Goodbye Godlikeproductions

As some of you may know, I used to be a regular on the conspiracy website Godlike Productions. My handle was Caylus Ark for the longest time – before that, it had been Liathwulf. It had also been Kayli Lark (as a sort of self-parody) among other strange spellings hybridizing all the former names.

“Caylus” is a banned word on GLP now – if you edit it in as an upgraded user, it automatically corrects itself to “STUPID SKANK”. I suppose part of the reason that I was permanently banned from the site was because I started my own small forum, as I have posted about already and is linked in the top bar of the blog. It’s not so much that they see me as competition – after all, my forum is no more then a tiny shoebox, with less then 45 members. It’s just, perhaps, the principle of the thing – otherwise, why would they have made the name of my forum, “Blue Monarch”, an autobanned word (it corrects itself to “shit site”). They thought for some reason I was trying to steal paid users from their site.

I’m not sure what cybercosmopolitan would autocorrect to – I have yet to try it, but I assume it would also result in an automatic ban. It’s not only that have my own forum – I was also banned for conflict with a moderator there, a woman by the name of Lady Jane Smith who enjoys spending time on the site alpha, “Merit”‘s , thread. I badmouthed Lady Jane Smith for playing favorites, and of course any bad word against a moderator on GLP will get you kicked off for good. I decided then that I would not be the kind of stuck-up administrator who banned users for disagreeing with my methods or making complaints. Shortly after these events transpired, Lady Jane Smith was promoted to forum administrator. That is a huge title. It is the top position that a forum staffer can have, and on GLP it was previously held by only Trinity/Ghetto Monk (same guy).

Why am I writing this piece of forum drama here? It is because I want people to know what comes of people who spend years and years donating content to a site which profits off of the ideas of others. Particularly a site like Godlike Productions, which tends to attract mentally unstable people (myself among them) and will probably eventually drive you crazy, if you stay there long enough. I don’t want to blame GLP for ruining my life. My obsessive search for answers is the cause of that. But GLP , known with sarcastic affection among some as “Hotel California”, is a home for dangerous people, and is an addictive place – once it gets its hooks in you, it drains you of your life force. It’s toxic. Yes, there are rumors there of involvement with places like Tavistock. It’s likely, almost certain, that they watch that place. The reality is that no matter how resistant you think you are to the hatred there, the racism, the anger, the callousness – on some level, it will begin to seep into your unconscious. If we could tally the amount of people who have deleted their accounts on GLP after having a psychotic breakdown because of it, we would probably have a very scary basis for investigation. Of course nobody will do so seriously, as among the NSA and the DHS it is just considered a “demon driven agenda” filled with radical extremism.

Is GLP a honeypot for watchlisting potential dissidents and radicalizing users? Yes. But, it’s so many other things too. And truth does get spilled there, but it has become more and more rare in recent years among the political crapfest and increasing right-wing pandering (when any good conspiracy theorist knows both sides of the political spectrum are a dog-and-pony-show with one master behind the curtain – doy). They banned a number of longstanding users in the months leading up to the election simply so they could engender their memetic focus on Trump’s campaign. If you are looking for great metaphysical philosophers, discussions about aliens and hyper-dimensional beings, investigations into mind control and other black ops – or timeline shifts – or anything actually “fun”/ “fringe” that used to be GLP’s primary attraction – you’re not gonna find too much of it there anymore. What little remains is mostly ignored by the users who remain. They’re more interested nowadays in religious flamewars and mainstream media political debates that might be better featured on an Alex Jones forum. Even the phrase “The Nobody” is banned. In short, the place has gone downhill, and a lot of the best users left long, long, long before I did.

I learned a lot from GLP, and in turn I contributed a lot. Not just a lot of well-thought out content, but a lot of energy – massive amounts of energy. What you might even call memetic engineering. I had a feeling, perhaps one with some basis, that GLP as a network is big enough, despite being “underground”, to spill over into the zeitgeist of collective consciousness. I allowed myself to be drained of all my vitality, my life force, in order to harness what I believed to be the power of that egregore. But in the end, I only drained myself of power. The administrators and moderators on GLP don’t truly care about their loyal users, many of whom pay a monthly fee of $10 to ensure that they can stay on the site and post there, many of whom have been paying for years. They will ban you without forewarning, no matter how much money and content you’ve created for the place. There is no questioning their decisions or their authority, there are no second chances. Either you are “in” with their “clique”, or they literally don’t give a fuck about you. Yeah, if Trinity likes you, he’ll upgrade you for years for free. If he doesn’t like you, he’ll toss you out like yesterday’s trash, and that’s the man’s prerogative. He owns the forum after all. If you still decide to become a regular, consider yourself duly warned for the inevitable.

