Title: WTF!? Where the hell did that come from?

Go back Whoa dude.. darker and darker


Proposal for Ashlar Hall.docx

Proposal for Ashlar Hall

Please excuse my intrusion, My name is Floyd Z. Yancey, I’m an artist, writer, computer guru, Antiques restorer & general Mr. Fixit from here in Memphis. You may have seen my work in the past. I designed commercials for the Malco theaters above their concession stands, as well as all the huge ornamental doors in the Quantum Showrooms complex.. and Vesta Home show.

I have been in contact with Mr. Hodges regarding Ashlar Hall, he appreciates my ideas, but considers them lofty and somewhat idealistic as well as expensive… I consider myself a realist.

So, I would throw them to the mercy of the court for review and consideration.

My background: I have been writing for years promoting racial, religious and sexual coexistence, between the people of the world, through various stories, and lessons.. mixed with humor. For, if we don’t learn to tolerate each other’s differences, our ignorance will surely lead to our destruction. It’s very hard to grasp the attention of people in today’s media ridden world, in fact, if you’ve read this far, I commend you. For this purpose, I’ve created the persona of “Azrael, The Arch Angel of Death” on facebook to gather followers/fans. So far, I’m over 13,000.

You can peruse my rants at [link to www.facebook.com (secure)]

My goals for the Castle are two fold.

1. I wish to use the castle, and it’s general creepiness as a factor to spread my message of coexistence in an eye-opening style. To hang a sign and banners for the “Grand Bureau of Soul Reclamation” and draw worldwide publicity and to use some of the upper floor space for my cause and artwork..

2. Training: As a child I grew up without a father, and had to take care of a sick mom who eventually died of cancer. I worked, Learned everything I could from friends who were plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc. I went to Memphis State, but had to drop out when my mother became terminally ill, regardless, with my skills I earned several Art-Director style jobs, and I’m currently working as a wireless network guru. I’ve grown up poor, I understand that people need opportunities to learn some quick skills, and that those who wish to learn, sometimes don’t get the chance. In desperation, and hopelessness, people will do what it takes to survive. Even if it means stealing.. burglary and other criminal acts. I wish to give them an alternative.

A: Students in Memphis are graduating from High School , and are unable to read. If there is a doubt, call a local “English as a second language-ESL” school and ask how many American (Memphis) students are there… With volunteer assistance, I intend to fix this travesty by setting aside a few rooms for training.

B: Quick Votech style training without the financial pain. Learn to rewire a lamp, Change a switch, Weld, Replace a toilet, a faucet, Hang sheetrock, Use power-tools. Fix brakes on a car, Etc. Taught by experienced volunteers, such as retired plumbers, Electricians, etc. No certificates or guarantees, just watch and learn. Free. This will save them much money over a lifetime

C: Computer training for the elderly. Those that can make it in will get very patient
instruction beginning from how to use a mouse and turn on the computer. To how to surf the web. How to obtain an email address. How to communicate with friends.

It will open up an elderly person’s world.

D: Computer repair instruction: How to keep a computer repaired and functional. How to build a computer. How to load Windows OS’s, and software.

E: Software training: Adobe apps, MS Office. Stuff to get a job.

Hands on, Quickly,.. watch and learn.

This is how people used to learn. From others. Not a packed classroom with homework on a tablet. A skill, is a chance.

How to pay for all of this: I’m not a businessman, or an accountant, however I am good at fixing things in a practical and cost effective way. I don’t see a practical way of gauging the cost of a restoration without access to the property. I can set up a non-profit should the court deem my ideas feasible. I will solicit funds/donations should that occur. I welcome any and all forms of advice in the matter.

No, I do not have the cash myself. I would ask mercy from the court to absolve the fines and taxes to give time to get this up and running.

I intend this to be a prototype that will spread across the country and benefit children and the elderly alike, as everyone should have equal access to knowledge if they so desire. Perhaps it will steer them out of a dark path of chaos. I have the skills to teach basic plumbing and electrical. Some carpentry. Computer training and Art/Graphic design. I’ll attach my Certificate that was given to Mongo as an offer for the Castle. It’s an example of what I can do/design. I believe only an artist will treat the castle as a work of art, just like the craftsmen did long ago.

I believe my Idea will be the highest and best use of the property for Memphis, and the future of humanity.

Even if you choose not to use me. Would you please consider my ideas and possibly find someone who can implement something similar?

The Castle should be a symbol of the past and future united as one. A symbol of unity and coexistance.. as should Memphis be an example to the world. If we can do it, anyone can.


Floyd Yancey

Azrael VVV

Public Notice: I try to advertise my site, and spread different messages. All for the benefit of mankind. When you first read this page, it sounds creepy. That’s the whole point. You humans are quick to judge a book by it’s cover. You don’t read very deep.. and you’re quick to take action. That’s your biggest flaw! It leads to racial and religious hatred. Judgement against others without knowing all the facts, and a long history of horrible decisions that have let humanity astray. As a matter of fact, if you’ve even bothered to read this far, I commend you. In the years running this site, I’ve been called a terrorist, a monster, a sicko, and that I would be going to hell.. Heheh. On the other hand, what you don’t know.. is that i’ve talked dozens of people out of suicide, given lots of advice, and even convinced a run-away to return back home to her parents. Media wishes to have nothing to do with me, because they fear it might tarnish their image.. hurt their bottom dollar. My latest example is The Memphis Flyer. I had a cool Halloween ad set up. With coded messages… for people to decipher. I was initially refused. Then appealed.. and was rejected because “My dark message” might lead children to suicide.. yet this same paper has pages of ads for “Smoke Shops” and Adult Dating ads.. escorts etc. One sided logic that defies my thought processes.. Aren’t these pay hookup numbers and paraphernalia shops.. a “Dark Message” as well? Evidently my “Dark Message” about getting humanity to co-exist is worse than a child ODing on drugs.. or getting hooked up with a stranger. So, in protest, I have obtained thememphisflyer.com and thememphisflyer.net and linked them to my “about” page. These were for open purchase by Godaddy, have been available for years, and purchased legitimately. In my protest, they will not be used for profit… as this page is a not for profit entity, and only desires to entertain with a small dose of common sense. This is a protest against everyone who judges without fact, who looks at the world though rose colored glasses and ignores that which surrounds them. Who would cater to power, bend to agenda.. and the allmightly dollar. in other words, The cowards of the media world. They are why print is dead. No, I’m not the sicko, deviant monster. You guys are. -Sincerely Azrael (Just a slightly deranged

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