Transcending Humanism

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I am sorry I have not updated this blog in awhile. I am still active on my forum (mostly) and I respond to emails. I recently have been experimenting with making some youtube videos about my ideas and there is a link at the top bar if you want to check it out. There are many links in this article – try to see if you can find a few!



we are all manipulated in ways we don’t understand because our brains lack parallel processing power. we also lack a certain natural intuitiveness about what we are not able to sense. 
the whole paradigm is false, but so is trying to escape the paradigm.
in order to change the way the world manifests, we have to change the way we order ourselves within it; First from the singular cell to the holistic organism , and then collectively as the interactive ecosystem that feeds into the singular cell.

What? In other words,

there are patterns that define you, as a character in the narrative of your life, or as a speculative piece of data in a predictive algorithm. take enough data and you have a ‘fuzzy picture’ of the past and future. but the immortals have this appended to ordinary vision…

8f6c70d193a1d2c579537130861ba481 if you manage to master the entire capacity of your perceptual abilities you’ll become something more than human inevitably. that doesn’t mean you stop existing here, but you begin existing on the archetypal fabric, where legends are written. not all take place and not all are remembered, but it’s like speaking directly to the source code and asking it for the answer formatting rather then just trying everything you can come up with until you get it right.


Pride, or ego, is the ultimate pillar of illusion that makes the holy mountain (ladder of jacob) difficult to climb and very dangerous (read: schizoaffective and schizophrenia are really often people whose mystic abilities, unguided, turn into a complete mess – unable to tune out bad signals, broadcasting all over the place, attracting dangerous shit, thinking they’re Jesus – what some call demonic possession – the works!  )) …

– but, we are also entering a time where ‘prophecy’ has altered scope – your story can be reclaimed by you if you choose to rewrite it. and our lives are about us, but the irony of that free will is that the only way to truly be happy is by realizing we have all the freedom in the world to choose to freely sublimate desire in favor of fulfillment. 

If you guys want to know how magick works, it’s just a manifestation of natural law. for example, “spelling” is spells, but so is architecture. the shapes around us have magnetism and they bind thoughtforms into certain shapes. people don’t typically feel their thoughts have weight and shape, yet/but they do. synthesia is one door into these other worlds of manifestation, where there are linkages made that have multi-scaled applicability, and many things can be communicated in the same message using the right symbols.

higher, more advanced life forms do not waste time with the spelling games of lower forms of sentience. higher existences are not only directly telepathic, but their telepathy transmits terabytes worth more information in way higher detail and resolution than any monitor or output screen we have access too right now. the level of detail and scale they are able to transmit is like if you were to inscribe hundreds of written pages of content into one panel on the wall, and with fractal clarity that never gets grainier as you resolve the image.

yes, it’s more complex than that description, but we are called a ‘seed’ race because the bud exists in our heads (and it even looks like a bud) and it can bloom, ….seventh_chakra_sahasrara




(do you see the way there is a lovely rainbow flower atop this enlightened yogi’s head?)




….which means we have a lot of potential to experience things in the way these other higher awareness’s experience things – it might drive us insane, which is why it’s guarded, but we are capable of experiencing it. It’s how we interpret this experience that’s the issue.
true, humans are experimental. you can say they are on the upper half of two wholes, possibly, but human experience is considered to be among the most ‘trying kind on the soul’ – which might be why a lot of very magnificent souls have descended from higher spheres to play out an incarnation or two among humanity – it is one of the most potent teachers of existential law – an immediacy which can be easily forgotten if you stay in ‘heaven’ (to put it very crudely) too long.:)
yes, it’s probable that

12 reality benders who put their heads together

could be a problem, if it hasn’t already shaped a few narratives. I think there is some consolation for ‘them’ in the fact that when potentiates crop up they tend to be noticed and psychologically dissected pretty fast. oh, but they move in on things that interest them (immortals). they don’t wait for permission, and many of them don’t wait for alliances.

A lot of them don’t care if our government asks them not to meddle with people, it’s so rare that real encounters happen. And when they do, the immortals can manipulate our psyche more easily than a knife slides through butter. our psychology is like a three letter password using all characters for a pro computer cracker or something and it’s not our fault, it’s just that the way that our psychologies have been coded by evolution is fundamentally exploitable, hell other humans do it constantly, to get us to want to eat more or fuck more or watch tv – it’s just biological signaling patterns and junk.