I don’t think he cares about protecting the people who come to his site. I spent years there, perhaps wasted my life and my time. I learned a lot, but the price was extremely steep. He may have made me a Jedi, but I think it’s more likely he made me a Sith. There are tons of users who report “Gangstalking” after beginning to go there. There are rumors (justified ones) that some of GLP’s regulars dabble in some dark forms of “magic” or “astral projection”. And there are the things nobody talks about, believes, or are willing to admit – there is a fucked up “game” being played by some on GLP. There are people there, people who want to ruin the lives of mentally unstable and potentially spiritually powerful people, who perhaps lack the knowledge, training, or protection to be safe from the astral fuckery and games going on in the background. It is pretty dark – ask any long time user there. They will confirm what I am telling you.

And if you don’t believe in any of that energy shit – fine – but there is also evidence that GLP watches in other ways…it’s no secret that there are viruses that take stock of what you’re doing on your computer, or even hijack your webcam without turning the light on. And make no mistake, the people who run that place are not script kiddies. They are some of the most technically proficient out there – possibily even script wizzies.

There are viruses there. Some nasty insidious shit. Of course I am referring to computer viruses – but I am not stopping there. I am also referring to something worse. Viruses that infect the mind. They reach some deep unconscious place and begin to poison it. And like cigarettes, not everybody who starts on the stuff gets hooked. It takes awhile in many cases, and some just don’t have that genetic X-factor that “hooks” them – they never get addicted. But it’s very risky – because if you go there, if you end up there at all, there is already something embedded in your mind and personality that makes you susceptible to the enchantment. And it is very possible you will become an addict, a resident in the ghost tower.

I defended GLP for a long time, with some kind of Stockholm Syndrome justification of “trial by fire”. I will say that if that place doesn’t break you into pieces, it could bring your latent power to the surface. But I wonder, at what price? I am not defending it anymore, because it has been made clear that they don’t care about their members. It is not worth defending. I’d rather people know the truth and reality of the “Devil’s Kitchen” (what many in occult circles call it).

I want to warn those of you who may be on a path to accomplish something in life – like I was, in college, on my way towards getting my degree – that a place like Godlike Productions could destroy you. You will begin to feel eyes upon you, that you are being watched. Like some of my friends, you may feel “the energy” begin to touch you, grab you, take hold of you – even violate you. You will feel the pull. You may become addicted, to the feeling of burning. To the spells, to the insanity. Like Nietzche said, when we stare too long into the abyss, the abyss may begin to stare right back. I want you to know, those of you who may have pulled up this article from a google search, who may be hunting for the truth, like I was many years ago, that GLP is puppeteered by an archetype, an egregore, and that egregore is chaos.


There are people there who want to break you. They want to hurt you, mentally, steal your “loosh”, because it empowers them, because to them it is a sick thrill.

Some of you may have looked and found articles speculating that Jason Lucas is Trinity / Ghetto Monk. You may be wondering whether those articles can be believed, whether the identity of that man is indeed Jason Lucas. I can confirm 100% that it is his name. Feel free to contact me if you don’t want to accept my word at face value, but I know for a fact that it has been confirmed with hard evidence that is his name. Take that as you will.

I don’t think Trinity is a bad guy. I don’t think he realizes that he is the puppet of an archetype called Cthulhu. He knows his site uses people, but he believes that people can use his site too, and benefit even if they are being used by it. He may be right. If you are strong, you may find your spiritual powers grow. You may be able to harness the energy of the collective consciousness there and use it to change things on the astral. But never, ever forget: it is not your field. You are NOT the one in control there. The people with power in that arena do not value you. They do not care about you. Unless you are in their inner circle, you are disposable to them. And it IS a DANGEROUS place. Especially if you have any spiritual power to speak of.

