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Quoted from Namuh here:
Satenetas Rotenetor – The official name of the KT PCCTS YouTube channel is indeed a clue itself.
The name comes from Sator Arepo opera rotas Sator Arepo
Which is a latin palindrome phrase. The words can can be read forwards, backwards, up, and down when placed in a square. Various translations have been presented over the years. Probably the closest one is “The Saemann Arepo holds with difficulty the wheel” Or “The Saemann Arepo opens the rotating Satan” But it doesn’t stop there. These words appear to be a formula. And from it, one can decipher other words. Satnetas Rotenetor – Jesus had opened it, Hitler had opened it and now I got it to open and announce the end! The result is the formula if possible in the pre-Aryan Mohenjodaro culture in Gujarat 2-3000 years ago


“I am the Saemann Arepo and I have the word of the III”
Paternoster, translates to “our father” and is the best known prayer in Christianity.
Paternoster can be found in abundance in cultures around the world. More so in the City of London, England. Paternoster Square. Which features a 23m Column, the Paternoster square column.

Next, Video 1.

Titled Satenetas Rotenetor – Published December 11th, 2013
Description reads: Jerry en George discussing the magic of Satenetas Rotenetor and Elaine being naive…
Its a clip from the T.V. show “Seinfeld”
George walks into Jerry’s apartment and announces he found 20 dollars. He is excited and says something is happening in his life because he did this ‘opposite’ thing last night. He’s getting a job interview with the NY Yankee’s and its all because he’s completely ignoring every urge towards common sense and good judgment he’s ever had. He then states that his religion, and Jerry says “well I guess your messiah would be the anti-Christ”
George leaves, and Jerry finds 20 dollars in his pocket.
what’s interesting is the ‘transcript’ found on the page. It reads:

0:03 day

0:05: I just

0:10: this something is happening in my life I get this opposite thing last night

0:14: first first

0:18: def

0:20: say Justin last

0:24: this go watch the video games and is gonna get me a job interview

0:28: I promised anything assistant traveling secretary

0:32: shop with them tactics this has been a dream I

0:36: ever since I was a child and it’s all happening because I’m completely

0:39: ignoring

0:40: every march towards common sense and good judgment

0:45: this is the just some crazy notion lane Jerry this is my religion

0:50: yes your Messiah would be anti-christ

1:01: fluid but why

1:04: the phone

1:09: way

1:12: way

Clearly not the conversation that they had in the video. The videos is 1:15 long and is in the education category. Link to the video:

Video 2:
Titled 091304 / 2 Published December 13th, 2013
Its a blurry video showing a web page. specifically:
The Url does not work. So for now it acts as a clue.
At 17 seconds in you can hear the words “I’ll tell you what your problem is”
The webpage In the video features a two triangles layered on top of another with a circle layering the top triangle.
The video is 0:30 seconds long is in the Science and Technology category.

Link to the video:

Video 3:
Titled Who Has The Other Half? Published December 13th 2013
This is a dark and gloomy video, Its a card torn with the bottom half missing. the top half has an Egyptian symbol on it. The background is of a desk covered with scribbled ‘random’ words and images/pictures/drawings on it. At about 40 seconds you see another card torn. This one has the top half missing and the bottom reads “KING SWORDS” or “KING OF SWORDS” Its hard to make out really.
The video is 0:51 Seconds long and is in the Nonprofit & Activism category.

Link to the video:

Video 4:

Titled ʍɥʎpıpʇɥǝʍoɹsɥıdɟnןɯɐsʇǝɹɟɐןןopʍuʇɥǝsʇɐıɹs mash up party est 1119 ad ʞuıƃɥʇs ʇǝɯdןɐɹ Published December 14th, 2013
When flipped the title can be read – why did the worshipful master fall odwn the stairs? And once again, yes odwn is misspelled.
The answer is – Because The Entered Apprentice had taken the first step.
Its a Joke I found on a free masonry website Go to page 2 of this forum to see how I got this answer.
The video is more of a slide show. It feature still photos of the red cross with a white background (knights Templar symbol), bridge in Norway, black robed and hooded men on that same bridge in Norway, D17 rocks illuminated, and other ‘random’ photos. 11 photos in all. And it repeats them in order about 8 times. The video is 8:33 long and is in the Comedy category.

Link to the video:

Video 5

(DELETED) Major Lazer Hold the Line Published January 7th, 2014

Description read: Just hold it… You will see it! You will see the Major and his mean laser!…”
Since many of us did not actually get to see the video, we can only guess it was what it was. However, we have the music video from Major Lazer. Its an interesting video.. He surfs around battling demonic creatures/mummies/aliens.
Link to Major Lazer Hold the Line:

Video 5

Titled 7 could be 1 and 0 and 3 and 3 Published January 7th 2014
Description reads: Hell will tell if it is… But remember who was about to name a child that way…
This is a video full of symbols. It references illuminati, cicada 3301, we have the spear, and countless other symbols.
Starts out with ‘The Sensor city gate keepers – proudly present – the masonic funeral’ Then a mason symbol of the compass and squares, then a 3D man making awkward facial expressions as if confused and the word ‘Barbaro’ in the background. quote – Jahbulon – all Cretans are liars he spoke. Then a pyramid with the all seeing eye with jahbulon in the background. Next, some sort of can(?) floating in the water. at 1:27 you see an image of what appears to be an embassy. *still trying to find which building this is, as I believe it to be the most important (if only) clue in the video.* Ill you me naughty – appears across the screen. (illuminati). Next – We have the spear – is behind greek columns and cicada’s with an invisible cube rolling through them is shown repeatedly 6 times.
The video is 2:20 long and is in the Science and Technology category.

Link to the video:

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