(note this is a fictional work devised by a 7th grader, any resemblance to beings living or dead
is probably just a coincidence, like all strange occurrences) 

Episode 1.doc

Tuesday 6/21/2005 4:09AM


[The sun is high, and you see it light up to reveal the face of a beautiful planet.]


SCRATCH’S VOICE: This is my home. Or rather, it was my home. Before they attacked it. I suppose I should explain. The Shedko, a tireless, terrible creature who we attacked ages ago, and have turned on us, seeking revenge for the terrible injustice we committed thousands of years ago. This is my story. A story of love…pain, hatred, anger, and sacrifice. It started…


[You begin to see a forest, the wind rustling its shrubbery, and a girl shooting arrows at a target. A warrior, one looking much of her race, approaches her and bows.]


SOLDIER: Scratch, we’ve just got word from our captive, Kain. His race is planning an attack on Katia. It has swallowed seven of the other planets in our conty, earth being one of the stragglers.


SCRATCH: This is disturbing. There is no way to destroy these creatures? We have a large army. What of my brother? Have you spoken to him?


SOLDIER: Yes…we have. They are invincible, milady. I’m afraid if they get here, all of us will be…


[Scratch puts her finger to his mouth, and shakes her head.]


SCRATCH: It will not happen. We will not die. I will make sure of that.


[She wheels around and flies away. You see, in the night time, her landing near a bar, quiet and medieval. She is hooded, and she walks in attracting little attention. She approaches a girl, who is putting her feet up on the table.]


SCRATCH: You are…ah…you are Kyoko, are you not?


KYOKO: I might be. Depends. What’s it to you?


SCRATCH: I am enlisting your help. I know your status and your power, and you would be a valuable addition to my team.


KYOKO: Why should I? I don’t need your money. I’ve got plenty. I’m not a toy for enlisting, ‘friend’.


SCRATCH: (looks thoughtful. She then unhoods herself and leans towards Kyoko.) I will have every felony you have ever committed erased permanently from all records and all searches and bounties for you at a permanent halt.


KYOKO: (very drunk) Ha-ha…your desperate, huh Scratch? Whatever. I’ll join you your…uh, mercenaries. Nothing better to do. Besides I have…how you say…personal issues.


SCRATCH: Very good. Please be ready, then. I need your help. And I need it fast.


[up on a ledge in the darkness you see a looming figure with red eyes, and a silhouette of the rest of his body. His smile turns into a grin, and he clutches his sword.]


KAIN: So it has begun. (Disappears into the darkness)


[Scratch comes running up to her brother, Erk, in her home, a large crystal palace, and hugs him tightly]


SCRATCH: Brother, I have missed you!


ERK: As I have, my sister. I’m afraid…I’m afraid I doubt the success of Katia against the Shedko. We will try, of course. There is no excuse to die as a coward. But I want you to promise me that you’ll run, when the time comes. Find a new planet start a new-


SCRATCH: (Almost in a whisper) No. I will not run, I will fight alongside you. I am no coward, just as you aren’t. We will fight together brother, to the end, if necessary


ERK: Please don’t do this to me, sister. You must run, for the sake of the rest of the Katians.


SCRATCH: (sad smile, shakes her head, and turns around) No. I will not run.


[When her sister leaves the scene, Erk shakes his head and mutters under his breath, closing his eyes and looking towards the ceiling. One of the guard soldiers approaches him.]


SOLDIER: Your highness, sir, it appears the prisoner Kain has escaped. His location is unknown to us. We think he might a threat, to ambush us before the Shedko get here. What are your orders?


ERK: Leave him be. We have greater matters to worry about then a loose dog.


SOLDIER: Yes, sir.


[Scratch sits at the edge of a riverside, looking lost. Slowly a figure approaches her, and sits next to her. She looks over at him.]


KAIN: I see you are unhappy, Miss Princess.


SCRATCH: You’re a prisoner, aren’t you? Kain, the rabid werewolf. Scan’s Apprentice.


KAIN: Hah. That title no longer belongs to me.


SCRATCH: (dips her hands in the water) Well, you still look like an uncivil dog to me.


KAIN: How rude. And I was going to offer you a gift, princess.




KAIN: (laughs) so now you’re interested?


SCRATCH: Indeed. Please, do tell.


KAIN: Alright. I’m here to offer you my services as a warrior. And this. (He pulls out a long sword, which looks normal but has a strange language of engravings down the middle of it.)


SCRATCH: (takes the sword and examines it while talking) you mean your services as a werewolf. Well, alright. You must be good to serve Scan. What’s this sword do? I have seen fancier.


KAIN: You underestimate me, young princess, as you do that sword. When time comes you will see. It will show you its true power, and I will show you mine. For now, I bid you farewell. I must be off. (Kain hoists himself up and slowly walks away from Scratch, leaving her pondering lost again.)


(It is the dead of night. Screaming is every ware. The clang of battle fills the air and the trees are stained with blood, as the floor is littered with bodies. Homes are deserted, and Shedko are every ware. Their invasion has begun.)