Yes, people from secret societies go there. They watch. They monitor. If you show potential, they will probably contact you and ask you to join them. If you decline, they will probably set out to destroy you. Let’s just say a little birdie told me.

Consider yourself warned.

And lastly, I wanted to just say that I am grateful, despite my life being utterly destroyed and obliterated, to have gotten a peak behind the “veil”.

Please take a lesson from somebody who had to learn things the hard way.

Your friend, and sincerely,

~Caylus “Liath” Ark

19 thoughts on “Goodbye Godlikeproductions

  1. You’re going to be fine Liath. I don’t think you understand how your academic brilliance is an indication of your future survival skills, relationship skills and potential for greatness. That’s because you haven’t left the area of formal education yet and your mind is still somewhat stuck on their learning patterns. And also because you swam with the sharks a bit too much and a bit too soon.

    As someone who left the education arena decades ago, I mostly snicker at the GLP posters whom I deem unfit for human companionship and ignore the ones I don’t understand. I’ve gotten passionate about a few threads, but they were mostly about musicians. And as far as the sharks go, I tend to tell them to come and get me.

    At the tender age of 24 however you ate the whole GLP pie and then went back for more, no sniggling or sarcasm for you. Your appetite was voracious and your response to all of it was always personal and tinged with a keen understanding about life others seemed to lack. You’ve done work usually reserved for the bravest in the older crowd. Like the ones with a mid-life crisis who finally have the nerve at 50 to take a look at who they really are. Unfortunately when they realize the price they’ll have to pay to really learn this, they crawl back into their comfortable 21 yr. old personality and high school cheerleader sweater.

    But you Liath, you risked it all, yourself, your sanity, your soul. And you came out whole. I understand that you feel cracked and a bit shredded but you didn’t lose any body parts and that’s what’s important.

    You may not feel complete at this moment, but you are, more so than in your wildest dreams. You’re not only whole, you’ve added considerably to your repetoire.You may feel confused and wonder what really happened to you during your stay at dear old GLP U. but trust me, you’ll be finding out for the rest of your life. You’ll be 70 years old someday and realize that a lesson you used that day was learned years ago at GLP.

    You don’t hold back Liath, it seems you give it your all no matter what. I can’t wait to see how you grow as you get older, I’d love to be a part of your forum so I can watch for at least a little bit.

    Congratulations for being so brave and if not brave, gamey. I respect gamey.


    i.e “The Queen of France”

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    1. The place is a poop pie that is very hard to swallow and even more difficult to digest for even those with the strongest constitutions.
      Sorting through that mountain of dung to find one diamond even in the rough is torturous at best . the moderators do not aid in any meaningfully substantial way to remove the meaningless roughage that obscures potential finds of any scientific or social nuggets with potential for verifiable positive presentation let alone recombinant sense .
      In essence the place is one large unmanaged rain storm of excrement that provides no umbrella .


  2. I just stumbled across your site today and I’m very happy to see this article. I can see GLP now for what it truly is, psychological warfare. The effects on me were almost crippling, I was addicted and the site brought me down into a very low state of consciousness, always in fear. Eventually I waned myself off, travelling to other avenues, searching for answers. I came across Oracle Broadcasting and the host Celtic Rebel. As I look back now to 2010, His material was way ahead of its time. His listeners/readers learned about what everyone is now learning about (pizza gate and the like) it was a huge shift in my perspective and world view. GLP is/was a very dangerous place and thankfully it didn’t do too much damage for myslef and well being. It’s a trap.

    Thank you for this wonderful post ! You are a skilled writer as well, very eloquently put


  3. Justice will be served. And Trinity and his crowd will be tried for their crimes against humanity. They were offered leniency, but refused to come to the table. Tick tock, tick tock…


