Title : He must not like graphics.

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0074643713528-“This file is many levels deep. Can you “Dig” it? Look carefully. Stuff is hidden everywhere.
My purpose is to promote peace and coexistence in a brash, down to earth, eye opening fashion. I does not condone violence or murder of any sort.. And never have. My page http://www.memphisspirit.com mixes some dark humor and stories, and random, otherworldly themed media for the sole purpose of entertaining with education.. As well as a diversion from being preachy. This is a not for profit page, It generates NO revenue and costs money to promote.

The story behind this page: The Grim Reaper (Death) is the grouchy boss of an office bureaucracy
(Bureau of Soul Reclamation) that deals with the retrieval of souls. He never sleeps, lives off of coffee, and is kept in check by his secretary… and upper management (God)
His underlings, do most of the dirty work, “Soul Reapers”

In his office is..
A pedestal, with a glass dome covering an apocalypse button.
The dome originally had seven keyless locks (Seals), but the last one rusted off allowing Death to press it at any time.
This is symbolic of Man’s new ability to destroy the world within a short time frame.

The nameless secretary frequently thwarts Death’s attempts to mess with the button.. even though he has no real intentions of pressing it.. employing methods such as duct tape, and withholding access to the prized coffee pot.
It’s symbolic of a yin/yang balance.. and always being on the brink of destruction..

Two office pets, Heidi the Cross-Eyed Opossum, who is not fictious, She was sort of a celebrity in Germany and died a year or so ago.
Upon arrival with Death, she was snagged up by the secretary, and now has free roam of the building, but has decided to help out the secretary by sleeping on top of the dome of the apocalypse button.. guarding it from Death… in her mind. This symbolizes the uncertainty of the future. Will death press the button, Will Heidi press it, accidentally, with only the best of intentions.

Mr. Higgenbotham. A long haired cat resembling Wilford Brimley. Acccording to the records, he has an extremely dark past, but he showed up dead as a cat. He’s a mystery figure.. is he really evil? Is he an angel in disguise, or something else? Death kept him as an office pet, but is really keeping him close to keep an eye on him.

The Accounting Dept. keeps track of all figures related to the corporeal universe. Alien and Earthbound. It basically weighs the good verses the bad, and comes up with outrageous but in fact true statistics relating to humanity. They have a pessimistic attitude, and desire destruction. Death keeps them in check. This symbolizes the cold hard truth of the world that nobody wishes to really see.

The Regulators, An elite group of Soul Reapers who take care of the really nasty stuff. They don’t particularly care for mortals.

The all seeing, giant floating eyeball. When Death is being difficult for others.. it shows up. It instills a paranoid effect on Death, who is constantly wishing to obliterate it. It’s supposed to be from the accounting dept… but is really the all-seeing eye of god.

Death has been trying to explain the universe, and spread a message of global tolerance, peace and unity.. regardless of religion or lack thereof, for as humans if we don’t learn to co-exist.. we will ultimately destroy ourselves. This message is needed more than ever in this day and time.

Death is a bittersweet character, with eternal wisdom, and the ability to influence others in unexpected ways. With a desire to teach moral lessons.. in a cold, brash, in your face style, forcing the person to see past their established views, and open their mind to new horizons.¬



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