the mandelbrot set and consciousness constants


there is something called the logistic equation used to represent, for example, the behavior of a population over time, and is an aspect of chaos dynamics, I suppose.

if you are anything like me probably you won’t want to spare the energy to watch, so I’ll snip this real quick:

It is when the driving parameter, r, is slowly turned up that interesting things happen. When r = 3.0, xn no longer converges — it oscillates between two values. This characteristic change in behavior is called a bifurcation. Turn up the driving parameter even further and xn oscillates between not two, but four values. As one continues to increase the driving parameter, xn goes through bifurcations of period eight, then sixteen, then chaos! When the value of the driving parameter r equals 3.57, xn neither converges or oscillates — its value becomes completely random. For values of r larger than 3.57, the behavior is largely chaotic. However, there is a particular value of r where the sequence again oscillates with period of three. The bifurcations then begin again with period 6, 12, 24, then back to chaos. In fact it was discovered in James Yorke’s famous paper “Period Three Implies Chaos.” that any sequence with a period of three will display regular cycles of every other period as well as exhibiting chaotic cycles.

I found this piece of information rather interesting. Depending on the value of R in this equation, we get cycles of periodicity or cycles of chaos.
Do you think maybe crowley knew about this when he called 333 choronzon, the value of chaos?

relatives of 8 are pretty common symbolically when representing cycles in general. Beat cycles occur in a similar progression, doubling from 4, to 8, to 16, to 32….and the octave is a complete frequency cycle between notes.
Put the 8 on its side, and we get infinity. the dharmic wheel has 8 spokes. I’m sure most esoteric types already know that cycles of eight do have certain symbolic tendencies.

But interestingly, it doesn’t simply stay chaotic at that point. Chaos occurs in cycles of 3. “bifurcations then begin again with period 6, 12, 24, then back to chaos.” I know it seems stupid to say this, but there are three sixes required to go from 6 to 24. So we have chaos that occurs in periods of three, and bifurcations back to chaos as the sequence progresses in three stages from 6 to 24.

well, I’m really just mulling it over on a whim, but it’s not just populations that show this tendency.
“The bifurcation of this equation’s diagram is the mandelbrot set”.
which is pretty interesting. because the mandelbrot set is a theoretical scheme in an equation which determines whether or not the given value “escapes to infinity”.
If it does, that number is not charted in the mandelbrot set.

It feels like there are a lot of parallels between the material reality and this fact. The shadow of the mandelbrot set is fractal, psychedelic, spiral, the outline of an orbit that ended up in a finite mathmatical plane. it shares a diagram with the same equation that models the progression of systems between periods of order and periods of disorder.

so here is a mandelbrot set. I’m just sort of going over this part that was explained in the video.

When you iterate the sequence of the mandelbrot set, values that are found to be non-infinite and static land in that big, main bulb.
numbers that, in the logistical equation, begin to oscillate between two different values to determine their position, occur in the little bulb.
Then, if you travel along the needle to the left, you approach the last two tiny bulbs in that sequence, which us the last periodicity before the chaos bifurcation, apparently.

the little tumoriod growths that protrude out of the mandelbrot set’s main “carteroid” exhibit similar behavior to the main needle’s real number line. Each protrusion of the mandelbrot set exhibits its own periods of indeterminism, leaving ghostly impressions on the Z-axis when charted,

as the periods of the cycle approach chaos, the ratio of when the bifurcations occur is fixed no matter how you iterate this equation. It turns out to be a universal constant of nature which nobody really knows the purpose of, called the Feigenbaum constant. Here is a perfectly good universal constant that occurs in non-linear dynamics. But exactly what the fuck is it, and why?

I feel like I should also mention that the fibbonaci sequence us occultists love to drone on about is contained within the mandelbrot set. which brings me to what (might be?) my last point.
According to some recent articles, “period-doubling bifurcations to chaos occur in the spontaneous neural firing patterns” of a particular neuron.

To spell that out, it really isn’t a massive leap, and is almost logically indisputable, that the mandelbrot set is actually part of our mental landscape, and that even on infinitesimal levels, non-linear dynamics are implicit not just out there in the world, but in our very sentience.

Remember how the nodule bulbs on the mandelbrot set exhibit chaotic behaviors even though they did not escape to infinity? If you check out the video of the mandelbrot’s Z axis you will see the ghostly impressions of these fluctuations, which instantly brought to mind the quantum eigenstate of potential electron values between light as a particle or a wave.

What if that constant, 4.669, is related to the consciousness mystery in some essential way? To remind everyone, “copenhagen’s interpretation of bell’s theorem” is that the location of an electron is determined by a measurer. We are actually the measurer in this specific equation, using a brain that is probably, in some respects, in some functions, non-deterministic.

And I might argue, that those nodules of the mandelbrot set which are indeterminate, constitute the aspect of existence which is bound between the material “boundry” of the brain and the “escape” to infinity, visited in dreams. It seems like we really do exist in more than one place at more than one time.

Are we light or is light us?


Also, with all of that in mind, I have put my papers in order for referencing this thread again

As I mentioned, in these dynamic bifurcations to chaos, three period of periodicity occur before the value R approaches chaos.

I have no proof that cycles of thousands of years of human history would pan out to be anything resembling droplets of water, neuron firing, spiral shells, or population change over time, however, it also wouldn’t surprise me if macroscopic bifurcations to chaos were just as plentiful as ones on a scale closer to our ability to measure.