  4. Commissioned by the Bush Family under Tavistock Institute 6LP is one of a few data-mining sites used to target the 9-ers … [a CIA term for a particular type of psychic. Also part of NASA’s
    network to track and destroy ET visitors [called ”star-seed” by nuts]. lt remains a secret to most and operated out of Eglin AFB it heralds Timothy Leary a CIA – MK-ultra operative and Jersey [home to English Kings] on it’s sign in page. lt will install malware every-time you click the AGREE button or the CONTINUE button installing tracking devices and will invade any files on your device for theft. Many mods/admins are mentally ill ”vets” who are outpatients at the psyche ward near the AFB there in Florida. Diabetic-Alcoholic Dug-Substance addicted obese and ugly people in real life, meeting them would make many ”ordinary” people vomit. Physical deformities and mental psychosis = the norm as is often the case with military murders.
    Another is Lunatic Outpost which was also commissioned by Tavistock like 6LP to track people drugged by MK-Ultra experiments who were seen as threats to corrupt powers [aka = earth] both operate from air force bases and are involved in destroying incoming ET vehicles and killing the occupants and stealing the technology for psychotic earth prisoners. Truth is stranger then fiction …

    if you use glp you are helping the agenda to destroy god.
    the name says it all ”godlike” Satan’s famous line … ”i will make you godlike”.


  5. The way to spot the bots is to make a comment, then look at the thread above and below the thread you commented on, then you’ll see a comment that’s posted at the exact same time as your comment. Keep commenting on multiple threads and it’ll happen every time. That’s how you can spot the bots. You’ll see the bots are Members and ACs. It’s all smoke and mirrors.


  6. If you didn’t know GLP is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS, also it’s EONS OLD, it’s been around for longer than forever much longer and is actually involved with the abomination of desolation, in THE DEEP of the place, best I can describe it, abominations of desolations are born again in the past and the future and get around hiding in places smaller than digital, it’s also associated with Golf Rumors (Which is the abomination that maketh desolate conspiracy, if you’ve never heard of it, basic jist is that most of the dissappearances world wide numbering in the millions are actually abducted and sacrificed to parts of the abomination that maketh desolate aka METAL SHELL whose parts are stored in the basement of Golf Courses among other places real people generally don’t frequent.)

    Also they use GLP as a hunting ground, you’ve hinted at it, But they go after ANYONE who even Visits the Place until their Dead, literally do. If you’re not aware that they’re after your life, they more than likely are.


  7. Dubious… is “the path” a benevolent person? This person said things about an individual that nobody, not even this person’s family could fathom. It was astonishing.


  8. The truth about GLP is very well-stated here. I have been a regular for quite a long time there, and I can confirm everything that you’ve said and more. But I am also very intuitive. Let me tell you what I believe to be true, but can’t absolutely prove:

    There are no army of moderators on GLP. There is Trinity, and LJS.

    Trinity IS:
    The Comedian
    And many more…

    LJS represents several of the female mods as well.

    Note that they will often ‘pair’ these accounts as man and woman, Merit and his Daffy Fool (whose name escapes me), Trinity/LJS, and more.

    More, they have many sock accounts, all counterpoint, ‘mega-red’ accounts intent to fire up threads with trolling. As an example, today there are the so-called, ‘share blue’ trolls posting extremely active threads about Left/Liberal Talking Points.

    More, there are other ‘test accounts’ that these two control (perhaps LJS and Trinity are the same person). They will post racism, pleidian, and other threads that are ‘bullet proof’, un-reportable…

    So how do you tell? Follow the hubris. These two will not operate sock accounts with low green (or red) karma for long. They speak similarly. They rarely (or never) have ‘abused posting rules’ red karma.

    Now, whether there be two or one, makes no difference, for they are legion. Are they ‘tavistock’? I don’t know, that seems far-fetched to me, but they certainly are mentally disturbed, toxic, narcissists, who are able to create in already vulnerable people, a spirit of toxicity and hatred and to fleece them of their coin.


  9. There’s something off with the entire group of them, staff and most members alike. A few good mods are Scrump and Revbo etc, but there’s something not right about the rest.


  10. Ive been going there literally as long as its existed. Have been a paying member at times but right now just and AC. Only going there to get info about Covid 19. I rarely post. I can’t stand LJS. Shes so full of herself, brags all the time, hints that her husband is some sort of high level agent she thinks she a real badass. In reality I think she is probably an obese crazy cat lady. I don’t care for any of the regulars for that matter. I don’t spend much time there tho


  11. Agreed. Lady Janye Smith bans you if she disagrees with you then accuses you of being something horrible like in my case Antifa. i hate antifa!


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