Programming & Values

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Main Idea

One of the most important motivators of human behavior is our underlying system of values. Once your underlying values have been revealed or determined, you will be much easier to manipulate. The programmer will attempt to do this by slowly altering your sense of values so that it is in line with their programming goals.

The source material of the following is Chainless_Slaves. The following is a paraphrased version of content from within that source .

Align with Subject’s Values: a conversation may start with ideas and will gradually transition to a discussion about what is right or wrong, good or bad, important or less important.

If you change these rules in a subject’s head, the programmer will have no need to constantly police them, as the subject’s internal voice itself will do it for you once the values are internalized.

Progressive Conversion: The further the distance between the subject’s initial set of values and those intended by the programmer, the more gradual the process of conversion of values must progress. A sudden conversion is much less likely to succeed.

Control of Values: It must be clear to the subject who is ‘in charge’ – that it is the programmer who is setting the values.

One way this is done in the cult hierarchical setting and in military programming is to instill first one basic value in the group: obey without question.

Changing Values: while converting the subject, one key thing a programmer does is move into the realm of ideas and values.

  1. anything not tangible/physical
  2. socio/political ideals
  3. religious/spiritual ideals

The subject is thereby placed in the programmer’s ideological world.

Align with Programming Values: show alignment towards the subject and they will reciprocate even without conscious awareness, aligning towards you and your value system as a response to your understanding.

In other words, when the subject is shown appreciation they will reciprocate and bond with the programmer, thus connecting their sense of identity to that of the handler/programmer’s.

Embodiment of Values: programmer is to appear as the decisive embodiment of the values they are attempting to align the subject towards. It doesn’t matter if it’s real or an illusion, but it must appear true.

The programmer should work to develop an image of Godhood in the eyes of the subject. Even if this is never directly stated, and only implied.

Programmers Take Charge of Values: More control of a subject occurs when a programmer is able to take full control of the subject’s values. In fact, this is the basis of total control.