SCRATCH: (holding her sword) (to herself) Oh, what do I do? I’m helpless.


(From behind a Shedko attacks. She whirs around and clangs it with her sword that Kain gave her. The Shedko then developed purple wounds, and hellish fires surrounded it. Then, it was gone, almost like a sort of magic. Suddenly the noise of battle stopped and everyone was staring at Scratch. The Shedko had never been killed. She was dangerous, she was their new target)


SCRATCH: Come and get it. (Turns around and spreads her wings, starts to fly towards scan while a flock of Shedko are on her tail.)


SCRATCH: Scan! I will kill you. (Scan, perched on a high cliff, looks unfazed. He musters power from his hands and allows it to surround his body.)


SCAN: You are foolish. And you are not nearly strong enough to defeat me. (He launches a great amount of energy towards her. The words echo to Scratch, and she blacks out)




(When Scratch awakens, she is locked in a dungeon.)


SCRATCH: I failed… (clutching one of the bars to her prison, she collapses on the ground in self pity.) Everyone on Katia is…I did my best but I guess it wasn’t good enough. I…(tears start to fall down her checks.)


VOICE: Do shut up, please. It’s getting really retarded.


SCRATCH: Who are you? Coward. Show yourself.


VOICE: Calm down. It’s me.


(Kyoko appears at the door of her prison, smiling with the keys perched in her fingertips.)


KYOKO: The Shedko are gone. They left you here to rot, with your planet. There off to earth, which should be an easy win for them. Humans are so stupid it’s actually kind of funny.


SCRATCH: Then all is lost. Why bother even trying to get out if all the plants are destroyed…


KYOKO: Listen, I didn’t say all of them were destroyed.


(A shadowy figure appears in the backround)


KAIN: Indeed. There is still earth.


SCRATCH: And earth can do what? Humans are going to help us a ton when we can’t even kill them with the royal armies of Katia.


KAIN: Stop being such a pessimist. Do you remember why Earth was even included in the Conty?


SCRATCH: Yes…I do now. The orbs.


KAIN: (grins slyly, and nods.) The orbs. They have the power to give an almost infinite power to us. We can use them. Also, there is, this I heard from Scan, a creature there. A hybrid, like Kyoko.


KYOKO: so I’m a creature now, huh?


KAIN: (not paying attention to her) If we befriend the ultimate life form, we can win this war yet.


SCRATCH: This should be interesting then. If we use the undergrounds portals, we can get to earth a month or two faster then the Shedko will arrive. At least, most of them. So get me out of the damn cage please now.


KYOKO: Do we really have to?


SCRATCH: Yes. Now shut up or I’ll kill you.


KYOKO: and yesterday you were a refined, civilized, cute little princess. Oh, how things can change.






(They are very low below the dungeon, in an underground pathway only known to Scratch. They are treading on a path that is thin and crumbling with every step. Below them is an infinite amount of lava bubbling and shooting every ware)


SCRATCH: (raising her voice to be heard above the rumbling lava) just a little bit farther, guys. (They hold on to the ground to avoid being thrown off by a sudden rumble like an earthquake)


KAIN: Can’t you fly, Scratch?


SCRATCH: what?


KAIN: (raises his voice) can’t you FLY?


SCRATCH: I won’t just leave you guys here. Come on, were close!


(The two of them run ahead)


KYOKO: (lagging behind and panting) (sarcastically) Oh, wow. I’m touched Scratch. (Pants) Fucking touched. (Runs ahead)


(They enter a room filled with dozens of multicolored objects called portals. They look like dazzling objects that are brimming with energy)


SCRATCH: (looking pleased with herself) Here they are.


KYOKO: Umm, which is which.


SCRATCH: (creeps behind her) I’ll give you a hint. That one. (Scratch pushes her into a portal)



KYOKO: Damn you….(her voice grows fainter and fainter)


SCRATCH: (nods towards Kain) your turn.


KAIN: Well you’re a vicious one, aren’t you?


SCRATCH: If you don’t hurry I’ll have to push you.


KAIN: to earth, then.



(Scans ship. You see Scan with his arms folded behind his back looking smug)


HOODED APPRENTICE: Master. We have word that four enemies survived. Target 555-6 Kain Minotaurium. Target 555-7, Kyoko Kelateria. Target 555-8, Scratch Zacorski. However, I am almost positive Target 555-6, Erk Zacorski, was deleted.


SCAN: Almost positive is never good enough. Haven’t you learned that yet? As for the others, I was expecting as much. They should make things so much more… (Sly smile) Interesting. Leave them be. Continue briefing the Shedko. We have much work to do. So much more killing to be done. And oh, such little time.


HOODED APPRENTICE: Yes master. (leaves)


SCAN: Scratch Zacorski. I will kill you. Or maybe you will kill me. But I have already tasted my revenge, and I hunger for more. The challenge of the hunt will further my enjoyment. You amuse me, young foolish one. Keep doing so. I rather enjoy it. (kicks his feet up)