins organizing these critical values into their proper context geographically, and in terms of when it occured in time and what biological or technological sources of power fed into it’s manifestation and at what percentage those sources of power contributed to the entire manifest.

Thus, the detail of the patterned connections they have been able to isolate as significant has increased and as time goes on they are able to more precisely discern how to manipulate key variables at KEY POINTs in TIME. It’s called a MANDALA effect because in hyperdimensional space a mandala is what structures and cogerently affects the manifestation of a chosen reality. This works equally well ABOVE (externally, astrologically, collectively, in the ‘seen’ world ‘out there’, the ‘heavens’) and BELOW (in the physical structure of the brain, the body, the heart, the cells, the organism, a collection of atomic vortexes between time and space, which become internal universes of infinite energy trapped in sections between the unmanifest “pleroma” )

At the horizon line above becomes below.

Enter the “wizard of oz”, run the realiy programming software, well now you’ve got the attention of other EL or Gods, lesser to source but fully fledged programmers in their own right.

Well everyone was wrong in the last couple decades thinking alien wars would take place as a physical battle in space, “star wars” are DIMENSIONAL.

Hence “fallen” or “celestial” really is just a matter of wisdom and ignorance.

The extra dimensions only care about those who have “keys” to the wisdom, they don’t care about those who think they have power but have no idea how to screw with reality source codes, thats why so called “nobodies” are important enough for goverments to actually spend time money and resources on even though they aren’t rich or famous, because those nobodies have caught the eye of some VERY POWERFUL “somethings”


The moment it caused itself, the kali yuga of “magick” became the origin point of “Excalibur”.

What they saw was a person who was red everywhere and what this person emoted with and where this person went and what they cared about all turned to RED and all around this person and their existence extremely improbable things began growing like a freaking virus BREAKING their entire chain of algorithms and equations and fracturing entite timelines, causing things to morph into other things

The things which killed them, which really pissed them off and frustrated them the most is they could not find or isolate this person because the moment they had enough information to locate them they “blinked” out as if they never was and appeared somewhere else in the system archive as if they’d always been there in that present state. All the variables altered and they had to start from scratch when the backlogs has enough data to reevaluate where and who and when this red data person occurred.

Thats when they realized this was a completely ORIGINAL event in the history of all known sentient reality. A rainbow bridge connecting heaven to earth was no longer either “here nor there” but any possible combination of the spaces between here and there, between states, the finite power of the source became infinately re-originated and the race of the anamolous was born. The crown of the red data body, the impossible person, became the obsession of these hunters, and now everywhere you look you will see the infinite hands all telling of their battle in the astral, the most masterful dance of excellence that any opponents have ever undertaken, but most people only get to see the movies or read the books like Plato’s cave people watching the shadows dance on the walls.

 Quoting: K-lis

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  1. Hey C,

    great read. Known it in part, you’ve put it together nicely. If you ever decide to expand your plot and write a book, let me know. I’d love to read it.


  2. Excellent post. I used to be checking constantly this blog and I’m inspired! Very useful information specially the last section 🙂 I care for such information a lot. I was seeking this particular info for a very lengthy time. Thanks and best of luck.


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