“Media Wars: The Pretender”

Media Wars

It’s unclear who is responsible for this site, but it is indisputably quite relevant. The site is associated with the following brief video, ‘Delta Sec’

The site offers membership or you can enter as a guest. What is particularly pertinent is the site’s “manifesto” explaining its mission. This is heavily reality to reality manipulation and information warfare. As such, here is a copy of the manifesto in case it is later scrubbed from the website.

Loyal followers, a new global power is about to arise and sweep away the Old Order, and we shall usher it in here first. The power of social media will change the world, and we are recruiting radical but intelligent and persuasive agents to join us in this worldwide revolution. We vow to fundamentally alter the way news is made, received, and spread. We will use whatever tactics are necessary to accomplish this, even if this means that some of our actions might be found repugnant by the general public.

A crisis will emerge in every scenario you view, ultimately leading to two opposing courses of action over 21 days. We will inform you of what position to argue. What you must do is click on articles and post persuasive comments. You will be rewarded with Impact Points and money.

Upvote those comments that align with our agenda for further rewards, and work to sway opinion. Click on any person’s name to view their Profile and learn how powerful they are. If they are worthy, select to Follow them and receive updates on how they are arguing. Use Messages to speak to allies individually and persuade them to follow you. Use Buzzer to send our message to an even wider audience.

Do these things to grow your own network of fanatical supporters and increase your Impact. Strive to become a Leader on the boards we provide, for you harvest Impact Points and currency for all your actions. We have provided a countdown timer so that you can use your amassed power to sway the Final Vote in each of our scenarios, to ensure that our agenda prevails. We must break the will of the world so that our New Order may seize control.

DeltaSec’s Message to Our Supporters

Fellow allies, DeltaSec has hacked into this so-called Manifesto to stop the danger as fast as possible, and we are here to help you deal with this threat. Whoever created this sinister agent training simulation seems to have a hidden agenda in how each crisis plays out. We’re trying to get our supporters to counter this, but you must always discern our opponent’s intent and try to thwart it by persuading others with comments, Buzzes, poll votes, Likes, and spread the word thorough your own Follower network.

In this unknown group’s earlier tests we’ve learned some unidentified leader is using coded messages to tell agents how to vote. Break these codes, and use the Day 1 Opinion Poll to tell us you understand their agenda. Then click on articles and post comments and Buzz to persuade the unaware, while Liking useful comments and purchasing Ads to spread your message to attract other Followers so you all vote intelligently in the Final Vote, always after a few weeks.

This manipulation simulation gives Impact Points based on all your interactions, so amass your influence and check on your Profile and the Leader lists as you become more powerful. Your interactivity also rewards you with digital currency, and you can use it to buy influence in a variety of ways. These are your weapons, so use them as often as you can. Scoring also drives influence, and we’ve seen these key ways of increasing yours:

Create a Comment
5 Impact Points, $5, rewarded up to 20 times a day
Like/Dislike a Comment
1 Impact Point, $1, rewarded up to 100 times a day
Create a Buzz
5 Impact Points, $5, rewarded up to 5 times a day
Follow a Person
1 Impact Point, $1, rewarded up to 5 times a day
Use a Powerup
5 Impact Points, $5, rewarded up to 2 times a day
Cast a Vote in a Poll
25 Impact Points, $25, one vote per poll available
Like/Dislike on YOUR Comment
0 Impact Points, $1, unlimited
Like on YOUR Buzz
2 Impact Points, $2, unlimited
Like on YOUR Ad
5 Impact Points, $5, unlimited
There will be many tactics that you will perfect, so please share them with everyone on our Wiki:

One thought on ““Media Wars: The Pretender”

  1. “Click on any person’s name to view their Profile and learn how powerful they are. If they are worthy, select to Follow them and receive updates on how they are arguing.”

    Have you every wondered why some websites (GLP) push so hard for people to create an account? It makes it much easier for the Tavistock programmers to see who needs to be ‘corrected’.

    By the way, Great website!!


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