Immortals have a lot more insight then we generally do, even into our own intentions, because our memories are often too fickle to remember how the past actually unfolds, but our emotional support system was also not built to handle the burden of photographic memory (re: Our brains deliberately make us forget things, to prevent insanity).

still, even without recall we can access, the right scanners have access to our whole history as it’s is encoded in our dna by experience. DNA is a hologram and a hologram is a geometry of light permanently encoded in the universe. Humans can’t read that code because we haven’t developed the right system of translation, but the information is still there. and these higher intelligences CAN read the stories written on biological structures like DNA.

anyway, the incidence of immortal manipulation into human affairs is as old as time itself. story of superheros, aliens, gods, and pantheons, is really just different expressions for humans talking about these tropes with no awareness of the ‘masquerade’ or the other levels at which spooky stuff does happen, which is the astral/etheric/light plane that you get a taste of when you dream. it’s not difficult for our worlds to avoid intersecting, because they are completely different ‘realms’ of experience – not the common fleshy mass meat suits we got down here on earth.

A Greek god might actually be a planet that is conscious like us, but conscious in a different way. It is “alive”, as are the constellations, but they experience life differently, and they communicate in the language of the angels that John Dee was so desperate to find in his experiments with Enochian magick.

When you look at the images imagine  an actual photograph of reality is what you are seeing, and it something that only a third eye could ever see – your normal eyes aren’t seeing it. Your “other eye” IS SEEING IT.






This child lives inside “0”, which is the sun. The ouroboros is eternity that circles the unborn. The eye on the pyramid sees, but instead of seeing matter his eyes are the golden ratio and so is everything he experiences. The man is in a maze below, feeling small compared to the stars, not realizing that the stars above him are actually inside him as the eyes of his heart.











Gods are everything at once. If you could comprehend this imagine, you would see the Face of God. And you would be annihilated and transcended both at once. This is where the immortals live. Beyond the senses there is everything you could ever imagine. Fiction isn’t true, but it is real. Below is a picture of God’s hand doing and becoming everything possible at the same time.

But if you could actually understand that latter sentence, you would be silent for the rest of your life. When you look at the picture below, what will happen is your mind will not actually be able to make sense of it, and so you will filter out the revelation. I have a huge collection of images like these that are the encoded secret name of God and the ultimate secret of the illuminati, but even I can’t make use of it. I am merely one lowly witness….

“God’s Palm

His hand moves in every direction at once like the symphony of a genius composer, to see the Living Word is to peel off the eggshell of a black hole to unbury the yoke beneath




So you might say a planet is an “immortal” – not just a ball of solids, liquids, and/or gas that will one day be drawn into the infinite vacuum of the Big Crunch, but an actual being that humans cannot correctly perceive except through this “lost language” of the angels. 

In this picture, a man in egypt is looking into the sky and seeing the sun, but the sun is a beautiful geometric pattern. that sun is alive, and that pattern it makes is how the angels speak.

Some  unique geometries of planets to illustrate the origin of pantheons of gods. These geometries are their living consciousness. They communicate through geometries that form images and symbols directly perceptible by the secret or third eye.














I’m sure if you watched a lot and weren’t human yourself you’d probably have some disdain for our species, but a lot of the god’s aren’t that much better. they just see things in spans of millennia rather then decades. But that doesn’t matter either. think about it this way:

Let’s say hypothetically, you’re a fly, but your brain is hypothetically working fifty times faster than the human brain. It is not as powerful, it’s just way faster. . what if your experience of a “week” would be a human’s fifty years? Time is like that, it’s relative, remember?

thousands of years could pass for one person in the span of a few days for someone else. of course, we don’t experience that, but other entities do. They have spliced infinity and realized every possible segment, every atom, contains new infinity within it.

because we humans only have access to a shadow of  time’s true nature and effect, we make judgement based on experience which is incomplete. Actually that’s true of literally everything we experience, not just time. We live in the negative space our brain creates in an effort to give us an experience.

However, the Illuminati become immortals. That is why they only select amongst an elite few.

One thought on “Transcending Humanism

  1. interesting stuff…

    Immortality is always interesting. Best I can Tell if you unto the end to live forever in truth, you live forever in truth, the knowledge gained along the way is most likely secondary

    Ask and ye shall Receive

    It’s my personal goal to live forever, tho I still have hangups where I might want to try another body sometime, but I’m working on that and hashing it out. I do use other bodies currently but I generally Cannabalize them back into my main body, or burry them somewhere people can’t find them. Eventually I’ll have that hashed out, and be a true immortal (Probably satisfied with ZEUS’ing so to speak which is body morphing to different pre-grown body types and features, tho I’m currently bound by my word and can’t do that.

    Bio-mancy is one of my interests (Growing Horns and other things, changing the eyes (Eyes within Eyes ectera)


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