Empathy, Empathy – Put Yourself in Place of Me!

beyond black ops with ‘sharing is caring’? how many time enfoldings does it take to get to the center of a psyop? why is tesla shaking his head beyond the grave at jade helm 15? after reading this, you should have a working understanding of ‘psionic’ forces and how they relate to zero point energy – free energy from a vacuum. If you can deal with a little bit of pscience, anyway…

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Psychic Warfare in The Nobody Meme : Trauma Bonding, Group Dynamics

it is only fair to relay my experience here to all of those who may be retracing a path into the dark woods of the unseen, where misinformation , mentalism, perceptual warfare, and psychological games run amok…you see, those who are interested in The Nobody meme tend to fit a unique psychological profile – we tend to be susceptible to being hypnotized/mind hacked/psy oped.

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World Seeds and Water Bearers

What’s the significance of the poet?  Quoting: Anonymous Coward 60330707 Thanks for the perfect lead in question I did not realize was there until I posted this lol So the water bearer, Aquarius has a chalace graal and brings divinity’s sign in the form of the rebuilt temple of solomon springing forth from a fountain […]

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The Nobody Meme: some facts/sources

Update 5/24/18: THIS WORD DOCUMENT IS A HUGE COLLECTION OF POSTS ON TN See also: The Nobody Becomes The Anomaly TN Meme Analysis, TN Trailer Transcript , Trauma Bonding in TN Meme  There is little information online regarding the meme made infamous on sites like Lunatic Outpost and Godlike Productions. Although users of these sites are well aware […]

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