According to Thelema, we are moving out of the Third Aeon, the aeon of Horus…into the Aeon of Ma’At

This sounds so so familiar to me.
an architecture of absence…
haunted by probabilities….

The shadow of the mandelbrot set is fractal, psychedelic, spiral, the outline of an orbit that ended up in a finite mathmatical plane.

There is something related to the mandelbrot set called the mandelbox

This is a fractal with a box like shape and shares several properties with the Mandelbrot Set. This evaluation type performs a recursive folding operation to create interesting geometric patterns. Use this evaluation type to create shapes that look less organic and more man made than that of the Mandelbrot set. Use the Box Radius, Box Min Radius, and Box Ratio attributes to control its evaluation.

When I saw these a minute ago, it reminded me of something that happened once.

One long odd night, I had these odd waking visions where I would close my eyes and see enormous, fractal labyrinths that were beyond my comprehension. Particularly, it was a day of a venus conjugation and I couldn’t make sense of the things I was seeing let alone reproduce them. But now that I’ve seen these…

I’m quite positive these were the sorts of images that my mind was purveying, except I kept moving deeper into them, into infinite nooks and crannies that lead into labyrinths in any orientation.

It looks like the ark to me. And, when I saw these, I had this implicit feeling that the nooks and crannies of this enfolded fractal cube might represent what the time dimension looked like if we were capable of seeing it. They say if you were capable of traversing the 4th dimension, time would be something you could step over, around, or move past completely. It would be traversable, although this is very hard to even sort of imagine.

But, that’s the implicit feeling I had when I was seeing these things. That, if there are entities out there which belong to higher dimensions, they don’t need to move through space or time the way we do at all, and they don’t.


I wanted to put something out there about these videos I was just thinking about, because they are quite popular although I suspect the vast majority of viewers don’t know any details. They are popular because they are trippy.

Just looking at this, you will begin to feel as if you are in an altered state. I wanted to put that out there because I think that might be significant. The fractal, in general, is extremely fascinating visually and seems to be trance-inductive. And most people tag the term “fractal” in a very close network of relationship with “psychedelic”.

I think there is a reason they are connected in the memosphere with psychedelia. it is because the recursion, complexity, chaos, and infinite nature of a fractal are similar to the process of our own conscious experience. If consciousness has a subtle geometry, fractals represent a transfixing transfiguration of those geometries, and may play with the lens of perception, like a strange mirror. I also suspect they may have a more subtle influence on the domain of consciousness that scientists have yet to find a method of measuring.

As I’ve been scouring my university’s JSTOR libraries, the keyword consciousness was pretty unrewarding. It seems that academics are still asking the exact same questions about the measurement problem, and are desperately seeking different ways to operationalize facets of consciousness. Basically measure it indirectly.

But the key to the physical, or at least empirical measurement of consciousness has been in broad daylight since the invention of LSD. LSD has a clear and indisputable relationship with basically no neurological structure other than consciousness. The missing bridge to understand how one infinitesimal microscopic particle causes a massive subjective and in some cases collective alteration in consciousness is an answer that could revolutionize reality entirely.

when shamans travel to the spirit world, its very common for rhythmic drumming to be employed, because it tends to amplify or produce trancelike states. The trance genre of music has this same feature.

The rhythmicity of music can entrain perception, hijacking the conscious experience if there is not too much resistance, and bringing the listener on progressive journey through inner motion.

We have been doing it for thousands of years quite intentionally.
I believe it is because nature has a veiled and hidden harmonic component.
And I would say visual patterns like fractals, and music like psychedelic trance, or light shows, actually organize our consciousness depending on their properties and our degree of active engagement with their effects.

I’m guessing when MK Ultra was concieved, the CIA must have thought they could use it to organize the subjective conscious experience of the person they were experimenting on, but of course that was a massive failure. You cannot simply open the floodgates and expect to direct the result.

The shaman uses this etheric knowledge of traveling into conscious states to rediscover intelligences, wisdoms, and archetypes nested deep into an always entangled aether of awareness.

In essence, I really think the deep theory of magic in the metaphysical starts here, with these relationships between the mutual reorganization of inner and outer worlds.


Let’s say every person’s individual universe contained the entire complexity of a distinct mandelbrot set, just one, there would be an unlimited number of iterations for identity or selfhood, all, chaotic systems subject to the slightest change in initial conditions, for each one of us. An inner universe that is no less significant than the outer, just differently scaled. By that argument we are literally special snowflakes, which is actually kinda neat.

That seems to me, like what individual people are. At least, whenever I have been in the state of mind, I have perceived people this way, with their own fractal structure that encroaches or recedes depending on the tides of my own circumstances. From any angle you examine a person, the picture changes. And what you see inside of a fractal, just as what you see inside of a person, represents how you see yourself. What people see in each other depends on their own landscape. I see their manifold (or not) and it makes an impression (or not)internally, and ultimately they recede into the unknown of diverging lives.

But indeed, say we are all individual mandelbrot sets of infinite fractal complexity bathed in ghostly vectors of an aetheric double that dreams each night, perhaps we are actually the outer nodules of the bulb that comprises the multidimensional universe, and perhaps the source of our awareness is the fact that we are bounded by infinity itself? Maybe we exist on the outer bounds of these bulbs in a slightly indeterminate state because a part of our existence still exists within the invinity?

I mean that is all what came to me after watching a little bit of the last fractal video I posted. I guess, that’s what I saw in it. And I think, each one of us has that complexity, and actually when you watch this kind of thing or engage in meditative revelry your complex inner geometry is expressed by what you see staring back at you?

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