Title: Whoa, Zip Files… I’d better be careful

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Hidden picture [credit to SlackDaddySloth]



-NOTE About this file.
This file was placed many weeks ago, and has raised lots of questions in the conspiracy world.
My intention was to portray the sounds of an old naval battle, and a desperate angry code from a doomed ship from a supernatural entity.
The coordinates are the Senkaku Islands, which are in Dispute between Japan and China. It’s not publicized much,
but could lead to major issues in the future. (Not where a plane would go down.)
Research it. The messege was intended to make the viewer ashamed of his/her petty issues when there more major concerns that are happening in the world.
The sound effects came from various copyright free sites. Nobody was harmed.
Unfortunately, after this was posted, the Malaysia Airlines incident occurred. An unintended prophecy? I’m not sure. I became scared. People are calling this
file all sorts of things. All I know is how I intended it to be. I actually deleted this site in fear. But a very wise man reminded me that we can’t give in to such things,
we all have/should have freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of artistic expression. The right to protest, If I do remove it, I am failing in everything I strive to teach.
No, I do not know the future outcome of the plane. My heart goes out to everyone involved. But I can’t be sorry for the morse messege. It is as follows:

You, murder each other over shoes. You horde and waste while those without.. starve.
You ignore the innocents pleas for help. You wage war in the name of religion when
you’ve been explicitly told not to kill. You manage a restful nights sleep, knowing
there are those freezing under bridges. You absolve yourself, with a few words spoken
by someone you assume is “Holy”. The poor, The elderly, the unfortunate… You make up reasons.. to satiate your own consciousness.You’ve taught, that others are evil by design.
You cry out, and whine about salvation. You judge, without knowing all the facts. You glean enjoyment and satisfaction from the suffering of others. You deny truth. You revel in lies. You deny corruption, though you are consumed by it. Even those you honor as exceptional examples of morality and ethics.. have a base of darkness that can’t be hidden.
I’ll borrow a quote that’s apt for the situation.
Oh pitiful shadow lost in the darkness,
Bringing torment and pain to others,
Oh damned soul wallowing in your sin,
Perhaps it is time to die.

I am Azrael, the Arch Angel of Death, Your time is nigh.
Come with me.

(Quote is from an Japanese anime tv show called “Hell Girl”)


Map of these coordinates

Quoting Anonymous Coward 36466802:

“The Senkaku Islands, also known as the Diaoyu Islands in Mainland China or Diaoyutai Islands in Taiwan, or the Pinnacle Islands, are a group of uninhabited islands controlled by Japan in the East China Sea.
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

[link to tools.wmflabs.org]”

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